I'll Add Points To All Things
174 Poaching Lin Jiali“s Manager
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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174 Poaching Lin Jiali“s Manager

Su Yang saidThis time around, in order to show that he was sincere about the meeting, Su Yang proposed to meet in the banquet hall of a five-star hotel. The dishes served might not have been nice, but the place was grand enough and the price was higher than that of a normal restaurant, around 200 yuan per pair of diners.

Su Yang even asked the waiter for a window seat so that the meeting could go uninterrupted. He arrived at the hotel restaurant early, and Li Zijun arrived at 5 p.m. sharp. 

Even though she was not late, from her perspective, she did not take this meeting seriously.

It was understandable though. As William's friend, the guy would more or less reveal Su Yang's company to her and it seemed like she was not that interested in Su Yang's company.

Therefore, Su Yang knew he would be having a tough conversation ahead.

The moment Li Zijun came in, he turned on the [Ally Halo].

Li Zijun was slightly shocked when she saw Su Yang. She did not expect that the company run by a university student would want to recruit her, and on top of that, he was her client's fan. However, under the influence of the halo, she could not find any reason to dislike him. She put her hands out for a polite shake. "Hi, Mr. Su. My, my, you are really young and capable."

The way she spoke showed off the tenderness of a Southern girl, but Su Yang was not deceived by her image.

He remembered the comments from the printed resume. Li Zijun was skilled in adjusting her personality to adapt to the situation and had slightly stronger socializing and negotiating abilities. Such comments usually represented high EQ, and no matter who Li Zijun talked to, the person would feel comfortable, as if she was a part of the family.

As for what she really thought in her heart, no one other than herself knew what was going on.

"Hi, Zijun, this is really a fated meeting," Su Yang said.

Li Zijun slightly nodded and took a seat. "Yeah, I didn't expect my client's fan to be interviewing me right now."

Since Li Zijun mentioned it, Su Yang went along with the topic, "Everyone has their own hobbies, and I tend to separate my private life from work. As long as it is profitable for my company, even if it's my idol, I won't hold back."

His words captured Li Zijun's attention.

Humans were born with different personalities, and their views on a certain matter varied depending on their personalities. If someone with a soft or sentimental heart heard what Su Yang said, he might think of Su Yang as a cold-blooded person.

However, if someone ambitious or profit-minded heard what Su Yang said, he would think of Su Yang as an achiever rather than a dreamer.

Li Zijun resonated with Su Yang when she heard that, and from there, both of them further tested each other out in the upcoming conversation.

Su Yang had done his homework before the meeting, and he understood his weak and strong points, which were his age, his status as a student, and his developing company. Of course, he also knew what kind of advantage he had over Li Zijun. He knew by looking at her resume that the girl was ambitious and capable but was dragged down by her looks. She had not met anyone who recognized her abilities.

After all, at first impression, people would assume that she was just another worthless cute girl.

However, Su Yang recognized her capabilities and talent, thus he admired her and was willing to give her a chance. Therefore, throughout the meal, he asked Li Zijun all kinds of questions about branding and how to promote a celebrity.

Being knowledgeable, she was able to answer all the questions fluently, and with every answer, Su Yang appropriately showed his admiration.

After the meal, he believed that he performed well enough, he was able to state his admiration for Li Zijun clearly. In the end, he felt extremely passionate about her, so he smiled and exclaimed, "After talking to you, I really feel that you are a capable person. If you can join my company, I believe I'll gain a pair of strong arms and I'll be able to free myself from the problems of the entertainment industry."

With a smile, he then added, "If you are here to take charge of all that, I'll be able to rest easy."

Li Zijun's eyes gleamed when she heard his implied meaning.

Su Yang also heaved a breath of relief when he spotted her reaction. He did not seize the moment to make her an offer. While he was talking to her, he tried using the [Elementary Verbal Cannon] and the [Charms of Talking] on her and realized that she was just as tough as Old Zhou. 

His ability and talent did not affect Li Zijun a lot, and it proved that she was a girl with her own opinion. Therefore, he tried to make her understand the pros and cons and make a choice from there. It would be better than him presenting her with a rushed offer.

The meal was already worth it if he could win her fondness. The only thing left was to wait for Li Zijun's decision.

After dinner, Su Yang sent Li Zijun out and saw her taxi drive off before he walked towards the subway.

He pouted along the way.

'The subway is great. There's free airconditioning and I'll never be stuck in a traffic jam. It's also good for the environment! And I'm doing this because the government asks us to!'

It was already 9 p.m. when he got back home. 

Pool and Sanque also just came back from work. They were sitting on the couch silently, doing nothing while being surrounded by a tense atmosphere. Meanwhile, Deeny was talking to them.

When Su Yang came in, she stood up and greeted him, "Master."

Pool also stood up and nodded. "Lord Su Yang." After that, he gently said to Deeny, "Thank you, Lady Deeny. We will be going now." He looked slightly exhausted when he walked back to the swimming pool with Sanque.

With Pool gone, Su Yang asked Deeny, "Do they still not have any business?"

Deeny awkwardly nodded. "Yeah, Pool said they only sold ten cups of milk tea today. Master, why don't you give them a helping hand?"

Su Yang shook his head silently. He actually thought of helping Pool, but it was not time yet. He could not afford to mess up his plan just because he wanted to help since he too had his own growing company and it was at its crucial stage.

Besides, Su Yang believed it was a necessary lesson for the little monsters; they must learn to fail. Otherwise, they might think that making money was easy. If everyone wanted to do business for themselves, Su Yang would be broke before he could get rich.

'I'll just let them be for a few days. After the new version of the part-time app is up and running, I'll go help out.'

In the next two days, Su Yang obediently attended his classes and also took care of some business at his company while waiting for Li Zijun's reply.

Finally, on Wednesday, Li Zijun contacted him and asked him out for another meeting. Su Yang agreed and decided to skip class for the first time this week.

The two of them met up in a coffee shop in the afternoon and talked about the position, the benefits, perks, and so on.


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