I'll Add Points To All Things
176 Special Item: Reverse Wishing Sculpture
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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176 Special Item: Reverse Wishing Sculpture

After he went through the strange tutorial video, Su Yang suddenly thought of a serious problem: he did not have any +1 junk anymore.

The book had been given to Little Hus, the rabbit had been given to Deeny, the orange had been used in the last prescription, and the tiny table had been given to Gru.

'Hmm, maybe I can use the little table. Since the little furniture is on sale on Taobao, I'll just buy another one for Gru.'

With that in mind, Su Yang snuck to Gru's pot and stole the little table while Gru was watching TV in the living room.

Sanque used to stay in the pot and look after the house when Gru was away, but it joined Pool in the milk tea business, so no one noticed Su Yang taking the little table away.

After stealing the table from Gru, Su Yang placed an order for a similar wooden table on Taobao just to compensate the poor twig.

Given that Gru was the precious child of the family, Su Yang dared not simply bully it.

With the table in hand, he brought everything to the study. He placed every ingredient on the table and then tapped on the bat icon in the system shop.

A notification window popped up. 

[Exchange for '???'? Yes/No]

'There are four question marks in the question…Does it mean that this item is special?'

Su Yang tapped [Yes].

A moment later, a new window popped up.

[Please follow the system instructions to craft the prescription for the exchange.]

After that, the tools that Su Yang saw in the tutorial video appeared before him followed by the video itself.

Su Yang set the video up on the table and followed the steps to craft the prescription. Having done it before, he was much more skilled this time.

He confidently started the steps, and soon, a puddle of black, disgusting liquid was crafted as if he had poured tar on his table. He held back the urge to throw up and tapped the [Submit] button in the system shop.

Right after he tapped on the button, the puddle of tar and the bottles on the table disappeared before him.

Then, a sculpture of a bat, with its back facing Su Yang, appeared in the air.

He grabbed it. It was slightly heavy and cold, and the chill felt like it came from inside the sculpture. He curiously turned it around to have a look at its front because up until now, he had only seen its back.

However, after he turned the bat sculpture around, he realized that the front…was also the back.

'Huh? What the hell is this?'

Su Yang turned it around again, but he was still looking at the back of a bat.

He placed it down on the table, and no matter where he placed it, what he placed it on, or which angle he tried to see it from, he could only see the back of the bat sculpture. 

Not only did he feel the coolness on his hand, but the chills also started to run down his spine.

'What's this? This thing is really strange, scary, in fact…'

Su Yang opened the system to check the description of the sculpture. 

[Bat sculpture +1: Talent and special ability acquired. Appraise? Yes/No]

'Now, I see. It comes with its own talent. No wonder its name was all question marks.'

Su Yang tapped [Yes].

The description of the bat sculpture's talent and special ability appeared before Su Yang.

[Reverse Wishing Sculpture]

[Talent: No matter how you see it, this item only shows the back of the bat. Be it the naked eye, a camera, a mirror, or a few people looking at it at the same time, it will only show its back.]

[Ability: If you have a strong desire to look at the anterior of the bat sculpture, it will turn around for you and ask you a question. If you can answer this question, the bat sculpture will grant you a wish. If you are unable to answer the question, you will lose all the blood in your body instantly.]

[Remark: Behold! Offer your every drop of blood to me!]


Su Yang had goosebumps all over his body after he went through the description.

'This…feels a little scary. And the cost to use its ability is huge! I've to make a wish with my life! And I might not even get it right! If the questions it asks are difficult and I can't answer it, will I die on the spot?'

Su Yang carefully studied the description and he believed that he was correct.

'The risk is huge…What does this item even do?'

Su Yang thought for a long while and he realized that the bat sculpture was actually useless.

He dared not use it himself, but at the same time, he dared not let his enemies try. What if the bat sculpture gave his enemies a simple question? Then, his enemies could make a wish on the spot. 

Therefore, in Su Yang's opinion, the bat sculpture could only remain as a sculpture for viewing purposes. On top of that, he had to keep an eye on it even during storage as he could not let it fall into the wrong hands.

If an evil organization got the sculpture, they might brainwash their members into being victims and the world might plunge into chaos.

Su Yang's imagination was leaning towards the dark side. In the end, he decided to keep this item away.

He hid the bat sculpture under his desk and went out for a warm bath to wash away the chill that smothered him.

Besides giving something useful, the system could also give out something scary and Su Yang learned that today. Fortunately, the scary item was exchangeable with the prescription. Su Yang would have cried his eyes dry if he added a point to something this scary.

After the warm bath, he sat down on the couch of the living room and watched some TV to relax.

A while later, Deeny's voice echoed in the house, "Master, Pool is back."

'Hmm? They are back?' 

Su Yang told Deeny to let them in.

Pool was all smiles when he came back into the virtual space. Even Sanque's blank and ugly face beamed brightly.

Su Yang looked at them and asked, "Business going well, I assume?"

Pool smiled, but before he could utter a word, Sanque beat him to it and said, "Of course."

Su Yang looked at the ginseng, waiting for more follow-up, but Sanque went back to its mysterious self and stopped talking.

"Business has been improving these few days, but there are still not enough customers. However, tonight, before we closed, a group of customers swarmed in. They were all students from nearby universities. They said they read reviews saying that our milk tea is delicious, so they came to try it," Pool explained.


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