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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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2 Acceptance As A Human

Cold winds blew through the land, as far as the eye could see the only visible thing was snow and black clouds that ate the sky.

In amidst of this condition, wearing winter clothes and in logs on his back, walked a certain man.

The place where he lived was far from where he currently was, after all he needed 2nd Tier brick logs, which enabled a bon fire which can last almost for a month.

He looks towards the sky and tastes the wind…

"A snow storm is coming, it's getting frequent here…can't blame since its beginning of December after all, better haste"

Woof~ Woof~

The man hears howl of a wolf? But when listening to further, it was actually bark of dog.

"A dog…in between snowstorm? It'll die, I must get it" Out of the kindness from the heart the man rushes towards the dog's bark.

After few moments, he finally saw the dog, it's skin was white as snow as well, but strangely it had black lines for some reason the dog emitted a mysterious aura.

The man walks towards it, and little by little saying "Good boy" pats the dog's head but it doesn't react at all rather he looks straight and runs.

The man follows him after all he can't leave the dog as it was and thus he did so.

A minute later, the man was shocked at his discovery he found a naked boy, head to toe naked lying on the snow unconscious, he has an attractive face…a face that many men desire and his body appeared to be strongly built as well.

What attracted him the most was the lad's hair, it was pure platinum white, a color so unique that it could be easily distinguished against the snow.

Without thinking anymore, he took out a blanket from his bag and wrapped the lad with it.

And chanted something, after which the blanket glows red, he picks up the lad and the dog follows both of them as well.

Soon they were inside a small truck, with open back.

The man first places the lad on the next seat, pulls the back leaver through which the seat moved backwards and positioned itself to a leaning one, which also helped the dog to get in.

With a normal blanket this time, he tucks in the dog and a lad together and closed the door while he too got inside.

"How did a lad like you end up here, eh? Your face and body, I don't want to be a person who judges by appearance after all everyone is the same in the eye of almighty…but you don't look like someone who would be abandoned by parents, eh?"

The man joked but deep inside somewhere in his heart too he felt he knew what it like to is been abandoned.

Finally, exciting the snow filled area, the vehicle moved on, towards the outskirts of the main Capital city, towards a house near just beside a small church.

A woman and a little girl walked out of the house, the woman looked in her late thirties and had brown chestnut color hair, the little girl who was almost at the age of ten, had the same features of the lad as well.

"Did you find the log?" the woman speaks in a gentle manner, and the little girl rushes towards the man and hugs him.

"Papa! Papa!" she states in a cute manner, the man, who was her father lifts her up and holds her in his arms,

"Kasumi-chan, papa is here don't worry"

"Ara, Kasumi, let papa come inside then play with him as much as you want, okay"


After responding to her mother, the little girl, whose name is Kasumi rushes towards the house.

"You look lost dear, did something happen?" the woman question, looking at her husband's expression.

The man didn't responded at first, but then he opens the door of his vehicle, an as expected the woman was shocked as well.

A handsome lad wrapped in blanket with a dog.

"Who is this?"

"I found him, naked on the snow…strange may it sound they survived, in the harsh condition without any equipment; I couldn't just leave them…after all he looked the same age…same age as our…son"

The man's voice shuttered, filled with emotions and sadness, his wife made a small smile and hugged him from behind,

"It's all good dear, you saved someone who was almost at the verge of his death, I am sure our son would be proud, just like I am, come on let me help you get him inside"

The couple helping each other they took the lad inside, and the dog followed behind.

The lad was lying on the couch covered in sheets. Kasumi, the little girl was interested in the lad, she found his face very cute.

"Ne- Ne- Papa! When will this onii-chan wake up? I want to play with him"

"Kasumi-chan, no, let the older brother rest, ok play with him tomorrow"

She makes a sad face when she was turned down, but then with a smile Kasumi left.

Since the dog what came with the "brother" took a liking to Kasumi and both of them spent the time.

"Dear, I have brought Kazuma's clothes…they both are of the same age so, I think this will fit him" the woman's gentle expression was still intact, but it was still saddening when she looked at the clothes…

The husband didn't say much, but he accepted the clothes and asked her wife to leave, since he will be helping the lad to change clothes.

After such, an hour passed.

The wife brought in tea, for her husband, she opens the door and finds her husband dozed off on the couch just beside the lad.

She smiles and puts the tea away.

The lad wore the same outfit, her son used to.

Both of them looked so much like, the only difference being her son dead.

"Wh-where am I? What happen?"

