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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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1 Restart As Human

The place was called Pandora, distinct place beautiful land it could have been if only one thing did not exist.


It is a three-letter word, similar to three factions present in Pandora who can't seem rest or enjoy the world of peace.

That's when time comes, battles and war to prove who is strongest once and for all.

Gods, who thought themselves as supreme ones, Devils who thought themselves as the smartest ones and Humans who considered the Land of Pandora, is the Land of Man…there is no need for any other supernatural being.

To begin with, unlike God's and the Devil's faction, the humans where a little too greedy, to the point where there were traitors among each other, for the position for power.

This is how fights continue, humans against each other and against all other factions.

This where certainly like thins for the straight three hundred years with no change so whatsoever, until one day…one fateful day, demise awaited all the factions.

During the war, since the beginning and even after the longest period of war, a certain creature was born…its origin unknown, its reason for birth unknown but soon it came to be known as the Pandora's calamity.

The White Destroyer, Albion.

Albion, appeared as a dragon to others, after all no matter what, dragon were nothing more the evolved form of lizards, there is nothing special about them the only difference was they were a little large and had wings on them.

Dragon could be slay by anyone from any factions, after all no beasts were match for them, but things change when a certain white dragon arrived.

The dragon was taller than the average dragons, it's height could be said to be around 650 meters tall, it was not just some height but rather it was inconceivable since no dragon ever grew that large.

Listening to this many adventurers tired their luck to bring the beast down, but whoever went…never returned.

Finally, one day, the White Dragon exited his domain, and extended his six colossal wings, its eyes were blood red and his surrounding was corroding.

He soared towards the sky and above, entering the Doors of Heaven.

Under normal circumstances even the strongest Devils, Devil Dukes and Devil Kings can't easily break the Doors of Heaven, but it was different for this white one, he easily corroded the door and entered the Holy Land.

Flapping his wings, he reached the Capital city of Heaven, Albion.

The place was beautiful, similar to paradise but since it was the paradise on Heaven, the strongest Arch Angels and Duke Angles were guarding it.

Since it was also the place where the Holy 10, the Strongest Gods resided.

However, that day the Capital city knew it's doom…the White Dragon, annihilated the place, not even the Arch Angels and Dukes were a match for him.

The Holy 10 charged in for the battle as well, but only four survived and escaped.

That day the Capital City Albion of heaven fell, all the residents were dead, and the dragon who learnt the human speech proclaimed the name of 'Albion', the First city to fall to the prey of its claw.

Albion, the dragon finally got the taste of battle and he liked it, since beasts were the ones who were usually, no not usually most of the time being suppressed by other beings.

However, no Albion was in the verge where he had the strength to kill six Holy Gods, unimaginable strength ran through his body.

One of the reason was, his ability [Devour], whenever Albion killed a strong being, he ate it enabling him to use the beings ability to its finest…which made the dragon even more deadly.

Due to his [Devour] ability, and immense curiosity he gained knowledge, knowledge of different kinds and different subjects, he even thought that he understood humans, or so what he read in the books he found after destroying the cities.

The only subject that Albion didn't had any interest in was, Biology.

Gods, Devils and Humans none were spared by the wrath of the being, which had the passion for destruction.

Things started to escalate rather quickly and within just a span of fifty years Albion, who was now known as The White Destroyer.

After all, this long, Devils who usually think things logically and rationally finally came with the most plausible solution.

Form an alliance to take down the fowl beast.

Foolish may it sound, the three factions who never got along with each other are now forced to work together reason being a single dragon who overpowers them completely.

It was Year 902XX, Albion had already destroyed seventy percent of world's flora and fauna and Albion enjoyed it.

Being the strongest creature is too much fun, now all that remained was eradicating the remaining creatures, he didn't even spare his own kin since he considered all of them weak.

The sun was setting, the sky was crimson in front of Albion, was an army…army of the three factions combined headed towards the beast.

Creepy smile crept on at Albion's heart, he was planning to search and destroy but now this was even better, wipe out the insects in front of him with ease.

The destructive battle finally started, deadly may it sound it was still one sided Albion crushed his opponents with ease…Holy Gods and Devil Kings, Legendary Heroes and Supreme Priests all failed and crumbled.

It was already Albion's victory; all that remained was the last one standing.

She was a woman who was wielding a sword; she didn't have any armor on her just a plain shirt and a short bluish-green skirt, even so she was a Hero.

Albion sensed that she was a human and laughed, since if the strongest warriors couldn't harm me, what could a girl like her do?

"Now then you will enter inside me"


"I said, you will enter inside me"

The shocked Albion didn't knew what to do with the sudden phrases from the woman.

She lifts her skirt, and shows it to Albion.

Albion was shocked; he saw stars, planets and constellations under the woman's skirt…

Albion's body starts to glow and it was sucked right underneath the Hero's skirt.

"Mission accomplished, welcome to my nether region, Albion"


『Immortal Class Soul, Found』

『 Recreating New Body』

『 Body created- Species- Human』

『 Erasing Previous Body's Physical Strength…

Erasing Failed….』

『 Trying to Erase Physical Strength Again…

Erasing Failed』

『 Transferring the Old Physical Strength…

Transfer Completed』

『 Erasing Previous Body Magical Abilities…

Erasing Failed』

『 Trying to Erase Magical Strength Again…

Erasing Failed』

『 Transferring the Old Magical Strength…

Transfer Completed』

『 Transferring Previous Body [Skill Set]

Transfer Completed』

『 [Skill Set] [Unique Skill Set] [Devour]

Erasing Previously Obtained Skills which were gained through [Devour]

Erasing complete 』

『 Creating Balanced Set Body, Power-Growing Rate

Rate Chart Set

Knight (25%)

Caster (25%)

Slayer (30%)

Smith (10%)

Scholar (10%)』

『 Synchronizing Soul and New Body…

Synchronizing Completed…』

『 Adding Passive Abilities

[Physical Strength]- 10th Tier

[Stamina]- 10th Tier

[Resistance to Poison] [Complete Nullification]

[Resistance to Light] [Complete Nullification]

[Resistance to Darkness] [Complete Nullification]

[Resistance to 8th Tier Physical Abilities]

[Resistance to 8th Tier Magical Abilities]

[Resistance to 8th Tier Demonic Abilities]

[Resistance to 8th Tier Angelic Abilities]

[Resistance to 8th Tier Weapons]

[Resistance to 8th Tier Elemental Magic]

[Resistance to 8th Tier Illusion Magic]

[Mana Reserve]- 10th Tier

Addition Completed 』

『 Sending Constructible Forge…

Forge Sent to the Location 』

『 New Face and Body creation Completed』

『 Sending Familiar to control emotion

Familiar sent』

『 Sealing powers until the condition is stabilized

Powers sealed』

『 Transferring Humans code and Morals

Transfer completed』

『 Now transferring to Earth…

Transfer completed』

『 Positioning to Land- Name of the Place- Japan

『 Welcome, Albion to your new world. This place is called Earth, the Year is 2020, any required information will be filled in to you after your awakening and when your state stabilizes completely, until then ,I Nature awaits it』


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