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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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5 The Great Forest Of Amazon- II

Kazuma was somewhat indifferent to see one of the Ten Heavenly Clans, the Shishikami Clan in here, but he didn't care in the slightest, for him the troublesome part was they were blocking the entrance to the forest.

Well, he didn't care much and start to walk, who is followed by Fen.

After reaching the camp gate, two guards stopped him, and pointed their mechanical swords at Kazuma.

"You dare to enter inside, brat? Don't you know who is in here? Get lost?"

"You heard him brat, get lost!"

The guards didn't show any shred of manner while talking to Kazuma, to them he was just a weak commoner who is weak and useless against the great Shishikami Clan.

"Well, 'Catastrophic' class locations are open to all aren't they? I don't see the reason why you people should monopolize the place. Are you all perhaps, retards?"

The simple word made both of the guard's blood boil, how dare this brat treat them like this?

The first guard picks up Kazuma by holding his collar and states a in angry and looking down tone, " Listen brat, you should be grateful that we were letting you go, do you know who I am, do you know who we ar-"


The guard was thrown inside the camp, by Kazuma's single punch and the other guard didn't even know what happen, he was about to react when suddenly, he was thrown inside the camp as well.

"Another reason why I hate humans, they jump on their superior's strength, but they don't have the ability to stand on their own, just cocky bastards"

Kazuma stated to himself, then continues "Come on Fen, let's move"

After receiving order from his master, Fen begins to follow him.

Inside the camp, the soldiers were pretty shaken by what just occurred, out of nowhere two soldiers were lying who took pretty heavy damage from something or someone.

The big man, who was looking at the fallen guards was not a least bit surprised, since they were in a catastrophic class location, The Great Forest of Amazon.

"What's with the commotion?" a woman's voice rung, the moment it did so all the eyes were on her.

From the tent, a beautiful woman, who wore long golden dress followed by a maid.

The woman had voluptuous figure and a radiant body, with short purple hair, and purple eyes, her beauty was simply breath taking.

The guards or the army prostrated themselves at the sight of the lady.

She, the lady is the first daughter of the Head of the Shishikami Clan, Akiko Shishikami…she is a spoiled kid, but she does take her tasks seriously.

She might look the type who needs protection, but her cultivation is, Diamond Class, Grade S, she canshikami Clan, Akiko Shishikami…she is a spoiled kid, but she does take her tasks seriously.

She might look the type who needs protection, but her cultivation is, Diamond Class, Grade S, she can easily takedown, Diamond Class, Grade D army.

Listening to the lady's voice, the big man, well who had at the least eight foot, stands up and speaks, "Some of our guards have been injured, I would guess, the wild is planning to attack"

"General Honzo, I believe some wild 'beasts' should be of no threat to you, am I wrong?"

Honzo tightly gripped his cleaver large sword and had a furious smile on his face, as he states "No, my lady they are of no threat to me"

Born of the side branch of the Shishikami Clan, Honzo Shishikami had one of highest cultivation in the side branches, he had the cultivation level of Guardian Class, Grade A.

Truly strong, and his body and huge cleaver knife made him even more dangerous, after all Shishikami represented the Lions, that's why the clan members were filled with pride and strength.

This moment, Honzo's eye turns towards the direction, he heard footsteps.

A lad, with platinum white hair, he looked as if he was doing a ramp walk, and with the white dog by his side he looked as an idol actor, the girls in the army when turned their eyes towards him, they immediately start to drool, at his handsomeness.

However, Honzo and Akiko, made themselves alert…why?

He entered the camp through the front gate, which should be guarded, and they found guard injured inside…there was a high chance that this lad took down the guard.

Honzo moves forward and smashes the cleave knife digging it deep into the earth, causing a small tremor, on the contrary the lad kept quiet and looked up.

"You, who the hell are you kid? DO you dare cross this place which is a Shishikami territory!" Honzo roared, but the lad seems to be unfazed, he blandly replied, "Get out of the way, and don't monopolize public areas, calming to be yours"

Honzo was now furious, how dare he look down on a Shishikami Clan member, looking at the situation Akiko reveled a smile as she states, "You, who looks down on your clan will perish, if I like this place, then I will take it…Honzo, kill him he's an eyesore"

Hozo smiles and pulls out the cleaver knife blade from the ground and puts a killing stance, "Kid, I don't know what your name is, but you shall die by the arms of General Honzo Shishikami"

He pulls down his blade, with full intention of killing the lad.


The lad's straight punch broke the blade and Honzo's armor, smashing him directly on the surface of the tree.

Honzo started to bleed from different places of his body, the great general of Shishikami clan, with a cultivation rank of Guardian class, was easily defeated…with a single punch.

"Fatty, the name's Kazuma, Kazuma Yamato, and the next is…will anyone dare to block my way? Or shall I walk away?"

The army, for the first time felt the fear, so did Akiko, she was shocked to the core that General Honzo lost to a lad, with a single punch.

However, she still got a trump card under her sleeve, hiding her fear and pressure, she states with arrogance, "Do you know who I am? Do you dare to attack the eldest daughter of the Shishikami Clan? Do you know what will happen to you and your family? We'll destroy you, torture you to the point that you all would prefer death"


At an instant, the nearby soldiers fall down, the camp building instantly collapses…

The maid, behind Akiko prepares herself, for any further attacks, because currently directly in front of Akiko, stood Kazuma with a deathly expression on his face,

"Try it little, girl, just try attacking me and my family, I will drown you to the depths of black inferno"


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