The lads first words after he wakes up, this startled the woman as he hurriedly woke her husband up as well.

"Wake up, feeling well?"

"What's what's going on? Why are lowly humans greeting me? Are you all courting death?"

The couple startled at the actions of the lad,

"My wings? My tail? My scales??! My body?! What's going on?" The lad was confused and he showed the expression of distress and agony…

The husband stood in front of his wife, to make sure to keep her from harm's way, since he was getting the deathly vibes from the kid.

The lad was touching all over his body, but all he found that his once gallant and majestic body was now that of a human, he dashed out through the window and kept running straight.

"He's…he's gone?" the woman stammered,

"Wait, I'll go check"

"Please be safe"

The man too rushed out, following the lad.

The lad finally stopped in front of a pond, the crystal clear night reflected the lad's dashing face on the pond, yet he was disgusted.

Even though his face was what men truly desired, he felt disgusted and agonized.

He wanted his fangs back, he wanted his colossal body and wings back, his mighty tail back…all he was now a human.

『Feeling despised? 』

The lad heard a voice; he looks around but didn't find the source of it…

『The White Destroyer, Albion, you have now been converted to a human』

"Who are you? Where are you?"

『My name is Nature. I am inside you and your guide for surviving in his world』

"This world? This is not Pandora? Where is it? Why am I a human?"

『Those answers are for you to discover, I can only state few things』

"Few things as in what?"

『When your condition is stabilized, you will be told』

"Don't mess around with me" the lad was getting agitated and continues, "Return my dragon form, my true body…I despise this human body"

『You rage for humans will be cut off whenever you undesirably get angry when you see one』


『As told, your anger unnecessary anger will immediately be cut off, when you see a human』

The lad then realized, in his past form, as Albion, whenever he saw humans his anger pikes and he killed them off without reason, whatsoever…and now look, the very species he despised is now the life he will be living, and reason unknown.

He sits down, because the so called 'Nature' isn't replying to him anymore…

The fresh winds blows through his face and ruffled through his hair,

"You are here?" he heard a man's voice coming from behind, if it would have been the past him, he would have killed him off…but now, he didn't feel the anger.

"You are probably the first human, I didn't kill at sight"

The man was startled by the composition of words thrown at him by the man.

"What are you? Some God or Devil?"

"No, but I used to be a dragon"

"A what?" the man even became more surprised.

"I know, humans don't believe others, even each other, they are skeptical of everything"

The words contained deep meaning behind it and the man understood, and sat near the lad.

"So, do you have a name? Well, mine is Machida, Machida Yamato"

The lad looks up in the sky, "I used to be called as Albion, The White Destroyer…but now, I am nameless"

"Ho, so will you tell me your life's story?"

"Why? Humans believe their own kind right? Why will you believe what I say?"

"Not all are same you see. Not all humans are bad, from my perspective."

The lad laid down, and after fretting over sometime he told the man about his deeds and actions when he was in the Land of Pandora.

"See? I'm not so good being and I still despise humans, I must find a way out of this place"

The man, Machida sighs and lays down as well,

"Why don't you think this as a way that you are put under a certain test?"

The lad looks towards him, "A certain test?"

"Indeed, you said you were a soaring dragon right? Well, perhaps the most despised race for you were humans right? So now, whatever that hero did…pull you under her skirt, that is…could be for you to understand the humans"

The lad got furious, and states, "Why should I understand them? What's good in understanding them?"

Machida calmly replies, "Perhaps, it's true we are despised my most races, since we are selfish…well most of us are, we seek power and money, we think everything belong to us.

Perhaps that's why a human hates another as well, but I, from my perspective I see world as a beautiful place where everyone loves each other, it's all about the perspective a being watches"

Machida's voice resonated within the lad, the once dragon Albion, he never had a proper conversation with anyone, but he never expected that his first normal conversation will be with a human.

The lad gets up.

"So, where are you going?"

"I don't know, but I must find a path for me and a goal for me, because I don't think I will be leaving this place soon"

Looking at the lad and the thought of him departing somewhat made Machida felt a little sad, then suddenly a certain idea popped on his mind.

"Lad, I suggest, why don't you start living with me?"

The boy was shocked to listen to the man's statement.

"Why? Didn't you listen to my story? Why will you take me in?"

"I do, and I believe your story…but I think I know what you lack"

"What…I lack?"

"Indeed, you need a family and lots of love"

"Family and lots of love?"

"Indeed, lad…for some reason I can't leave you alone, that's why lad adopted it may be, will you be my son?"



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