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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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9 God Devouring Wolf

The Northern Europe was once a strong "zone", so strong, it could be said that it wanted to be separated from rest of the world and be known as "Bifrost".

The Northern Europe or Bifrost was a doorway or rather the rainbow bridge that connects to Asgard.

Indeed, the Northern Europe had massive ounce of power due to Asgard's gods on their side.

Ymir, Odin, Thor, Frigg, Balder, Tyr, Vidar and Loki…and many more gods.

Unlike other Gods, after the "Era of Magi", Norse gods became more active and had more connections with the humans…they wanted to understand more and wanted to befriend them.

This act was not accepted by a certain god, which was Loki.

Even though he was God of Mischief, he didn't had such good reputation among the other gods, after his attempts to assassinate his father, or foster father Odin and step brother Thor.

He was banished from Asgard because he almost killed a human army which came to visit Odin.

Loki was then banished from Asgard for such acts of destroying the humans, but before he left he said, "Ragnarok , won't be started by us or me…remember this, the Ragnarok will begin, but humans will start that, and remember that day, will truly be "The Dawn of Gods""

No one paid any heed to Loki's words, little did they know what he told was the absolute truth, the Norse Gods who were teaching the humans about their powers and magic, soon fell in for their own demise.

Two years later, armies from Xavier and Europe combined their forces to attack on Asgard, in order to rule the place.

The ferocious battle begun and humans weren't weak at all, rather with the knowledge they gained they were giving a good fight to the Asgardians forces, and the highest and the old members were fighting the gods.

Among these Gods, Vidar travelled to Jotunheim, where Loki was in order to take him back and take part in war...and also to apologize, little did he know...Loki was bed ridden and was living his last moments.

He looked towards Vidar and spoke, "Don't worry...all shall perish and my son will do so...my son...Fenrir, will devour all..."

With these as his last words, Loki departed and left the world of Gods forever.

Vidar didn't knew who his son was, but there was not enough time, so he went back to battle.

It was this moment, the so called Loki's son, finally manifested is full potential, in order for him to live longer, Loki hid his "son", "Fenrir" under the word tree, Yggdrasil.

Under the roots of the tree, Fenrir had already manifested his whole strength, it finally rose.

However, it wasn't a shape of body of a human, but was giant wolf, taller that any human, a height of at least 30 feet, and snow white fur with bloodshot eyes.

The beast finally awoke, which was came to be known as God Devouring Wolf, Fenrir...he had only two task, first was to destroy the Bifrost bridge and second, kill everyone in Asgard to bring an end to Ragnarok.

Fenrir did so, killing the guard of Biforst, it destroyed the entire bridge in an instant...the whole human and god army's vision turned towards the broken bridge, all they saw was white mist, and in between a large, very large wolf.

Odin felt as if he was looking towards Loki's image, which was in front of them, but it wasn't just him, everyone saw that, the image only states, "I told you, my son shall devour all,"

The mist covered the whole battle field, the white mist...and soon it became a one sided battle, Fenrir killed, no it devoured all humans and God that stood in his way, even Odin couldn't escape it's fangs.

It all came down to the final battle, Thor against Fenrir.

Thor who finally recovered his whole strength went all out against Fenrir, a thunderous battle between a God and a beast, and both the side received heavy damage...Fenrir too knew, he won't last much longer....so did Thor.

"I can't very well defeat you, but now I just have one task…" Thor looks towards the hammer,

"Whosever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor" Thor after chanting by looking at his hammer, he throws it towards the virgin sky.

"Come on now, beast…at the least I can end my life with dignity"

And thus the Ragnarok came to an end, by the last battle which was Fenrir against Thor.

With nothing to do, Fenrir sat and slept in between the battlefield…

However, his sleep was short lived, few months ago…a certain woman; a human woman came near him…and then spoke,

"God Devouring Wolf, Fenrir…do you wish to know, what's under my skirt?"

The God Devouring Wolf, he who killed the strongest of Gods, was being pressurized by a certain human women's single line…

And at that moment, she lifts her skirt, and Fenrir get's absorbed inside it…

"You are going to be a guide, a being that will be loved by your new master and in return you will love him too…he is, no he was once a vicious dragon, but now a human.

But, I can't allow you to go like this, so I shall put some restrainers on you"

The Great Forest of Amazon,

"Alright, Fen show me what you got"

[In order to activate Fen's true power, you must remove his Restrainers]

Kazuma hears Nature's voice inside him, he immediately asks "What is it?"

Something flashes in Kazuma's mind, he spells it out,

"My night is my day, and my day is my night.

I roam the forest at dusk, when the moon glows and illuminates the darkness of the sky.

I walk alone, in this life, and every night.

As I continue my journey without the pack I have abandoned.

I am a predator, I am a wolf.

Created by God, armed and equipped with claws and fangs.

These are my tools of survival, my weapons of destruction.

I hunt, but not for pleasure or for game, but to survive.

At moments the hunter becomes the hunted.

My tools of survival, become merciless weapons to kill.

Only the strong survive, here in the forest.

Endless labyrinth of trees and wild.

And yet, I am at home. I am at peace.

Only my curiosity has a longing to find my purpose.

Am I here simply to live, to mate, to die?

Is this the true cycle of mother nature?

I refuse, I refuse that reality of my existence.

I will continue, I will go on, I must go on.

As the stars are my audience, and my only companion is the force that pulls me forward.

I am the lone wolf!"

[Restrainers removed, allowing to go full throttle until the enemy has been rendered silent]

The black mist was slowly being destroyed and was now being covered with a white mist…Fen, had disappeared from its place…as a matter of fact, the white mist was as if it was devouring the black mist, or whatever was in its way.

Kazuma watched this, but before he stood near those two girls, after all those were his responsibilities.

One by one, all the "animal" that surrounded, start to disappear in the white mist…

<<What's going on? What's Happening?!>> The hound was at a disdain, it couldn't understand its own position.

The hound finally took it's true form, a big black bloodhound, which was the exact same height as Kazuma and well built dog,

<<Go my servants! Go!!>>

The hound summoned more and more animals to attack Fen, inside the mist…but at an instant all of them were slaughtered, and yet it didn't even see Fen's true form.

<<You! You dog!!! Come in front and fight me>>

<<If that's what you wish>>

The hound for the first time was sweating, apart from his master he never felt fear from anyone but…

A large face…very large, it…it wasn't a dog…a wolf, The wolf.

The God Devouring Wolf, Fenrir.

The Hound from the beginning, never stood a chance.

<<I'm a dog you say? Then you are dog's food!>>


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