I'll Add Points To All Things
182 Pool Is Not Around. Add A Point To The Soap
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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182 Pool Is Not Around. Add A Point To The Soap

While Su Yang was sizing the new Gru up, Gru was also looking at Su Yang with its big eyes. 

Its eyes were so huge that it took up almost half of its new face. Its big googly eyes seemed cute as it slowly spat out some words, "Gru, Gr-Gru."

Gru's muttering brought Su Yang back to his senses. Gru then muttered, "Su, Su, S-Su…"

Surprised, Su Yang widened his eyes. He showed a delighted smile and exclaimed, "Gru! You can speak? Are you trying to call my name?"

"S-Su, Su…"

Su Yang carried Gru, who had transformed into a wooden puppet, in his arms and laughed like a father welcoming his first child. "You can speak! Gru! You can speak!"

Then, Gru looked up at him and muttered, "Gru?"

'Huh? What just happened?'

Su Yang looked at Gru in his hands and saw a cute smile. Gru muttered, "Su Su."

A bad feeling rose within Su Yang's heart. 'Don't tell me Gru has only learned how to pronounce Su…'

He rubbed its wooden head. 'No way…right?'

Luck was not on his side this time. No matter how hard Su Yang tried, Gru could only 'Gru' like before, but unlike its older self, Gru learned how to pronounce a new word, which was Su Yang's family name, Su.

Gru started to call Su Yang 'SuSu' instead of the usual Gru. 'Sounds like a girl's name to me…'

After trying for two minutes, Su Yang gave up. 

'At least, Gru has a humanoid form right now and he's no longer just a twig who doesn't have arms and legs. I guess it's something worth celebrating.

'Sometimes, when Gru lies down on the table, I have to look at him for a long while to be able to tell which end is his head and which end is his legs. At least, he looks like a puppet with a proper head now.'

Gru was also delighted with its new humanoid form. After looking at Su Yang, he ran off to the mirror and started posing in front of it, admiring his new body and even testing out his nimbleness with a dance. It seemed like Gru knew he had been ugly before.

It was then that the overdue system notification came.

[Twig +2: Life Evolution succeeded. Intellect increased slightly (still remains at Simple Intellect). Physical form has changed.]

'Right…there's nothing special about this. It's like changing Gru's shape without giving him anything extra…'

If it had been Little Hus, Su Yang would have taken pleasure in the husky bolster's misfortune and laugh out loud. Had it been Deeny or Pool, he would have sighed and felt bad for them.

As for Gru, Su Yang believed that Gru having a new body was good enough. He was happy for the little fellow. After all, Gru was his first little monster and no matter what he looked like, he would always adore the twig.

As the other little monsters gained their humanoid form or something similar, Su Yang started to worry about Gru because he was still a withered twig, especially when the other little monsters were becoming stronger with better abilities. 

Gru might not be concerned about his original look but Su Yang was worried that the other little monsters might take advantage of him, especially that cunning husky bolster. Now, with Gru growing up, Su Yang finally heaved a breath of relief. He already had enough special items and abilities that could help him, so as long as Gru was getting better, he was happy.

With that in mind, he stroked Gru's little head, which was a real head this time. He then said, "Gru, stay here for a while. I'll go add a point to Pool."

Gru obediently nodded. His hand suddenly extended and circled Su Yang's head before reverting back to its normal length.

Su Yang looked into the mirror and realized that Gru had made a flower headband for him. He smiled and tapped its little head before it took the other [Protection Charm] and went out of the room.

Before he headed out, he took a quick glance over the brick beside his bed: 03:37.

'Less than four minutes remaining! I must hurry!'

With that in mind, he stormed downstairs and sprinted to the swimming pool.

"Pool, where are you!? Pool!" he shouted for Pool as soon as he arrived at the swimming pool, but all he heard was a big thud at the bottom of the swimming pool as if something massive rumbled in the waters.

Su Yang looked into the water and realized that it was Janet and not Pool. He had not seen Janet for half a month and the shark looked a lot bigger as if it had been taking a lot of vitamins and supplements.

Su Yang called for Pool again but did not get any response.

"Where are you, Pool!?" Su Yang was really anxious

Then, Deeny's voice rang in his ears, "Master! Pool went out with Sanque and three little monster beans after he got a call.

"Before he left, he said the milk tea shop shot up in popularity overnight, and a ton of people were lining up to buy the milk tea, but they weren't open yet. He left his phone number there just in case, so the customers must have contacted him.

"He couldn't wait for you to wake up, so he left early in the morning. He even said the point-addition wasn't as important as his milk tea shop."

'Geez, Pool is really motivated…Or should I say he's a workaholic?! But what caused the milk tea shop to shoot up in popularity overnight? What could've happened there?'

Su Yang suddenly thought of the lucky brick that he had almost broken his nose for good with. 'It's not because of the brick, is it?'

Deeny then said, "Master, there's also another piece of good news. The two apps have been receiving a surge of users in the past 20 minutes, especially "Find Me" which received tens of thousand users in less than half an hour. The bandwidth and servers are at their limits, so I'm increasing the necessary things as we speak."

'Huh? The two apps grew popular overnight as well? Is this the brick's work as well? I simply slipped and smashed myself harder, and it's that effective? Should I apply some lubricant the next time I use the brick? Maybe if I hit myself harder, my bank account will get a million in less than 30 minutes! Hehehe…'

Su Yang quickly discarded the nonsensical thoughts out of his mind. With Pool away, he realized another imminent problem: what should he add the last Random Point to?

He still had one more Random Point and 2 minutes of lucky duration left. What should he use the point on?

Su Yang looked around the swimming pool and stared at Janet for a moment.

'I don't think it's a good idea. Janet is already scary enough, if she becomes stronger, maybe it will eat me when I sleep…'

'All that's left are the two things that I wanted to add a point into but did not until now: the soap and the Iron Man suit.'

A second later, Su Yang decided to add the point to the soap!

He had been using the soap for a long time now, and it somehow became his lucky charm. He should add a point to the soap and see what would become of it.

With that in mind, he sprinted upstairs again. Somehow, he had been running around the house all morning now. When he opened the door to his room, there were only 21 seconds left on the timer.

'Every second counts! Here I come, soap!'

Su Yang dashed into the bathroom immediately.


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