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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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8 The Hound of the Baskervilles

The time slowly passed away, the night finally died and the morning rose,

Akiko walks outside, looking at the bright sky she smiles and looks around, ony to find Mai, packing up Kazuma's stuff.

"Mai, where's Kazuma-kun?"

Mai lifts up her chin and says in a plain voice, "He's gone near the river there, you can ask him about the upcoming plans"

Akiko nodded and starts to walk towards the river.

However, Mai reveals a sinister smile on Akiko's depart and slowly follows her as well…

30 minutes ago,

"Mai, I'm going to the river to take a bath, I can't stay filth all the time, just pack up the things" Kazuma stated

Mai puts a small smile and replies with a "Yes, Kazuma-sama"

'Yes, milady walk…walk towards the river, your expressions are always priceless, I have to record your "that" expression', Mai commits to herself after taking out a camcorder, following her master.

"Kazuma! Kazuma! Where the hell are you?!" Akiko screamed on top of her voice, but soon her eyes went towards crystallize clear water and under the shining sun…

Platinum white hair, stranded down and wet, deathly snow eyes with water droplets on eyelashes.

Strong neck, and built biceps and triceps. A black dragon tattoo through the right arm on the fair skin, curved and built back towards which the dragon tattoo extended.

The skin under the sun shone as if it were a real diamond…and the most beautiful part was, the buttocks.

Indeed, it was Kazuma taking a bath in the river, and the one playing around him is Fen, his dog.

Akiko's face burnt watching the naked handsome dude in front of her bathing…her maid tricked her once again.

Akiko has quiet pride in her, and also because of her clan's title, due to which she stood at high and mighty, or was forced to stay like that.

Being a high-class heir, comes with its benefits and demerits, most of the time the heirs have to do, move and work as their "heads" (Clan's Leader) decides what is the "best" for them.

That's how usually it goes, but Akiko Shishikami's mother, the current head of the Shishikami clan, let's her daughter do as she desires because, she too wants her to be free of all the chains that hold her.

However, she is still in bind by the laws and orders set by her elders…however she too wants them to break.

She always had to stay stiff and show her bold front, for that reason she never knew how actually to relax.

In order to relief her tension, Mai introduced her to "bondage porn", but for some reason, Akiko seemed to quiet enjoy it, even though it was embarrassing to say upfront it did make her feel at ease.

All Mai wanted that her master led, instead of a stiff life, a life where she can enjoy, that's why she teases her…but today was rather.

"Kazuma-sama, it would seem, Akiko-sama wishes to have a bath with you, is it fine?"

Kazuma, without any shame turns around and faces them…naked, and expressionlessly replies, "Go ahead, I don't mind"

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-whaaat are you saying??? You pervert!!!! You just want to see me naked!!!!! I knew it, you want to "do stuff" with me in water?!" Akiko blurters out, without stopping…

"You and your "doing stuff", if you want you can take a bath, if you don't want, then don't…just don't scream and annoy me", Kazuma, who was annoyed replies without holding back…also by standing up.

The red Akiko, got even redder…handsome and well cut face, broad and strong chest, constructive abs…and the hideous thing between his legs…is exposed?

Has he no shame?

This was going on Akiko's mind, watching Kazuma…she covered her face with her palms, yet she kept on watching.

Mai keeps her arms on the shoulders of her master and whispers in her eyes,

"He is very strong you know…what if tonight, he throws me out…"


"Yes, what if he throws me out and then…ties you to the bed,"


"He strips himself, and tears all of your clothes…since you are royalty he enjoyed doing it even more"


"Milady, I hear your screams…I come to your rescue, but he strips and ties me as well, to the wall…to make me witness the stuff he would do to you"


"Milady, he is on top of you now…you can no longer resist, he is going to make you and me…his slave! Ahh~ Milady…the sound you are about to make is…"


Mia was shocked, but she still continues,

"No..no..milady at times like this you, must "try" to resist, make trembling noises, like "iyann~""

However, Akiko didn't respond back,

"What's the matter milady? Have you already climaxed? That's not good"

Akiko still doesn't replies back.

Mai gets confused, she touches her, but she faints and falls down…

"Milady!! Wha-what happen…Kazuma! Kazuma!!! Kazu…ma" even Mai faints down.

The whole area gets surrounded by thick black mist,

The only ones who were awake, Kazuma and Fen…no, there were more.

The mist suddenly covered the sky and covered everything, it extends to…slowly and slowly, the extinct species of animals show up.

Mammoth, saber tooth, T-rex, and such dinosaurs and animals, the river in which Kazuma was bathing…turned to blood.

<<You dare step, in my Lady's forest? What makes you think you can get out alive?>>

A sound was heard, mixed with anger and agony a voice…

Kazuma looks up, the direction where the sound came from,

The mist slowly turned and took a shape, a shape of a dog…no, shape of hound.

<<You shall perish, here, by me…>>

The hound faced mist spoke.

"I see, so we are targeted my mythical class beast "The Hound of the Baskervilles""

Animals and other creatures were given ranking given their strength, the stronger they are…the rarer their type, they were grouped as follows,






Mythical and Legendary were basically lost dragons, but some other species were in them too.

One of them, was a hound as well, The Hound of the Baskervilles, for some reason…which is still unknown lingers in The Great Forest of Amazon.

"I can, defeat these puny creatures easily…but I must know, that Fen…you are worth being my dog, show me what are you made of!"


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