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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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3 Planning

"Are you sure you want to pet a dragon? A man should never become a dragon's friend or enemy you know?" the lad spoke without any shred of hesitation, after all the former had every right to decline and no reason to take care of the lad.

"Well kid, then let me tell you a short story, I too once had a son, his name was Kazuma. He wanted to be a Paladin class hero and defend the people from harm, yet he was betrayed by his own kin and finally Demon King Leviathan ended his life."

Machida's voice became low, but he still continued, "Even in his death he said, 'I forgive my people, they were just lost', he passed away, with a gentle smile on his face, you know…so, yes if I think I can help someone of his age, no matter what they used to be, I will"

The lad didn't know how to respond to all this, but finally he sighed and said, "Alright, old man I will stay with you I guess"

Machida smiled, he made success.

"So, what should we call you?"is the next question that Machida asks,


"Nah, it's kind of outdated and old and not so cool as well, how about you use my son's name? Kazuma Yamato? I think its suits you quiet well"

"Do as you please old man, guess I do that for now"


After talking him down, Machida and Albion…woops not Albion, Kazuma returned home, where Machida's wife, Kasumi and the dog that came with Kazuma were playing.

"Dear", Machida's wife speaks in a worried manner; he then calls her wife and her daughter, Kasumi inside the hall and asked Kazuma to stay inside.

After about thirty minutes the woman, Machida's wife comes out and hugs Kazuma tightly.

He didn't get what the woman was trying to do.

"Kazuma-kun, I am your step-mother, but please feel free to call me mother ok, by the way I am Machida's wife, Miki Yamato and this is my daughter, Kasumi Yamato"

"Hello Onii-chan! You are my onii-chan right?" little Kasumi hugs on to Kazuma and jumps around, the former could only keep quiet.

"Alright everyone, I have made plenty food, let's eat" Miki stated after all it was time for dinner,

Kazuma watches different kinds of delicacies placed on the table, which is actually human's food although he was no alien to human's diet he never tasted it, the tongue of a Dragon is different after all.

"When I was coming inside, I saw the barn's roof was broken" Kazuma stated.

"Indeed, this place may look small, but we do have a small barn, but the roof of the shed is recently broken, I will fix it later" Machida replies,

"Let me fix that now" Kazuma bluntly replies,

The couple were at a loss of words while little Kasumi was thinking why her mother isn't serving the food yet,

Kazuma continues, "A man must only eat bread when he has done his share of work, and I haven't done anything to accept this meal, allow me to work"

Machida wanted to decline but Miki stopped him, she went inside and brought a tool box and handed it over to Kazuma.

"The ladder is just next to the shed, alright we'll wait for fifteen minutes, alright" Miki stated with a smile, Kazuma headed out with the tool kit followed by his dog.

"Why did you gave him the task?" Machida asks,

"Well, you and I know very well, I don't care about his past, but it seems like he isn't a man who wants to be in debt and is filled with principles and so, don't you think it's only polite to act like the way, he wants us to be"

"I can never argue with you can I?"

"No, you can't"

In middle of the conversation Kasumi cried that she was hungry, but her mother calmed her down by saying wait for fifteen minutes.

After fixing the shed, Kazuma and his new family sat for dinner, he was shocked…not because of the reason, he was eating with the humans, but because he had all the manners of a human.

Time passed and it was late night, Machida opens up a small house connected to the shed just outside, which formerly belong to his late son.

"There is also a forge and a world map, a small library my son used to build his own equipment and stuff" after saying what he wanted to, Machida was about to leave when Kazuma stopped him,

"There are a few questions, I have do you mind answering them?"

Kazuma was sitting on a chair and in front of him was a computer with three monitors and a fourth large monitor with a blue globe on it.

After talking with his step-dad, Machida he came to know many things about his place.

The name of this place or planet is Earth.

Until 1995, the existence of Magic and Equipment, Gods and Demons didn't exist, and then suddenly an unusual anomaly occurred.

The anomaly came to be known as "The Era of Magi" since existence of mythical creatures, Gods and Devils…and magic came into existence.

At the year, 1999 things got heated up and World War three occurred, but this was in between humans, Gods and Demons, the war lasted till 2016, after which everything came to halt.

First, what happen to the Land of Man?

The seven continents where no longer seven and the whole of Asia, was now called Xavier and it's capital being Japan.

The Xavier was kept under control by two major forces the Xavier Government and the Ten Heavenly Clan.

It looked as if both worked individually, but from the shadows Ten Heavenly Clan controlled the Xavier Government,

The Ten Heaven Clans where…

Ryukami Clan, The strongest clan among the ten and bears of the symbol Dragon, The Heavenly Dragon.

