I'll Add Points To All Things
179 Harvest The Little Monster Beans Plus Another Large Scale Planting
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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179 Harvest The Little Monster Beans Plus Another Large Scale Planting

Little Hus slapped the bat that was laughing on its stand. "Spill it! Can you or can't you!?"

The bat forced a smile. "I…can, but I-I can't suck as cleanly as when I am using the ability."

'Hmm, interesting.'

Su Yang asked, "Then, where do you store the blood you suck?"

The bat was slightly surprised. "In my stomach."

"Will it still be fresh after you store it in your stomach?"

The bat thought about it while touching its stomach. "I think so…"

"What about the target? Will the target feel any pain when you suck blood?" 

The bat shook its wings. "No, no, I don't actually suck blood with my mouth."

Its eyes then glowed in scarlet red, and the red glow enveloped Little Hus. A moment later, the glow faded. The bat said, "That's it. It's over, but since Lord Hus here doesn't have blood, I can't suck anything from him."

Su Yang pondered at the bat's words. 'Hmm, interesting. He might be useful. I can let it go out at night, suck some blood, and recharge the hourglass.'

With that in mind, Su Yang's gaze at the bat felt a lot gentler. "I see you are a talented bat as well, so why don't you join the family? I'll call you Blackie from now on."

The bat shook its wings and anxiously said, "I-I have a name! I have a name!"

Surprised, Su Yang asked, "You have a name? What is it?" It was his first time coming across a little monster with its own name.

The bat's shadow grew large when asked this question. Its scarlet eyes were sharp and fierce, and it said with a powerful tone, "I am the evil reincarnation from the west, the Demon King Satan…"

"SATAN?!" Su Yang was shocked when he heard the name.

"No, no no, let me finish! My name is Satantan!" Su Yang's interruption ruined the mood.

'Satantan? Sounds…funny.'

Su Yang was fine with the name nonetheless. "Fine, I'll call you Satantan from now on. Your job is to provide me with fresh blood."

Satantan nodded and then looked at the little monsters around itself. "Okay, but who do I suck?"

Su Yang asked, "Other than me, who else can you suck in this room?"

Satantan pointed at Pool, Deeny, Little Lady Knife, and lastly, Sanque.

Su Yang was surprised when he saw Satantan pointing at Sanque. "Sanque has blood?!"

Satantan nodded. "His current body is an illusion. His real body has flesh and blood."

'So, it seems like after adding the second point to Sanque, he has his own body.'

As for Deeny, Su Yang was not surprised that she had a body. All the things inside the virtual space were real, and he could interact with Deeny. She was more than just a projection, so it was not something surprising for her to have a real body with flesh and blood.

Strictly speaking, she was no different than Pool. Both of them were born from their original form, but Pool could leave the swimming pool whereas, for whatever reason, Deeny was stuck in the virtual space.

With Satantan's addition, Su Yang finally solved the problem with the blood. According to Little Hus, Satantan was still a sculpture, so the bat and the stand were one. As long as the stand remained, the bat could not leave.

Therefore, Su Yang did not have to worry when he let Santantan out to the real world to suck some blood.

Of course, before he let Satantan out, he warned it to not harm the targets. It was only allowed to suck a little blood whether it was from animals or humans.

Satantan nodded with a solemn look. It seemed like it understood Su Yang.

Soon enough, it soon came back with a stomach full of blood. Its size was bigger than before and it announced that it had sucked at least 5,000 ccs of blood.

'How many living beings did he suck blood from?'

Su Yang told Satantan to spit out 100 ccs of blood. He then soaked the hourglass in the blood and reactivated it. Actually, he had an easier plan, which was to drink 500 ml of blood and store it in the [Master Sommelier Faucet].

However, Su Yang was a human being, not a vampire. Even though he was harsh on himself, smashing his face with the brick and drinking a big bowl of blood were two very different things. Drinking 500 ml of blood was disgusting! That was the reason why Su Yang did not do it.

With the problem solved, he believed that the chickens around the campus should be safe from now on.

After reactivating the hourglass, Satantan reverted to its sculpture state. Everyone else could only see its back.

Technically speaking, it was not actually a little monster. It was only able to move around within a stipulated time, and when it was not active, it remained as a sculpture showing its only back.

Su Yang put it on the tea-table of the living room. It would serve as a decoration and grant him the convenience to collect blood when he needed it.

Saturday flew by in the blink of an eye, and at night, Su Yang went to the backyard to check on the monster beans that he had planted.

When he arrived in the backyard, he noticed that the yellow flower had withered. Not only did the flower wither, but the plant itself had also turned soft and collapsed on the ground as if it had died.

Su Yang's heart skipped a beat. 

'No way! Have the monster beans died?!'

Su Yang ran up to the soft plant to check on it, but he saw the description window instead.

[Cyclops Bean (Ready For Harvest)]

'Huh? Ready for harvest? I can harvest it now?'

Su Yang carefully moved closer, attempting to dig the soil out and check on the ripe monster beans. Before his hands could touch the soil, another window popped up.

[Warning! If you break the roots while digging it out, you may kill the ripe monster beans. One-click Harvest is recommended!]

'Huh? Harvesting the monster beans also requires a technique?'

Since the virtual space warned him about damaging the monster beans, Su Yang stepped away and summoned the holographic panel on his phone. He opened the virtual space app.

He navigated to the backyard through the app, and above the planted monster beans was a white-gloved hand. 

Beside it was a line of words: [Ready For Harvest].

Su Yang tapped the hand which moved down, and the soil suddenly caved in to a hole before Su Yang's eyes.

A new window then popped up. [Congratulations! 5 monster beans harvested.]

Then, two big and three small monster beans appeared. The big monster beans were already awoken, but the small ones were like normal soybeans. Without warm water, they would remain in hibernation.

Su Yang took the bigger monster beans and put them back into the villa. He then navigated the virtual space app to the two monster beans that he had just released. He wanted to see whether or not he could plant them again.

However, he got a notification that these two monster beans could not be used for planting anymore for a year.

'There are limits to their numbers as well…'

Fortunately, he still had other monster beans to plant. 

Having done it once, Su Yang selected all the idle monster beans and prepared them for planting. He got a total of 14 monster beans that he soaked in alcohol in pairs.

Then, they were planted in the soil again.

After that, he returned to the villa and the first thought that came into his mind was, 'Wow, finally! Peace and quiet!'

The little monster beans might have been hardworking, but they were all over the place from day to night, and it was vexing to a certain point.

In the next two days, Su Yang spent his time planting the monster beans and promoting his app. Both his apps received a certain amount of popularity around campus, so the number of new users spiked within a short period of time.

Su Yang made 1,300 Point Coins from the increased popularity. On the weekend, he used the Point Coins to buy two Random Points and a [Protection Charm].

With the purchase, he would have two sets of Random Points and [Protection Charms] and a Bronze Ability drawing chance before the [Lucky Disfiguring Brick]'s cooldown mode was reset.

'When the cooldown is reset, boom! I'll add all the points at once and it will be another harvest!'


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