Immortal Era's Crafting Master
130 Giving Answers, Confrontation
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Immortal Era's Crafting Master
Author :PopcornSectMaster
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130 Giving Answers, Confrontation

While waiting for the train to get to their destination and keeping a mental note on how to deal with those people that gazed at him with hostile intentions, Wang Xu decided to make some small talk with Shirona Yui to pass the time.

"Would you like to hear the answers to your earlier questions now, Department Head Shirona?" As Wang Xu spoke, he retrieved a pair of gloves from his pocket.

Hearing his words prompted Shirona Yui to immediately look up from her phone and stare at Wang Xu. She was checking to see if he was being serious with his words or just messing with him.

Not being able to sense any falsehood in his expression, she hesitated for a moment before speaking, "Are you sure? This isn't really the best place for us to have such a conversation, as I'm quite sure that you are aware, Security Guard Wang."

Wang Xu just shrugged before placing the pair of gloves in her hands as he spoke up, "As I stated at the restaurant earlier, there isn't much to tell on the topic so it doesn't matter where we have the discussion. As for whether or not you are suited to learn that trick of mine, the answer will be clear after putting on those gloves."

Wang Xu's words admitted left Shirona Yui at a loss as she wasn't sure how putting on a pair of gloves would be able to answer her question. Regardless, since he said this, she could only humor him and put on the gloves. After putting on the gloves, Shirona Yui closed didn't feel or notice anything out of the ordinary happening and could only look back at Wang Xu in confusion.

As for Wang Xu, he was carefully scrutinizing Shirona Yui for a moment before raising an eyebrow in surprise. Seeing his reaction prompted her to speak up, "Is something the matter, Security Guard Wang? I'm not sure whether your slight change in expression is a good or a bad thing."

Wang Xu just gave Shirona Yui a peculiar gaze, which made her feel a bit uncomfortable before he spoke up, "Now this is unexpected. I never thought that I would run into someone capable of using their body's natural energy so soon. Alas, due to the technique that you practice, your body is already attuned to that technique, and correcting it to suit the one I would need to teach you won't be easy. And that is not taking into consideration that I'm probably not the best person to guide you on this path since my current energy isn't as pure or as strong as it should be to guide others."

Hearing his words, Shirona Yui was admitted excited in the beginning to find out that she's suited capable of learning his technique. It's only after she heard the rest that her excitement turned into disappointment. This disappointment wasn't aimed at Wang Xu since he was just being honest with her about his observations and limitations but at the fact that it's her own practice that prevented such a miraculous method to slip through her grasp.

Not wanting to give up on this technique and noticing a few things from Wang Xu's observations, Shirona Yui carefully asked, "By chance, Security Guard Wang, what are the materials that I would need to help me in correcting my body's current constitution to fit your technique?"

Wang Xu raised an eyebrow at this as he never expected her to be insistent on learning his technique after he made his observations on the topic. Then again, he couldn't blame her for being interested since he did turn into a blur before her very eyes. After thinking about it for a minute, he decided that he would give her the list of materials. That said, he needed to do a more thorough examination of her body's constitution before giving such a list as he had to make sure none of the materials would result in future complications with her body.

Having decided this, Wang Xu spoke up, "I don't mind giving you the list, but I'll need to..... examine your constitution so that I know just what materials will work for you." Wang Xu had spoken in a somewhat quiet voice when he mentioned 'examine' to make sure that no one else overheard him and misunderstand him. As for Shirona Yui, when she heard the word, a light blush formed on her face before she lowered her head and nodded slightly to Wang Xu in understanding.

Both spent the next minute or two in silence as Wang Xu was contemplating how he should speak his next words while Shirona Yui was doing her best to regain control of her expression. After another minute of this, Wang Xu coughed lightly as he spoke up, "Regardless of whether you are able to find the materials or not, especially since I might know them under a different name, it won't be possible for me to aid you in correcting your constitution. At least, not before next week or so."

There was a peculiar expression on Shirona Yui's face when she heard this. If one were to judge her just based on her looks, they would only see that Shirona Yui was just a plain-looking bespectacled woman. They wouldn't realize that she is a daughter of the Ancient Shirona Family, a family that's survived the rise and fall of many dynasties and one of the oldest cultivation families still alive to this day.

As a daughter of this ancient family, she has naturally trained in a few of the techniques and cultivation methods passed down within the family. As such, she is aware of how difficult it is for one to increase the amount of energy and the purity of said energy within one's body. Although she wasn't sure about the amount of energy that he requires to absorb and purify, based on how he described it earlier, it shouldn't be a small amount.

