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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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The power and pressure emitted from Kazuma's body was no joke, and Akiko felt like her body would crush due to pressure, but the next instant call it luck or a heaven's gift…Kazuma retreated his pressurizing aura, since he got a phone call.

Akiko and her maid was at a loss of words, after all a second earlier, this guy was about to kill both of them without any shred of hesitation, is now taking a call…was it a life saving call, for them?

"Hello, mom…yes, I have arrived without any problem.

Yes, I have eaten a sandwich and given the meatballs to Fen.

Yes, I will take a bath as well; yes…I will have the lunch specifically which you prepared.

And I will not get into any unnecessary combat, "

Listening to Kazuma's last words, Akiko's mouth went agape, she was shocked to hear.

Won't get in any unnecessary combat?

Then what about her soldiers, the fight that he performed? What kind of man is he?

Kazuma slips his phone back to his pocket, his will to nearly kill the ladies, is now killed…he has no interest in them whatsoever, he speaks expressionlessly "Well, we are done here, I'm leaving"

After saying so, Kazuma prepares to depart, without any care.

Watching this Akiko couldn't hold it in, and spoke loudly, "Where do you think you are going?!?"

"Where do you mean? I'm going inside the forest of course"

"You'll die, if you go alone, don't you know this forest is guarded by Immortal Class Dragon, Thimaya. The dragon will, at the blink of an eye, will erase your very existence" Akiko stated with cold words, directed towards Kazuma, but he bluntly walks away.

Akiko's pride is greatly hurt, which man dares to decline her beauty, she was looking out for him (probably), and blatantly just walks away, how dare he!

Akiko rushes and stands in front of Kazuma, "Do you not understand? You'll be killed off? Don't you value your life in the least?"

"What does it matter to you anyway? I am very fine doing this alone, so please if you mind, I need some minerals to collect"

"What kind of man are you, do you actually think…you can survive in this hellish place alone?"

"I can, that's why I'm here"

Akiko was now about to lose her temper, she just couldn't reason with the man in front of her, at that moment her maid whispers something in her ear, listening to that Akiko's eyes glowed brightly.

"You should be glad commoner, I, Akiko Shishikami will be accompanying you on your journey, with my maid Mai, here…be glad" Akiko sates, while puffing her chest up.

"I refuse, get lost"

"Well, I have no reason to listen to you, actually I have taken an interest regarding you, so I will follow no matter what you say"

Kazuma knew, any further conversation will be fruitless since she isn't willing to listen at all, he sighs as he thinks something from his past.

"Under one condition"

"Which is?" Akiko thought she gained victory, but the next moment…she almost felt like falling on the knees,

"Both of you will show me what you hide under your skirts"


"Yes, I understand" the maid, Mai affirms and without any expression lifts her maid skirt up, Kazuma squats and looks underneath it, "Alright, you can come"

"Now, it's your turn, show me what's underneath your skirt"

Akiko's face turns red as a tomato, she couldn't process what the man in front of her spoke,

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-what are yo-yo-yo-you saying, I lift my skirt? You say? Are you perhaps a pervert?! I knew it!! You want to tie me up and do things right?! I can see!!! Those are already watching me naked, you want to tie me up and do things…right"


What the hell is this girl blabbering? Is she facing some mental sickness or something?

This was going on as the train of thoughts in Kazuma's mind, watching the girl in front of him twitching and dropping certain fluids between her legs.

"My lady, your bondage side is being shown, you should cut down the amount of porn you watch" The maid whispers in Akiko's ears, to which she too lowly replied,

"How are you okay with this? I mean you just showed him what's beneath you skirt? Are you perhaps a pervert too Mai?"

"My lady, you are just making outrageous presumptions, he is a strong and handsome warrior, and perhaps he is making sure that we aren't hiding some secret weapon"

"That makes sense but aren't you afraid if he checks out your panties"

"Don't worry my lady, I am not wearing any panties"

"What?! Did you say you aren't wearing any?! What is wrong with you? Wait!!!! Did he saw you without panties?"

"Yes, now my lady show him what's under your skirt, show it"

"Mia! You have got a lecherous face, don't tell me-"

Kazuma was getting impatient, this time he speaks with anger, "Hey, are you two done talking, if so…just god damn lift the skirt or I'll leave both of you behind"

With no other choice left the red face Akiko, lifts her skirt up, only to revel a black panty with certain "fluids" dripping.

Akiko was totally red, yet somewhat she felt good, after all she was a…a masochist (she definitely is), Kazuma's actions turned her on.

"Here," Kazuma lends Akiko his towel,


"You sweating in between your legs, I thought you would need to wipe it"


Kazuma Yamato, previously Albion, The Whit Destroyer….

Sexual Knowledge….0.

1944, The Great Forest of Amazon,

"This shouldn't happen, angels…aren't those just fantasies? How can they exist?"

"Even if they do, aren't they supposed to be good, why are they attacking us?"

"What's the next plan?"

"They hid it from us"

"They what?"

"HQ, they knew about these supernatural beings but they hid it, I know why this is happening"


"Just let me ask you one thing, since when these supernatural activities occurred?"

"Well, it's been two months hasn't it…"

"And what happen two months ago…?"

"Light sightings, strange light sightings in Nevada…no way"

"It's happening, after the Gate was opened in Area 51, by 'those' people"

"Impossible!! Why would our own, would want to kill us?"



"Wh..who are you?"

"Don't worry children; I go by the name Michael, how about you all help me out"


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