I'm a Hallyu Superstar
10 Is It Not Liz....Lizzy?
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I'm a Hallyu Superstar
Author :JisooHae
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10 Is It Not Liz....Lizzy?

"It's alright President Nan, there is no reason to come over. Actually Manger Lee just left to get me medicine."

Lee Tae-hyun eyes widened in shock, his mouth was like that of a fish out of water gasping for air. He saw Cha Joo-hyuk raise his hand to his lips signaling his manager to remain quiet.

"Wow! See how he is lying without even flinching!"

Lee Tae-hyun shuddered as he watched the celebrity expertly end the call with the agency's President.

"Whew! I thought he would nag me about attending, not that I said I wouldn't go....Truth hurts me but I don't feel excited! Booyah!"

Cha Joo-hyuk began shaking his butt to the music that was playing in his condo. Around the same time, Lee Tae-hyun rolled his eyes at the carefree attitude of the young actor.

"I'm sure that's not how the song went! Aish!"

Cursing inwardly, the older man did not know what to do with the childish actor. Suddenly Cha Joo-hyuk turned around to quiz his manager.

"Hey! Manager Lee what is the name of the person that is singing?"

"Is it not Liz...Lizzy?"

Lee Tae-hyun spoke with conviction, his face was a mask of seriousness as Lies Hurt by Lizzo continued to play at the background.


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