Currently the clan head has one son and daughter.

Shishikami Clan, the clan next to Ryukami Clan and don't back down in terms of strength and bear the symbol of Lion, The Heavenly Lion.

The Clan Head has two daughter.

Okaminokami Clan, information regarding this clan is unavailable since it's a hidden clan. But, it is known that they bear the symbol of Wolf, The Heavenly Wolf.

Kurousaginokami Clan , information regarding this clan is unavailable since it's a hidden clan. But, it is known that they bear the symbol of Rabbit, The Heavenly Rabbit.

Torakami Clan, known as the destroyer of devils who bear the symbol of Tiger, The Heavenly Tiger.

The Current Clan head has no siblings, and it is rumored that he assassinated his own father to become the clan's head.

Samekami Clan, ruler of the oceans bears the symbol of Shark, The Heavenly Shark.

The Current Clan head has one son.

Zokami Clan, ruler of the forest bears the symbol of Elephant, The Heavenly Elephant.

The Current Clan head has no heir.

Washikami Clan, ruler of the skies bears the symbol of Eagle, The Heavenly Eagle.

The current clan head has three children, two sons and one daughter.

Hagetakanokami Clan, information regarding this clan is unavailable since it's a hidden clan. But, it is known that they bear the symbol of Vulture, The Heavenly Vulture.

Kumonokami Clan, information regarding this clan is unavailable since it's a hidden clan. But, it is known that they bear the symbol of Spider, The Heavenly Spider.

The second strongest continent is Europe, its forces are considered deadly since its government has a unique army, and an army is called Spartan Association who happens to have the powers of Norse, Roman and Greek Gods.

The third one followed by United States of America, its power gradually decreased due to the aftereffects of war, it's also one of the continents who have cut off most of the ties with the world.

The organization which U.S.A, has under it is termed National Sorcerer Union, (N.S.U.) unlike other continents this actually works on magic intelligence gathering, and currently under shadows, their movement and motives are clearly unknown.

The fourth continent is now termed Russia, aftermath of the war was actually beneficial for them since they separated themselves and took over nearby islands.

M.O.S.U or otherwise called Magicians of Soviet Union, there principles are unknown since Russia took over Germany and their magic corporation as well, currently only Russia has good connections with Xavier, will on the surface anyway.

The fifth and the last continent is Africa, it's most under uproar in itself since, there is always a coup in between the Government and the resistance, the government or also called Critical Operators try to bring peace, among each other but it seems people don't get it. If the innate battle continues, the continent will soon turn to ashes.

And lastly, there was once the continent called Australia, but due to it been taken over by certain 'people' whose existence is not known, and then it came to be known as the Floating Continent Agreas, no one, not even Xavier dares to attack for reasons unknown.

This is the current history and situation of the planet earth.

Now regarding, magic and equipment.

Magic came to existence due to a certain anomaly whose reason is unknown, but it gave humans ability to cultivate.

The cultivation ranks were as follows,














There are three more, but it is said that humans or rather, no being can reach those heights.

Each cultivation rank had a grade in it as well, for example if you are Silver, this means you are Silver- Grade D, then it will increase to Grade C and then to B and to A, then to S and finally the next level which is Gold, this is how it works and the more you increase, the more difficult it becomes to cultivate.

Now, a man can seriously not fight bare handed, that's why with proper resource and minerals Magical equipment can be crafted as well, but not everyone can craft.

Rare and talented smiths can craft.

Remember that, random minerals can never craft equipment, the unusual anomaly caused rising of many zones filled with magic equipment, each of them are graded as follows,






Most of the zones are the first three, while "Destructive" and "Immovable" are rare and seventy percent of its resources are monopolized by Xavier, but there are only four magical zones of "Catastrophic",

The Great Forest of Amazon, guarded by Immortal Class, Dragon Thimaya.

The Fateful Desert of Sahara, guarded by Immortal Class, Dragon Manekshaw.

The Depth of Despair, Bermuda Triangle, guarded by Immortal Class, Dragon Carippa.

And finally Mount Olympus, guarded by Immortal Class, Dragon Mountbatten.

No continent dares enter these places, even though they are filled with minerals which are actually best for equipment.

What annoyed Kazuma most was, there was no map regarding the Underworld and Heaven from where Demons and Gods are from, it would seem they don't attack, but they are rather deadly and it can easily be said that their weakest forces are of Diamond Class.

"Nature, do you hear me?" Kazuma calmly sates,

『What is it? 』

"You made a lot of settings for me didn't you"



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