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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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7 The Buddha Tree“s Awakening

It was almost night fall, and the trio (Kazuma, Akiko and her maid Mai) didn't encounter any beast, but moving in the dark would be a bad idea.

"We must rest here, for now…we'll begin the journey tomorrow morning" Kazuma states after looking at the beautiful night sky.

"So, are we going to make a tent or something? Do we plan to live like Tarzan? Oh god, I a noble heir of the Shishikami family live in a tent?...Don't tell me you plan to "do stuff" with me while I sleep" Akiko's face became red, again all her maid could do is sigh.

"Is "doing stuff" the only thing in your head? I have brought portable small house with me" Kazuma coldly replies.

Portable Small House is a nanotech created by Xavier Research Center, using this a small house or two can be made anywhere, it's main constituents are magic since its size increases and decreases, but it's quiet useful while on camp or a place where there is no place to stop.

When the small hut sized house was deployed, it took some time to take it's form after which, Kazuma shared his food with both of them.

"It's really delicious, did you make it?" Mai was the one, who asked the question,

"No, my mother did"

After all the movement done and completed, it was time for sleep…

"I will sleep inside and you girls will sleep outside, any questions?" Kazuma once again states expressionlessly.

"Wait, you don't know how to treat women, do you?" Akiko replies to Kazuma's suggestion angrily.

"What do you mean?"

"What do you mean? Are you idiot? Are you some kind of colossal idiot? How can I- a dignified princess of Shishikami clan, sleep outside with mosquitoes and bugs and creepy stuff!! I and Mai will sleep inside"

Kazuma had it, this girl is continuously blabbering and is in no mood to listen, in this kind of situation what is the best solution?

There are two,

Number one, kill these two.

Number two, let them do as they please.

Now clearly wasn't the time for the first one, and he really wasn't in a mood to sort things out…so he let the girls do what they please and let them sleep inside.

It was past midnight, and on the thick branch of the tree, Kazuma was sleeping.

The only other sound was nothing, but complete silence, not even pin drop…just complete silence.

Shrouded in darkness and extremely light movements, it is Mai who is standing on a branch above Kazuma's,

"[Killer Spider's Threads]" she mutters very lightly about the skill she used, it was all to kill Kazuma.

She had her own doubts regarding him; this order wasn't given to her by master Akiko, she was already fast asleep.

However, her reasons for doing so, was well yesterday morning's Kazuma's display of strength…her instincts told her that he would become a threat if he's allowed to live.

She put on an innocent but a little pervy maid's attitude as her disguise.

Her thread's ability was instant, it could take out any enemy with a snap of an heartbeat, and that was about to happen to the sleeping Kazuma as well, the threads had already entrapped him.

"It's the end"

"It is"

Mai lost her focus when she heard a voice behind her, she took out her knife to attack but she was immediately disarmed and slammed on the main branch of the tree.

The voice belonged to Kazuma, he had a sinister face on, as he puts his index finger on Mai's lips.

"A total assassin, I must say if I didn't have a fast body and reflex timing, I would have received heavy injury"

"Injury? Not dead?" Mai blurted out without stopping, because her skill was a sure-kill ability, especially for assignation just like Kazuma stated.

"Indeed, injury and not death…after all I have a 10tier body cultivation, an assassination ability won't kill me you know?"

Mai felt like eating her own words at this point she didn't even doubt Kazuma's strength, he could take down a strong General and a Shishikami army…isn't weak at all.

"I apologize, I had my doubts and I thought you would be a threat to my master, but it would seem those were all bullshit thoughts"

"As long as you understand" Kazuma retreats his hand and jumps from the bark, followed by Mai who just escaped a death situation.

"By the way, which clan are you from?" Kazuma asks,

Mai gets taken aback, but she puts on a small smile, "How did you know?"

"Judging by your master and that general's figure, Shishikami clan is totally based on raw physical and physical boosting magic spells right? Regardless your body was rather slim and your was of movement irregular…which makes me think, you can't be from a clan which uses power…rather a clan which is good at stealth and confirm kill spells"

"Indeed, Shishikami clan actually raised a group of assassins in order to protect them from any surprise attack, the group of assassins soon became one of the Ten Heavenly Clans, known as "Kumonokami Clan" we are a hidden clan, and we were offered to separation from the Shishikami clan, but our head declined it.

He called it unjust for a child to be separated from its mother, that's why to this day; we still serve Shishikami clan, indeed Shishikami clan thinks too highly of themselves, but you know "lions" consider their "family" as "family" and will strive to do anything to protect them.

That's why I will do anything to protect my master"

That's when Kazuma felt a strong personification from the word "protect", a human feeling which he was alien to, a feeling which he wanted to know.

"Tell me, Mai why do you "protect"?"

Mia looks up at the starry sky, "It's very simple you see, if you like a flower in a garden, you pluck it but if you want to protect it, you will water it and cherish it daily.

It's all the same you see, what I care and love…I will sacrifice my life defending it, even if my opponents are strong, par stronger I will…the least defend what I have cherished up till now"

Her words were clear and calm, like a mother caresses her child, an oath she took that she would always protect him from any harm.

Kazuma's rebirth as a human, had a major meaning behind it…he must understand humanity.


Under the same starry sky, a slim man stood on top of a tree, reading a book and looking towards Kazuma and Mai,

He closes the book and mutters, "You will help me find the truth of the world"

It's strength grew, and it was about to be reborn again, its roots determined as ever…it was as if the god resided within it, but it was indeed named after a god.

The Buddha Tree awoke, so did another monster with it,

<<Intruders in my forest?>>


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