I'll Add Points To All Things
181 Gru“s Second Poin
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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181 Gru“s Second Poin

At the same time, somewhere in Beijing, Han Yi was sleeping on her bed freely.

She wore a one-piece nightgown and lay down on her large bed, sleeping with her limbs spread wide open. She was as carefree as she could get. Since she did not have any jobs today, she decided to have a rare comfortable sleep-in.

Right before she fell asleep, her phone received a notification.

Han Yi forced her blurry eyes open and slowly moved to the side of the bed to grab her phone.

After some struggling, she took her phone and brought it closer to her face. A quick glance later, she realized that the notification was from the new app that she had downloaded recently, "Find Me".

During the campus singing competition last Friday, the host had introduced the app on stage, and since it was the sponsor of the event, Han Yi had downloaded the app to test it out after the competition.

She even registered on that night and found out that the app was just a picture-sharing platform. It looked boring at first, so it quickly slipped her mind.

The notification she received was a push notification about someone following her.

Since the notification was not important and she was dominated by her drowsiness, Han Yi closed her eyes and went back to sleep. Her hands naturally brought her phone closer to her chest.

However, she forgot to lock her phone and her fingers were twitching on the screen. Without realizing it, her fingers accidentally navigated to "Find Me", and because of the multiple misclicks, several windows popped up from "Find Me".

Her gallery was accidentally opened and a picture was selected to be posted. The picture was Han Yi herself reading her script seriously in front of the computer.

Randomly posting a picture would not cause any trouble or attract any attention because the app's user count was only a handful. Even if someone saw her post, it would only cause a small commotion around Shanghai University.

However, when Su Yang had first mapped out his app, he had implemented a quick sharing function.

After the picture was posted, "Find Me" automatically prompted Han Yi to share it with other social networking platforms. Although Han Yi was fast asleep, her fingers were still twitching on the screen and she finally tapped on the quick share button.

Han Yi's personal picture was posted on her Weibo verified account which had 17 million fans, and it was posted from the "Find Me" app.

While something bizarre was happening on "Find Me", the part-time job app also underwent something unusual.

After the little promotion during the campus singing competition co-hosted by three universities, all the students from Shanghai University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the East China University of Science and Technology knew about the app.

Some of the users tested out the app on the weekend, and after they used it, they realized that the app could pay a decent amount. Its rich functions also quickly became an encyclopedia around Shanghai University.

The students who downloaded the app originally planned to only use the app for themselves, but for whatever reason, after they woke up that morning, they had a strange urge to share about the app.

They automatically shared the app on their respective social media accounts and hoped that their peers would download the app as well.

Su Yang did not know what was going on with both his apps.

Right after he realized that there were only 11 minutes left to use the lucky brick, he dashed downstairs to look for Gru. He must add a point to Gru before the end of his 'enhanced luck'.

Gru was already awake in the living room, humming a melody while enjoying its milk bath. It 'Gru-ed' happily while waiting for Su Yang.

Su Yang quickly grabbed the twig out from its milk bath without saying anything and dashed back to his room because he realized that he forgot to bring the [Protection Charm].

Gru was originally enjoying its little milk bath until a hand grabbed it into the air. Instinctively, it tried to struggle, but when it sensed the familiar feeling and saw Su Yang, it stopped struggling and let him carry it away.

Su Yang closed the door after he returned and called up the system. It was then that he noticed he missed out on a system notification earlier.

[Randomly acquired three same abilities. Elementary talent granted: Color Master].

'Color Master? What's that?' 

Su Yang curiously tapped on it.

[Color Master: During post-production, your eyes are more sensitive to colors and you're able to make the footage even more vivid and lively.]


After the system granted him many years of post-production knowledge and experience, he knew that color was an important aspect of a movie. The intensity of light and darkness and the color palette could influence a single scene with multiple feelings. It was an important aspect that could greatly influence not just one scene but the entire movie.

Even though a major part of the movie was shot using a camera with color, the color-grading during post-production was also important.

Therefore, [Color Master] was considered a godly skill in post-production. However, he had yet to find out how great of an influence was [Color Master].

Regardless, Su Yang was happy to acquire the ability and talent because it finally strayed away from sales and promotions.

He felt like he managed to step on the brakes just before falling into the abyss of lies and trickeries.

'Yes! I'm an artist from now on! I'm no longer a scammer that relies on scamming people to make a living!'

Su Yang stopped his fantasy when he saw the little twig sit down on the table, wiping the milk off its body with a towel. Gru did not even care about what was going on in his mind.

Su Yang tapped Gru's head and said, "Gru, I'm going to add a point to you. Don't worry. Even if it fails, I won't die."

Gru nodded cutely.

Su Yang took a [Protection Charm] from the drawer and wrapped it around Gru.

Gru immediately glowed red which made the twig look auspicious. The red glow granted a tinge of color to the black and withered twig.

Without further ado, Su Yang navigated the system to the point-addition function. All the items in the room had a translucent [+] sign on them, including Gru.

Su Yang tapped the plus sign on Gru softly, and its body turned stiff before it shone brightly. The ball of light enveloped Gru whole before it floated into the air. A tiny twig could be seen spinning in the ball of light.

Su Yang fixed his eyes on the ball of light. Since Gru was the first little monster he had gotten, he had the strongest feelings for the little twig. Adding a second point to Gru was a touching moment for Su Yang.

The twig in the ball of light started to change. Hands and legs started to grow from the twig, and his tip slowly transformed into a real humanoid head.

He was slowly taking on a humanoid form!

However, the ball of light was too bright, so all Su Yang saw was a changing silhouette, but he knew that the point-addition had succeeded!

A while later, the figure in the ball of light stopped transforming and the light started to fade.

Gru finally reappeared before Su Yang. He was taller than before at almost 20 cm now, and his humanoid form granted him arms, legs, and a big head.

Even though he was in a humanoid form, unlike Sanque, his body was still made out of wood. It seemed as if his body was pieced together with several twigs and branches, except for his big and bright eyes.


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