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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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4 The Great Forest Of Amazon

"You purposely sealed off my strength so that so I don't run off amok destructing stuff right?"

『Expected of the strongest dragon, strong and smart as well』

"Well, well it doesn't matter, tell me how much time will it take to revoke the seals present on me?"

『Four weeks at most』

"Hmm…the whole of December it would seem, alright begin unsealing my powers"

『Initializing unsealing of powers…

Powers unsealing under process』

"I have a strength chart if I am not wrong, the way my body will be growing"

『Indeed, it is as follows…

Knight (25%)

Caster (25%)

Slayer (30%)

Smith (10%)

Scholar (10%)』

"[Smith] and [Scholar]?"

『Those two are added for you to able to construct your own equipment and able to master and analyze any sort of situation』

"Certainly but, if my full potential is unsealed, then not every equipment can be used by me right?"

『Certainly you are correct, not every equipment can be used by you, but your equipment criteria cannot be stated now, as your powers are under unsealing process』

"That is a given, I have one last question"

『Which is?』

"This dog is no ordinary one right?"

『It is not, if you ever go berserk, this will calm you down…and please be at ease, the dog can hold its own』

Kazuma looks at the dog, and says "Well, I'll name you Fen, how about that"

The latter wagged its tail and made cute noises.

With this Kazuma starts to work and help out the Yamato family, in their daily chores, and the Yamato family wholeheartedly accepted him as their son, even though the former hardly showed any expression on his face.


"Where are you going now, Leviathan?"

"Is it always necessary to answer you? Mammon? Why do you think, I will?"

"This bitch"

"Stop it. Both of you, Leviathan…indeed where are you going, when you know there is crisis going on?"

"It will be rude, Lucifer-sama, but I need that power, so I will be-"

"Sacrificing some humans?"

"Indeed, it is just as Beelzebub states, please allow me to do so"

"As, long as it benefits demons, I don't care"

"May you live long, Lucifer-sama"

January 4th, Year 2021,

Days passed by and using the skill of [Scholar] Kazuma gained immense amount of knowledge, he gained it from books and info left by his step's father's late son.

『Powers have been restored successfully; do you wish to know how many equipment you can use?』

Kazuma who was sitting inside his room late night, heard Nature's voice in his head.


『By measuring the strength, only twelve equipments are capable out of which,

4- Are [Slaying Guns]

3- Are [Holy Swords]

2- Are [Demonic Twin Axes]

1- Is [Harvester's Scythe]

1-Is [Magus Crossbow]

1-Is [Cryptic Grimore]

And lastly [Will Ornament] 』

"[Will Ornament]? What's that?"

『[Will Ornament] is unique equipment which is naturally created by the cultivator's body. The strength is immense and no materials can create it, because each [Will Ornament] varies from cultivator to cultivator.』

"So, is under mine under construction?"

『It will take a week's more time, to complete it]

"Well, doesn't matter, I'm actually interested in [Harvester's Scythe], what will it require to construct?"

『 [Harvester's Scythe]- is an all over 9th Tier Equipment, which comes with a unique ability [Reaper's Curse].

The blade of the Scythe requires: - Blood Stain Metal- 9th Tier

The snath of the Scythe requires: - Wood of Buddha Tree- 9th Tier

The connector of the Scythe requires:- Scale Veins from a Forest Dragon- 8th Tier』

Kazuma smashes his head on the table, because he takes a heavy blow when Nature listed the minerals for construction.

He sighs watching the requirements; he never expected that his equipment will be above 6th Tier.

In this world, just like cultivation and increasing rank Magical abilities and equipments are ranked from 1st to 10th tier.

Well, if anyone has 6th tier equipment, that person can already be considered very strong, but from Kazuma, he had a doubt that he may require greater tier, but never expected 9th and 8th tier.

"Do I have any 10th tier equipment?"

『Grimore are the only equipments which are considered 10th tier, do you want to know its composition?』

"No, one at a time, first comes the [Harvester's Scythe], and if I am not wrong there is only one place, that supplies with these materials"

『Yes, The Great Forest of Amazon will provide you with necessary minerals, if you use your flight ability; it will take a day to reach there.』

Kazuma starts to transfer data from the computer to his cell, which was gifted to him by his step-dad on 25th December as a Christmas gift.

Though, Kazuma was alien to celebration and such, yet for the first time he quiet enjoyed the feeling.

He packs up and departs for slumber, because tomorrow is going to be a hectic day.


Early morning, Kazuma cleanses the barn and feeds the animals, this was his daily routine and after taking a fresh bath, he wears travelling attire, which made him look even handsome.

"Are you going somewhere?" Machida, Kazuma's step-father asks the question.

Kazuma slips his phone in his pocket and replies, "Well, yes, since my powers and abilities have been restored, it's time for me to construct some equipment, so I'm heading out to bring some minerals"

"Construct? You are going to do it yourself?" Machida was shocked, since he knew that only top tier smiths can construct equipment, and the finest equipment can only be constructed by Dwarfs.

"Well, yes"

"Here, take this bag pack, I have loaded it with a week's ration, it should be enough. I packed water, and yes don't eat anything from the outside, even though your clothes are made from magic particles which do not require cleaning but those do not go for your underwear, clean them.

Also try to take a bath twice, and yes don't engage in unnecessary combat."

Kazuma's step mother, released her tension since, couldn't take in the fact that he will be gone for a week.

Even though he's has been in here for little over a month, Miki has totally taken a liking for him and actually considers him his own blood.

At first, Kazuma used to think why this woman, is nagging but now, even that nagging sounds like a sweet voice of concern for him.

"So where are you going to get the minerals?" Machida asks,

'If I say them, I'm going to The Great Forest of Amazon, mother is definitely going to faint and will strongly oppose, well this is going to be my first lie'

Kazuma thinks in his mind, watching them.

"Well some forests, at Xavier's border side, I'll be back, don't worry"


Little Kasumi, Kazuma's step-sister hugs him tightly, and with a cute and teary expression, states, "Onii-chan, please return quick, Kasumi will be very sad"

Kazuma, even though his expression was plain he did pat her head and spoke, "I will"

Kazuma lifts, Fen his dog and uses his ability, "[Partial Transformation: Wings]"

From his back, two gallant dragon wings came out, they were majestic and beautiful.

He jumps towards the naked sky and takes off, before leaving, his departing words were "Take Care",

"There he goes," Machida states calmly as he watches his son depart.

After a day, January 6th 2021

He was at the entrance of The Great Forest of Amazon, he looks forwards and walks inside followed by Fen.

After ten minutes, Fen starts to bark, his sensing abilities were top notch, just like his master Kazuma.

He looks towards the direction where Fen barked, he saw a camp, an army capm, and they had flags of a lion taken over by knight, he immediately understood who they were,

"One of the Ten Heavenly Clans from Xavier, Shishikami Clan?" (refer to chapter 3)


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