Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
11 Harvesting The Buddha Wood:- Part 2- Reaching The Core
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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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11 Harvesting The Buddha Wood:- Part 2- Reaching The Core

"[Light: Illuminate]" Mai uses a light spell, which acts like a torch for finding the path in the darkness of the cave, slowly walking down…

Akiko raises the first question, "What is this place? I can sense quiet an amount of energy"

Kazuma looks up, and states, "This is the Gem cave, yup it is"

The moment the term "The Gem Cave" popped up, Akiko stopped in her tracks, she looked towards Kazuma who was expressionless, and she was at a great loss of words…

How can he casually state the place's name like it's not a big deal, dammit!

Akiko may not know much about The Great Forest of Amazon, but she would be considered a fool if she didn't knew The Gem Cave.

It is at the name states, "The man's treasures' are found here", the wealth of this place was simply breath taking, and different kinds of gemstones and rare stones were found here!

You can make jewelry or weapons out of it, or rather sell it to instantly become one of the richest people, this cave was one of the primary reasons why adventurers came to the forest in the first place, and it was in order to find this cave.

After all everyone desires money, in today's world money can almost get you anything you desire, power, fame…you just need to name it, you can easily gain what you desire.

However, Akiko was conflicted, she came with Kazuma by, well practically following him and all this treasure belongs to him, since he found the cave…the question was, will he allow taking some of the gems present here?

After all this is all fortune, which everyone desires…

However, Kazuma seemed to have noticed what Akiko seemed to be thinking,

"Do you want to mine these gems? Go ahead…I'll explore the place while you do so"

Akiko was taken aback by Kazuma's statement, what did he mean by it? After all as she was thinking earlier, about the place,

"Why? You don't want to mine these gems?"

"Huh? Why would I? These are just stones; they are of no worth to me"

"Bu-but, by selling these you can be one of the richest people and depending upon the tier, you can even craft jewelry and weapons, why would you pass it?"

"Tell me something…are humans materialistic? Do riches bring them joy? I don't get it, for the first time when I heard that people losing their just for the sake of money, I laughed…I genuinely laughed.

Human's thinking is so short and so timid, and limited as well do you really think a metal is worth your happiness? A metal will enable you to gain someone's respect and care? Hah! If that's true, then I really do despise humans"

After speaking so, Kazuma departed in order to explore the region further.

Akiko on the other hand, was quiet…she couldn't reply back to what Kazuma spoke, what he really meant.

"Milady, something on your mind?" Mai asks, she looks at her master,

"Mai, all this…all of my life, I have only wanted to please the elders of my family, since I bear the title of "Shishikami", apart from my mother I have always, by everyone…by every elder been compared to my older sister, always…they always said, I am in their debt that they had been keeping me. Only mother truly understood, she always was nice and kind to me, even after becoming the Clan Head…

I always knew I could count on her whenever and wherever, but the debts of the elders always chained her down from providing me any additional help.

It's all because, I am not as strong as my sister…but after listening to Kazuma…after what he told about humans, I am beginning to think it's time for me to act of my own,"

Mai was genuinely surprised by her master making such a bold decision; she very well knew what the pressure she was getting from the elders of her family.

However, the most important reason being, her step older sister, or rather Akiko's mother's first husband's daughter, and the eldest heir to the clan.

Akiko's father was different, a commoner whom her mother deeply fell in love with and had Akiko…unlike her older sister whose father was a member from the Shishikami clan's branch.

Due to Akiko's father being a commoner, he wasn't allowed to meet Akiko or her mother, and being the daughter of a commoner she was looked down upon…even by her older sister who used to bully her for being weaker than her.

Akiko's mother used to snap, on her older sister due to her actions but having the support of the elders she always used to bail her way out.

That became one of the reasons Akiko went on a quest, in order to gain recognition from the elders that she can be as useful as het step older sister…a pure blood of the Shishikami clan…but now she realizes how much of a fool she was.

All her life she wanted to please the elders and her older sister to gain a little respect, all she met was failure…instead of spending time with her mother, and her grandmother who cared for her she went on for artificial love and care…which she never would have gained no matter what.

That's why she finally made her decision, from now on do what she desires for herself.

"Mai, from the pocket dimension take out the mining tools, mine as much as you can and then we will shove these back in the elder's asses, after which I ain't listening to them ever again" Akiko boldly speaks without a shred of hesitation and eyes filled with determination.

Mia's lips curled up to a smile as she looks towards her master, and nods…at that moment Akiko's heart or rather the chest portion begins to glow, deep purple…her body was surrounded by purple aura which slowly resembled a lion…

The aura instantly turned into mist and entered Akiko's body.

This meant only one thing, Akiko finally gained a breakthrough, she actually was Diamond class Grade S, but she couldn't go any further but now…she finally was Herald class Grade C, in an instant she got two promotions.

"This must be because your doubts have been cleared milady, you have finally made a breakthrough, and not just one-"Mai wanted to complete, but Akiko did so,

"I achieved two breakthroughs, looks like I owe to Kazuma big time, I really am glad that I came on this mission…"Akiko looks towards Mai and continues,

"Why are you looking at me? Start mining, before he returns…we have a small window"

"Yes…milady…Oh! By the way-"

"What is it?"

"Now that everything is done, how about you have sex with Kazuma-sama…if you want I can join as well, you won't fear this time"

"Mai….I'm going to punch you really hard on the face if you say…something like joining"

"I see…you want to do it alone with him, understandable"

The red face Akiko didn't speak any further rather she kept quiet and started mining, but a small smile crept on her face.

Kazuma actually went pretty inside the cave through where multiple routes where present but he solely relied on his instincts to find his way out, towards the center…on his way leaving the marks, so that the girl dup could catch up to him.

Why the center?

The center region of the Great forest of Amazon, is the core of the region, and through the core the main tree originated.

However what unique about the Buddha tree was it grew upside down, which means directly parallel to the main tree…just above the core.

Shifting a little further inside, Kazuma finally enters a large spherical area, with a center having a green orb, with a cross inside it…which happens to be the core.

As he tilts his heads towards the roof, a beautifully carved wood, followed by branches and dark green leaves, which were glowing and the bark of the tree was glowing gold.

"The Buddha Tree, finally…"


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