I'll Add Points To All Things
178 The True Power Of The Wishing Sculpture
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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178 The True Power Of The Wishing Sculpture

With that in mind, Little Hus moved to the drawer and opened it up with its edges.

Su Yang had hidden the [Reverse Wishing Sculpture] well, so Little Hus did not see anything when he opened the drawer.

Nevertheless, Little Hus trusted his instinct and nose, so he pulled the entire drawer out and finally found the cloth-wrapped sculpture.

Little Hus smiled brightly when he saw the sculpture. He muttered, "Smells really good! This must be something great!"

With that in mind, he unwrapped it and saw the bat sculpture showing him its back.

"Hmm? Why is it showing me its back?" Little Hus turned it around. "Huh? It's still the back?"

He persistently turned it multiple times, but all he saw was the bat's back.

Little Hus Simple Intellect was similar to a child's, and like a child, he decided to challenge the bat sculpture by turning it around ceaselessly. He was determined to see the bat sculpture's front no matter how many turns it would take him.

Finally, after around 40 turns, the bat sculpture finally turned around. Little Hus' strong desire to look at the bat sculpture's front had finally paid off. 

The bat sculpture extended its wings when it turned around. Its eyes were red while its fangs were sharp, and it looked extremely creepy at first glance.

Right after the bat sculpture turned around, the bat came alive. It shook its wings and looked at Little Hus sinisterly. "Answer my question and you will be granted a wish. But if you can't answer my question, I'll suck all your blood, Muahahahaha…"

Little Hus widened his eyes at the creepy bat. "Any kind of wish?"

The bat flashed an evil smile. "Of course."

Little Hus' eyes shone. "Ask away!"

The bat grinned as if it had the situation under control. It cleared its throat before asking, "How many stars are there in the sky?"

Little Hus answered, "None."

The bat was slightly shocked. "What? How could there be no stars in the sky?"

Little Hus' edge pointed at the sky outside the window. "Do you see any stars now?"

The bat looked at where Little Hus was pointing and did not see a single blinking light in the sky. It was rendered speechless.

Little Hus stuck its edge out and said, "Now, can you grant me my wish?"

The bat shook its head. "No! That doesn't count! You are simply taking advantage of the situation! I'll ask again!"

Little Hus showed a rare display of generosity. "Sure, ask away."

"Which comes first: the egg or the chicken?"

Little Hus answered, "The egg! Crocodiles, dinosaurs, and whatever prehistoric animals are all oviparous, and they existed earlier than chickens, so there must have been the egg first!"

The bat was once again silenced by Little Hus' answer.

"Did I get it right?" Little Hus asked.

The bat flapped its wings and said impatiently, "Ok, fine, you got me. Wish away."

Little Hus did not expect to get it correct so easily. Delighted, he said, "Make me human! I want to become a handsome boy!"

The bat grinned sinisterly when it heard Little Hus' wish. Its shadow grew larger and its voice became heavier. "Greedy being, your wish is beyond my capabilities! I'll suck your blood dry!"

The bat then glowed in an eerie red color. Little Hus also glowed though not as obvious. Had he not been in a dark room, the dim glow might not even have been visible.

In the next moment, the bat and Little Hus locked eyes and said in unison, "Why is there no blood on you?"

"But I don't have blood."

The bat's shadow instantly shrunk down to its original size while its scarlet red eyes stared at Little Hus. "What are you? Some dry corpse?"

Little Hus returned the stare with a husky glare. He was never afraid and would never back down from a staredown. "I'm a dog!"

"No way! Dogs have blood!" the bat insisted.

Little Hus looked up arrogantly. "Not me! Speaking of which, what are you?"

The bat extended its wings and said solemnly, "I'm the evil reincarnation from the West, Sata…"

Before it could finish, Little Hus stopped it. "Ok wait, stop it. I don't want to know either."

The bat was stunned.

"So, can I get my wish now?" Little Hus continued.

The bat turned around. "No, you've answered the question. Goodbye." It was petrified after it turned away and reverted to its sculpture form. It was showing its back at Little Hus again like the first time.

Little Hus was frustrated. He had a feeling that the bat had scammed him of his wish. Enraged, Little Hus turned the sculpture a couple dozen times again, and the bat came back to life.

However, the bat widened its scarlet red eyes when it saw Little Hus again. "You again?!"

"You owe me a wish!" Little Hus growled.

"You are asking for too much. It's beyond my capabilities, so that doesn't count," said the bat.

"I can ask for something else," said Little Hus.

Vexed, the bat flapped its wings and said, "Fine! Just get over with it!"

"I want a bag of dog food." 

"Who do you think I am? God? I can't create stuff from nothing!"

Little Hus then said, "Can you transport me to the outside world?"

"Again, I'm not God! I can't travel through time and space!"

"Then, can you make me smaller?" Little Hus asked.

The bat glared at Little Hus. "No! I can't change the physical shape of things!"

The bat refused to grant Little Hus his wish, and after realizing the bat was practically useless, Little Hus lost it. He grabbed the bat by the neck and shouted, "Then, what the hell can you do?! Don't tell me you can't do anything!"

The next morning, after Su Yang woke up and headed downstairs to have breakfast, he saw the [Reverse Wishing Sculpture] on the table in the living room like a newly bought decoration.

The other little monsters were around it, chatting about something.

The bat sculpture had come alive and was bowing, nodding, and flattering everyone else.

Su Yang had question marks all over his head. 'What the hell happened?'

He went up to the gang, and before he could say a word, Little Hus hopped over and boasted, "Su Yang! Su Yang! I've done you a great deal!"

Su Yang looked at Little Hus pointedly. "What did you do?"

Little Hus' edge pointed at the bat on the table. "I've exposed a liar for you!"

"A liar?" The questions marks in his head multiplied instantly.

"Yes!" Little Hus then explained how the bat had scammed him last night. After realizing that the bat could not do anything, he started to interrogate the bat.

The bat was powerful against a normal being with blood, but against Little Hus, its blood-sucking abilities were useless. Under Little Hus' fierce interrogation, the bat finally revealed its scam. The bat sculpture actually only had one ability, which was blood-sucking.

Whenever someone tried to make a wish, it would ask questions without a correct answer, and when the person failed to answer, it would suck the person's blood to the very last drop.

However, if someone managed to get it right like Little Hus, it would grant the person's wish, but since it was a useless piece of blood-sucking garbage, it did not actually have the ability to grant wishes.

All wishes would be beyond its capabilities, and it could then righteously suck the person's blood again.

Thankfully, it ran into Little Hus, a husky bolster with no blood, which was its weakness.

The bat failed to fight back and could not hide from Little Hus. Little Hus was as simple as a child, so he persistently answered questions and made wishes. When he got fed up with the bat's lies, he forced the bat to tell the truth.

Su Yang pondered the situation.

'This bat is really a liar…but it only lies under the rules of the system. It can only suck blood? Hmm…maybe this blood-sucking ability is useful to me.'

With that in mind, Su Yang looked at the nervous bat. "Can you suck blood even if no one makes a wish?"


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