If these words were spoken by anyone else, she would have automatically dismissed the person's claims and looked down on them for being a showoff. That being said, when those words were spoken by Wang Xu, she couldn't help but look at him with a peculiar gaze. The reason behind this is due to the fact that she's already seen him in action when he saved that high schooler and from their previous 'altercation' within the private booth of that restaurant, she was able to take a closer look at his body.

Although Wang Xu had dismissed those punches of hers as 'soft', she was in fact targeting specific areas that would result in excruciating pain for those ignorant of their body's acupoints and meridians. The fact that he was able to ignore those hits like they were hits from a child is proof enough of how sturdy his body is.

If she were to find out that his body was able to reach such a state in less than a month and that he had plans to make it even stronger, her expression would be even more interesting to see.

While Shirona Yui was busy contemplating this, Wang Xu chose this time to speak up, "Now that we've gotten that talk out of the way, aren't you curious as to how I was able to verify that you are capable of utilizing the energy within your body, Department Head Shirona?"

It was only at this point that she remembered that besides putting on the gloves, she was unable to judge what method Wang Xu had used to figure this out. With this timely reminder from the man himself, Shirona Yui gave Wang Xu her undivided attention after nodding to his question.

Receiving her response, Wang Xu smiled as he moved his hand over hers. In doing so, he revealed a few threads that were previously unseen. This surprised Shirona Yui quite a bit as she had no idea how those appeared.

Seeing her expression, Wang Xu decided to explain, "Those gloves on your hands, while made with ordinary materials, are anything but. To me, they can be considered training equipment but to someone like you, Department Head Shirona, those gloves can be used to test one's ability to control their inner energy."

Wang Xu paused for a moment to let the information sink in a bit before he spoke up once again, "In the beginning, not many people would be able to get even one thread to respond, much less the few that you were able to move. To do so, one would either have to already know how to use their internal energy, like you or be a genius that's uniquely attuned to their internal energy, thus getting the thread to react. Better still, the materials I used to make those gloves aren't the kind that responds to internal energy easily, so the fact that you were able to make so many threads move when you clearly don't know about how my gloves work proves that you've got quite a bit of internal energy yourself, which is another reason why I said that my technique might not suit you as you are now."

With the end of Wang Xu's explanation came the point in which both now needed to alight from the train. Well, in Wang Xu's case, his stop was already long passed but as a gentleman, he felt it was best that he escorts his companion home properly before leaving. And then there is also the group of people that was currently stalking him and Department Head Shirona that he would like to deal with.

As the duo left their seats and exited the train, Shirona Yui was still contemplating Wang Xu's words. It wasn't until the duo had left the subway station and were now walking for ten minutes that Shirona Yui finally awoke from her daze, only to realize that one, she was no longer on the train and two, Wang Xu was walking right beside her with a relaxed expression on his face.

Realizing this, Shirona Yui flushed slightly before opening her mouth, "Wait, why are you still here, Wang Xu? I'm sure that the apartment building for the security staff for the studio isn't within this area." Within her embarrassment, she never noticed that she had dropped the formality in her speech.

Wang Xu noticed this but since he's not one to care for such things in the first place, he let it slide as he spoke up, "Hmm. Well, there are two reasons for my presence. The first is that I wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I had just let you go home by yourself after you've treated me to such a lovely meal." While Wang Xu said those things, he had a smirk on his face as he enjoyed the flustered expression that Shirona Yui was now making.

Shirona Yui herself was both embarrassed by Wang Xu's words, as well as touched by his actions. It's not often that she would be subjected to such thought actions by anyone of the opposite sex, even within her home family. That being said, that sh*t eating grin on his face made her want to kick the crap out of him.

"And the second reason?" she asked while doing her best to regain control over her expression.

At this point, Wang Xu retrieved his pair of gloves from Shirona Yui and put them on his hands as he spoke up, "Well, it's nothing serious or all that important. It's just that there have been a group of people following us since we left the restaurant earlier and I just want to give them a piece of my mind for stalking us for so long."

As if they were given a cue, about ten persons appeared before the duo as soon as Wang Xu had finished speaking. It was a mix of seven men to two women and they were all staring at the duo with sharp expressions. From the group walked out one of the only two women present.

This woman cast an expressionless gaze on Wang Xu before moving her eyes over to Shirona Yui as she spoke, "Shirona Yui, third granddaughter of the Shirona Family, you're going to have to come with us."


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