I'll Add Points To All Things
172 System Shop Selling An Unknown Item
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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172 System Shop Selling An Unknown Item

The items in the shop would reset soon, and in order to not let them go to waste, Su Yang spent 100 Point Coins on a [Protection Charm].

From that week onwards, Su Yang decided to pay more attention to his company. Only with the rapid expansion of his company would he be able to secure more Random Points, Silver Points, and even Gold Points.

When he arrived at the company, Chen Xiaoyun and the other employee who were tasked to maintain the student's affairs were there. Su Yang checked on them and realized that they had basically filled up the front page for the app. 

All the food reviews, entertainment reviews, and even notice boards were filled up. The new app was ready to be launched, but Su Yang was not in a hurry to put it online. 

He tested out the app first before sending a message to the marketing manager of Time Recording and Han Yi's manager via WeChat to ask them out for a meeting separately.

The marketing manager of Time Recording said that he was busy that day, but he would be free tomorrow afternoon.

As for William Li, Han Yi's manager, he said he had some time to meet up since Han Yi had a shoot going on for two days and he did not need to be around her all the time. 

Su Yang decided to meet him in a coffee shop near The Bund. 

At 5 p.m. in the afternoon, Su Yang arrived at the coffee shop where William was already waiting.

William smiled brightly when he saw Su Yang. He stood up and shook his hands passionately. "Mr. Su, your company's arrangement is great! Another task well delivered!"

Su Yang shook the man's hand and smiled. "Of course, I guaranteed they'd be as good as real fans."

William smiled. "You have no idea how nervous I was when Han Yi told me she wanted to interact with the fans. I was afraid that she'd find out or notice something. She must have suspected something from the last time, so she prepared a few questions for the fans this time. Who would have thought the part-timers your company prepared were so good at answering questions!? They didn't even stutter when Han Yi asked them which university they were from and what they were studying."

"But, of course, I played a little part there." He looked a little proud at this point. "If I didn't stop Han Yi from asking some questions about what they studied, I think your part-timers might have blown it."

He then gave Su Yang a big thumbs-up. "But I have to say, your part-timers are really professional. They didn't break character at all! They were passionate at the right moment, and quiet when they were told.

"The movements, the look on their faces, even their screams couldn't have been any better! The feeling of suppressing their excitement in front of their idols yet unable to hold back their passionate gaze was so good that they qualified to be in a TV series! Their acting was great! I don't know about others, but my eyes are as sharp as knives. Your part-timer can easily qualify as extras on set!"

It was then that William joked, "Mr. Su, have you ever thought of making your debut in the entertainment industry? If you have, I might be able to get you some jobs."

Su Yang smiled. "You don't say. I'm actually thinking about it."

Surprised, William was simply trying to flatter Su Yang and did not expect him to take up the offer.

Su Yang signed him to sit and said, "To be honest, I've always been interested in the entertainment industry, but I don't have the necessary resources or the connections."

Because Su Yang did not look like he was bluffing, William asked, "Mr. Su, what kind of resources are you looking for?"

Su Yang said, "I'm trying to look for some celebrities to promote my app and also a bunch of beautiful KOL or normal girls to use my app like post pictures, update statuses, or whatnot." He then further explained his app and his current situation to William.

William thought for a while after he got the big picture. "If you are looking for beautiful girls, the entertainment industry is full of them. I can try to get you some related resources, but if you want them to try out a new app like posting pictures or whatnot, you might need to pay a monthly fee.

"But I have a suggestion for you, Mr. Su. You can actually consider a mutual exchange. For example, if you can promise a certain number of traffic or exposure, once the girls get popular, they might continue promoting your app for free. As for real celebrities. It's easy and difficult at the same time," said William as he shook his head.

"The easy part is that they are no different from the beautiful girls since they also need the exposure and traffic, and as long as you have the connections, collaborations can be easily discussed. All you need is a chance.

"For example, when they want to promote their work like their movies or TV series, or even need some exposure and you conveniently step in to invite them to your app, the price might be extremely low, free even.

"But judging from what you've told me, your app should be new, so if you cannot secure traffic, getting a celebrity to promote it would be expensive. The entertainment industry is harsh and realistic at the same time. It's either money or exposure. Either one will do."

Su Yang listened carefully to what William said. Things were much easier than he expected because he originally thought that everything was about money. If what William said was true, as long as his app could gain a healthy number of users and exposure, he would be able to get the celebrities' support for a relatively low price.

With that in mind, he asked, "I wonder if you have anyone that you can introduce, Brother William."

William thought for a while and said, "Actually, I might have just the one. I'll go ask her whether or not she's interested. If she's interested, I'll send her resume to you. What do you say?"

Su Yang smiled and put his hand out. "Thanks for your support, Brother William."

William also smiled brightly. "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. If your app is successful, please don't forget Han Yi."

"Of course, I won't forget about her," Su Yang said.

At night, William gave him a call and informed him that the girl he mentioned was interested but had to consider it first. The girl also hoped that Su Yang could give some information about his company as a reference.

However, Su Yang did not simply send his company introduction over. His company was still a startup, so it was not as convincing as it sounded. If he simply sent his company information over, he might not get a reply at all.

Therefore, he told William that he would like to invite the girl out for a meeting instead as it would be better to talk to her face-to-face.

William told him that he would deliver the message.

While waiting for the reply, Su Yang got bored on the couch. He opened the system and checked whether the system shop had been updated or not. After he opened the system shop, he realized that the listed items were similar to last week.

There were Random Points, [Protection Charms], and an item that required a prescription. The numbers of the items had been reset though. There were five Random Points this week but only one [Protection Charm].

The item that required prescriptions also changed. The black sculpture looked like a bat with its mouth opened and its wings extended, but it was just a silhouette. The strange thing was that the name of the name was all question marks.


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