I'll Add Points To All Things
175 Strange And Unusual Prescription
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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175 Strange And Unusual Prescription

At the end of the discussion, Su Yang agreed to pay Li Zijun 14,000 yuan per month and double salary at year-end. 

Li Zijun would be in charge of the promotion and operation of both apps at the moment. After the apps could run on their own, she would be in charge of expanding the company's business beyond the entertainment sector. A new business development department would take shape then and she would be the general manager.

On Wednesday night, Li Zijun officially joined Su Yang's company.

Su Yang did not ask her to quit her job and report to the office right away. Instead, he gave her a month to hand over her tasks.

However, he wanted her to immediately take over the operational and promotional work for the new app and contact all the influencers, KOLs, and content creators to join the new app.

As expected of the 3-star talent printed out by the talent printer, while Li Zijun was busy doing her handover, she started to contact the amateur models and beautiful girls, and persuade them to join the app.

With the resources from the entertainment industry and her skillful persuasion techniques, Li Zijun managed to get around 100 influencers, bloggers, and beautiful girls to join the app in just three days.

In the meantime, Su Yang also told Deeny to launch the picture-sharing app and name it "Find Me".

The influencers then downloaded the app as per their contract and started to share their daily lives. With the promotion and word of mouth from the girls, "Find Me" was able to secure 600 to 700 downloads on the launch day whilst the daily activity was maintained at 300 active users.

However, Su Yang did not want to rely on them to promote the app. He just wanted to brand and package the app for a good start.

All the handsome guys, beautiful girls, and the young and trendy would be enough to attract a large number of users. There was a saying that circulated the internet: wherever there were girls, there would surely be guys.

With a group of girls sharing their daily lives, Su Yang believed that his app would soon capture the attention of guys throughout the nation.

However, in order to set the tone for the app and lower the risks of violating the laws because of pornographic content, Su Yang told the girls to not show nudity and he did not limit them to share only selfies.

Therefore, the early content on "Find Me" consisted of fashionable girls sharing their selfies, sceneries, and reviews of cosmetics items, so everything seemed healthy.

On Friday, which was two days away from the finals for the campus singing competition, the host received an order from Time Recording to promote Su Yang's part-time app. Because the singing competition was the biggest event in the three universities lately, the app received a lot of attention. In the span of hours, the app received more than a thousand new users.

The new users could access the app using the new interface. Therefore, "Find Me", which was embedded within the interface, received a certain amount of attention too.

Many students tested out "Find Me" when they realized that there was another picture-sharing app in the part-time job app.

Right after they entered "Find Me", their eyes were fixated on the screen. While the guys realized that "Find Me" was heaven filled with beautiful girls, the girls realized that the app had a lot of quality content and was classy and trendy enough.

With the help of the part-time app, "Find Me" received a surge of new users.

Su Yang could finally rest after the two apps slowly took shape. His plan was progressing slowly but surely, and all he needed to do was to move forward step by step. Then, he could secure a steady flow of Random, Silver, and Gold Points.

Of course, even after the app received such a good response, Su Yang did not forget about Pool. He subtly tasked Chen Xiaoyun to write a post about "Try Everything Milk Tea" and pin it at the top of the part-time app in the food recommendations column.

He believed that with the app's help, the milk tea shop would only get better, and Pool and Sanque would only get busier and happier.

On Friday night, after he finished everything, Su Yang went home.

When he reached his neighborhood, the guard held him back. "Su Yang, you have a parcel. It's been here for two days, so I accepted it for you."

Su Yang took the parcel and said, "Thanks, uncle."

He brought the parcel back into the virtual space and opened it. It was actually the dried bats that he had ordered from Taobao. It was a busy week, so he had almost forgotten about the dried bats.

He did not even realize it had been two days since the parcel arrived. 

'Geez, the delivery services nowadays don't even give you a call. They simply throw the parcel at Cainiao storage center and the storage center doesn't even bother to give a call. They simply sent me a text and I've been so busy lately. It's no wonder I missed it…'

Su Yang took the bats out. 'Gosh, this really looks ugly and disgusting! It's like that sculpture from the system shop…but since it's a special item, I have to do this.'

With that in mind, he looked at the system shop. He had spent most of his effort on "Find Me" for the past week, so the Point Coins were increasing a little slower than usual. The number of coins was a little shy from 600 at 598, to be exact. 

It was enough to buy a Random Point. 

Su Yang bought the Random Point and kept it for next week.

The lucky brick's cooldown mode would be reset next Monday. Su Yang believed that he could earn a bunch of Random Points by then and then use it on that day! Maybe he could get something awesome!

Of course, he could also use the point on Gru.

After he made up his mind, Su Yang opened the system shop and marked down all the ingredients that the prescription needed before going to the supermarket.

The ingredients for the prescription were strange this time such as ink, blood, clay, and so on. After buying all the ingredients from the supermarket, he took a detour to a restaurant and bought two bowls of chicken blood.

Fortunately, the restaurant was killing some chickens, or else, Su Yang would have to kill a live chicken every time he used his abilities.

He had a feeling that this would not always work. The prescription and the hourglass both needed blood, and he could not simply go to the restaurant to buy blood.

The prescription did not ask for a specific type of blood, but the hourglass required fresh blood! 

'Where the hell should I get fresh blood every day? I can't just open a chicken farm in the villa and kill a chicken whenever I want to use the hourglass, can I?'

With that in mind, Su Yang headed home.

After he reached home, he tapped on the item in the shop to see the steps. This time around, the steps were a little different. It felt like performing a scientific experiment.

First, he had to pour the blood into a beaker and then add the ink inside and mix it well. Then, he had to add a +1 item and 10 dried bats, wait for the solution to bubble up, collect the gas released from it, and put it into a box with the clay…

It was as strange as it could get.


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