I'll Add Points To All Things
180 The Bronze Ability That Broke My Nose
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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180 The Bronze Ability That Broke My Nose

After he prepared everything, Su Yang called the little monsters to the study room.

Su Yang then said to his little monsters, "I've already added the second Random Point to Deeny, Little Hus, Sanque, and Little Lady Knife. Gru and Pool will be next, and I have two Random Points with me now. I'm going to add the second point to you two tomorrow.

"Why tomorrow, you may ask. It's because I'll get 30 minutes of 'lucky time' tomorrow, and when I add the points to you guys, the results might turn out better. You two had better wake up earlier tomorrow and wait for me."

Pool nodded gently, but Gru shook its branches. Its tiny and slim body wriggled backward, seeming to oppose the idea.

Su Yang looked at Sanque. "What is he trying to say?"

Sanque kept quiet as it looked at Little Hus. Su Yang also looked at Little Hus, but the husky bolster averted the gaze awkwardly as if he had done something wrong.

Little Hus realized that he could not hide it any longer when Su Yang stared at him, so he cleared his throat to conceal the embarrassment and said, "I...actually told him his second point is different from the others. There's a risk for him to take the second point, and if it fails, you will die and…he believes that…"

'What the hell? If Gru fails the second point, I will die? And he believes it?'

Su Yang looked at Gru who really looked worried. He sighed. 'Sigh. Both of them have Simple Intellect, yet one is an imp while the other is a naive child.'

He carried Gru in his arms and consoled it gently. He told the little twig that after the second point, it would only get more abilities and maybe grow even smarter. Even if the point-addition failed, he would not die.

Su Yang talked to Gru for a long time and even used the [Verbal Canon] on the little twig to finally convince it. Finally, Gru nodded reluctantly and decided to take the point.

After sending the little monsters on their way, Su Yang tidied up the study room and went back to his room. However, when he opened the door to his room, he saw someone inside.

Deeny was lying down on his bed in her pink pajamas and looking at a holographic panel with a bright smile. She looked like a little girl who had just received her allowance.

Su Yang knocked on the door frame and said, "What are you doing on my bed? Shouldn't you be asleep?"

She smiled even brighter when she saw him. She rolled to the side of the bed, bolted up, and ran to him with the holographic panel. "Master! Master! Look at what I've done!"

Su Yang glanced at the holographic panel before looking at her. "What's this?"

Deeny curled her arms around his arms and said, "Have a look first. Come on!"

"Okay fine, I get it." Su Yang was defeated by Deeny's coquettish tone, so he tapped on the holographic panel and a video started to play.

The video showed Gru, Little Hus, and Little Hus' pet, Janet the shark. The three of them were playing in the pool.

Janet was torturing Little Hus with her sharp teeth whereas Gru had his branches around Little Hus, trying to pull him away from Janet. The three of them interacted with each other in a strange way, then the video ended.

Su Yang was clueless about what he had just watched. He looked at Deeny. "What is…this?"

She said with a smile, "This is the first chapter of the 'Monster Family' series that I've been planning! It's fun, isn't it, Master?"

Su Yang blinked awkwardly and decided to play the video again. The story basically…had no storyline. Even though there were some funny points, it was quite bland, to be honest.

Maybe the moving twig and the talking bolster could turn out to be something attractive, but since it was shot live without any added effects or post-production, it felt more like a skit. One would not notice that the twig and the bolster were little monsters without looking closely.

Su Yang shook his head. "I think that this isn't as good as the cooking videos that you did before."

Deeny's expression turned gloomy right away.

"Why don't you learn how to be a director or how to shoot a video online? You are switching from your own show to a short comedy all of a sudden, so it's normal for it to be strange at first," Su Yang suggested.

Deeny nodded after listening to what he said, "Okay, Master. I'll…go back now."

He put his hand on her head, "I know you can do it. Don't give up."

"Yes, Master!"

After Deeny went back to her room, Su Yang washed up and prepared for bed. Before he crawled onto his bed, he took the lucky brick out from the drawer and put it on the cabinet beside his bed. His eyes were watching the timer tick as he slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, Su Yang woke up extra early. The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to check the [Lucky Disfiguring Brick]. 

Similar to the last time, the brick had a faint glow on it again after the cooldown mode was reset. It could be used again.

Su Yang suppressed his overflowing excitement as he ran to the bathroom to wash up. He even washed his hands with his 'lucky soap'.

After that, he prepared a cup of water and put Sanque's roots, which he had gotten from Pool the last time, inside. 

Su Yang looked at the cup of fresh ginseng water. 'This is the last piece of root. If I still want to use the brick next month, I have to ask for more from Sanque…'

Sanque had been small and weak before this, and everyone could cut its roots whenever they wanted, but now Su Yang believed he might have to reason with Sanque or even try to move the ginseng with his words.

'Ahem…I mean, we are all peace lovers, aren't we? Say no to violence!'

After that, Su Yang held the [Lucky Disfiguring Brick] in his hand and looked at it for a long while. In the end, he clenched his teeth and smashed his face with it.


His hand slipped when he smashed his face with the brick as he failed to control his strength and somehow smashed himself harder than before! The little mistake caused him to scream in pain.

'This f*cking hurts! My nose! My head!'

Su Yang put pressure over his painful nose and quickly grabbed the cup of ginseng water.

Right after he drank the ginseng water, a cooling stream of energy spread from his stomach. Su Yang felt like he had been cleansed, and when the cooling energy reached his face, the pain finally stopped.

He looked into the mirror beside his bed after his nose stopped hurting. 'Phew! Thank goodness I didn't disfigure my face, and I'm still as handsome as always. But, damn, did I hit myself good! I almost killed myself with the brick! I must be careful the next time and wipe my hands after I wash them.'

Su Yang did not have time to regret anymore as he called the system up immediately.

On the mission list tab, a golden glowing [Mission Complete] button was waiting for him with the mission description on top.

[Bronze Mission: Help Old Zhou's daughter to persuade Old Zhou and stop her father from interfering with her life. (Completed)]

Without further ado, he tapped on the [Mission Complete] button and then the [Receive Prize] button. A moment later, the system notification chimed in his ears.

[Completed Bronze Mission. Bronze Point acquired. You are able to choose one ability from the three random options provided.]

After the notification, the options window popped up with three randomly generated options.

[1. Video post-production]

[2. Video post-production]

[3. Video post-production]

'Three same abilities again like the last time! This means I will get another Elementary talent! But…what's this video post-production ability about?'

Su Yang was clueless about the production of movies and television drama, so the options provided confused him a bit. He had heard of a director, an actor, and even a voice actor due to the rising popularity in dubbed variety shows in the past two years, but he had never heard of post-production.

While he was baffled by the options, the system automatically accepted the option and delivered all kinds of post-production knowledge to Su Yang's brain.

With the intense transfer of knowledge, he finally understood what exactly post-production was. It would be the stage whereby visual and audio materials were added to the work after the filming was wrapped up.

Even though the definition of post-production was a general one, when Su Yang received the knowledge from the system, he realized that the work involved was as vast as the sea.

Things such as editing, CGI, sound mixing, and everything belonging to post-production and the knowledge of multiple occupations were transferred into Su Yang's mind.

'Is this what I get for almost killing myself with the brick?'

With that in mind, he tried his best to digest the knowledge and experience that he had gotten.

A long while later, after he regained his senses, he felt like he had lived through half a century.

Before he could understand and savor the knowledge in his mind, he looked at the timer on the brick and realized that he was running out of time.

[11:01]. He quickly went downstairs for Gru.

There were 11 minutes left on the clock and he must add a point to Gru and Pool within the stipulated time!


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