Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
12 Harvesting The Buddha Wood:- Part 3- Complete Harvestation
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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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12 Harvesting The Buddha Wood:- Part 3- Complete Harvestation

Kazuma's lips formed a small smile upon looking towards the Buddha Tree, at that moment he hears "Nature's" voice in his head,

{Begin harvesting the Buddha Wood?}


Kazuma lifts up both of his palm and uses his left index and thumb finger pointing upwards and right index and thumb finger pointing downwards.

A beautiful platinum-white magic array with a dragon is formed which elevates and connects itself to the tree's bark, and starts rotating.

{Harvesting process has begun, T-120 minutes, in before complete harvesting}.

"What should I do till then? Explore further?" Kazuma muses as he watches the magic array, tuning itself.

{Caution, do not leave the any further than fifty meters, or the result will be the breaking of the magic array}

"Well shit, looks like I'm stuck here for the time being"

Kazuma rolls his eyes around, he finds Fen barking at a certain object and calling for him.

"What is it now?" Kazuma expressionlessly states as he walks towards the place where Fen was.

Upon watching, Kazuma wasn't exactly shocked, but was rather somewhat surprised to see a skeleton, with military outfit on.

Kazuma snatches the dog-tag from the skeleton, and looks at it, "Barry Anderson, 2nd Platoon, Secret Force- Area 51",

"If I'm not wrong, "Area 51" is in America…well somewhere there, but why a soldier from there, is here?"

Kazuma inspects the body, and finds a small recording device, he plays it…

".....I ...I ...….my….. team ...…dead .... Angel ....twelve white wings!!!!..... killing us ... he wants something called the trigger ...…. I do not know what ...….is going on...…help….. no…. no!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Kazuma could hear the voice of the soldier, it was filled with fear and agony and pain…the static was old, but perhaps still useful, Kazuma kept the dog-tag and the recording device in his pocket dimension.

He then proceeds to inspect the body yet again…

"The skeleton has turned black in color, probably due to "Pure Holy Attack", this guy must not be lying then, a top tier angel was indeed after their lives…but what peaks my curiosity is, two things…why did Area 51 get involved and what is this trigger?"

Kazuma would have tried to think for more, but not now…he looks towards the array which was harvesting the wood, he still got time and nowhere to go for now, so he decided to take a nap.

Fen sat near the entrance of the place, to be on guard.

Slowly and slowly…with the perfect temperature and the clear air inside the place, Kazuma drifted towards slumber.

"This is one of those three doors, that was open…open in order to bring the era, we wanted to"

"Don't you think it is going too far? You are risking humanity…here!"

"The greater the risk, the greater the result, and I would surely love some good result after these",

"But- the consequences-"

"I don't get it, aren't you Kazuma Yamato's girlfriend? The greatest scientist ever born? Then why do you don't want to take the risk?"

"This is exactly because I'm his girlfriend and he has told me about the problems, that is why you don't get it…doing this will bring irreplaceable damage to our world",

"Damage? You are talking about damage? What I'm doing is revolution! What I am bringing is what I always dreamt off, "

"I-I still don't think it's a good idea to tamper with the laws of the nature,"

"Inohara Hayato, your country "Japan", is a leading country in the new research right? Weapons and techs? Then why are you heisting so much?"

"All because you, Suzan Milford…thinks of opening the doors is a good idea",

"I gave them the permission to open up the door ways"

"You are-",

"Inohara Hayato, you are terminated from working here, leave now"

"This is madness; this should be done in the first place,"

"I govern this place, remember? Area 51 is mine to command…not even "he" can question me…guards take her out! Now!"

"You all will regret this decision! The world of man should never be mixed with others!!!"

The following "audio" was being played in Kazuma's mind for reasons, he would know in future, but for now, he seemed to have lost in that dream…

"Phew- we did it, finally, now I will shove all of these gems at my elder's asses and have a nice cup of coffee and sleep" Akiko spoke after piling up every last of the gem she mined.

"Will you masturbate before you sleep, milady?"

"Yes, Mai keep your trap shut…now where is Kazuma? Did he leave us or something?"

Mai walks little forward and then calls for her master,

"Look milady, [Magic Marks], it would seem Kazuma-sama has left markings, so that we could catch up to him…well that man always thinks ahead, hands down"

Akiko only nodded as she followed her maid as she leads the way towards Kazuma.

Sometime later, the finally run onto Fen, Kazuma's dog who just wags his tail while sitting,

"Ara, Fen, where is your master?"

Mai asks the question, to which she Fen moves his head towards the direction where Kazuma was asleep,

Akiko cheeks were little red when she saw the handsome guy sleeping, she slowly walks towards him and watches from above,

"Are he defenses down?" Akiko asks

"Looks like it, but don't worry, due to his body any attack from us will result in failure,"

"I know," after saying so, she still looks at him…

At this moment, Mai revels a sinister smile,

"Oh! My! God!, I slipped" by putting the act Mai pushes Akiko on top of Kazuma,


It was also this moment, Kazuma turns his body, holding Akiko putting her on side,

"Mai! What are you doing get me out? He-he's holding my butt!"

Instead of helping, Mai takes out a camera,

"Now then milady, what noises do you make?"



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