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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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13 The Immortal Dragon, Thimaya

Mai starts her recording, while offering Fen meatballs.

Akiko on the other hand was now totally under the clutches of Kazuma or rather Kazuma's arms…which happen to fondling her breasts and butts, and the result the red face Akiko and her quiet seductive moans,

"ahh~ please, no---stop! Aah- not-not there~"

"Yes, milady that's perfect actually that's wonderful…am I recording this in 4k, I better be,"

"Mai, aah~ you better---help me….ah-"

"I better join you? Looks like you are having the fun…I better not", Mai replies while breathing heavily, her face was red too looking at the current situation and the only think she was thinking, 'If, I unzip him, that will be fun,'

Under this situation yet again, Fen was looking at his master thinking,

<<If only Valhalla provided me with such female wolves….wait, I was alone to begin with…>>

For some reason, Fen felt angry that his master was getting so many girl's attention.

Mai steps and continues to watch them…but Akiko senses what Mai was about to do,

"Mai, please tell me…you aren't,"

"Don't worry Milady, it's just a zip, then your panties all done and good"

"Mai!! Aah~ you wouldn't…would you?"

"You know me, milady…I would,"

Mai sits down and slowly tries to unzip Kazuma, ignoring her master Akiko's screams, you'll be wondering why didn't Kazuma woke up…

Well dragons can instantly wake up, if there is even a little killing intent directed towards them, that's why when Mai attacked him, he dodged it…but now, none of them had any killing intent so…dragons are heavy sleepers, even though Kazuma is a human now, his some behavior as dragon wouldn't change.

However, this was also the moment Mai made a terrible mistake, it might not looks like it, but Kazuma's body is 10th tier, each of his arms can easily pin, highest of the class elephants or Mythical mammoths, so pinning down two girls "by mistake, in sleep", wouldn't be much of a problem, now would it?

Mai made a mistake there she didn't know what was about to happen, if only…if only she wore her panties.

Kazuma's right arm retracted from Akiko's breasts and directly lands on Mai's crotch, Mai was taken aback since she was in a sitting position she fell down, however Kazuma's arm was under her maid skirt, right above her nether regions.

"This is too much cliché; I need to get up…" Mai tries to, but fails to do so…also around this time, Kazuma's arms starts to move again,

"…Milady, I'm going to get violated, help me please," Mai speaks with a teary voice, her face was becoming red…but the answer she got was,

"Serves you right, hope the camera is on…this time, I wonder who is going to have a good reaction, eh? Mai karma got you good…even though his left arm is still holding my butt hostage," Akiko speaks, finally with joy, now that her maid is also in the same situation as herself.

For the next one hour, Akiko Shishikami, proud heir to Shishikami clan, with an exquisite beauty followed by her beautiful servant, a member of the Kumonokami clan, Mai…both of them were sexually well, sexually pleased (no, it's actually abused, but Kazuma was asleep), for the next one hour…

{Harvesting Complete, retrace the magic array to take in The Buddha Wood}

Nature's voice in Kazuma's head finally woke him up,

"Well, I had a good sleep…the hell?"

He was rather lost at the sight, what he saw Mai and Akiko were heavily breathing, their faces were red and apparently they were drenched in sweat and other fluids, which didn't seem to stopping.

"Fen, what happen to these two?"

The dog only shrugs, indicating that it didn't knew what happen or rather didn't bother to explain…

"Both of you are all right? Why do you look all red and exhausted? Did mining some minerals are so hard for you?"

Kazuma made such satirical comment, and walks towards the magic array to retrace it back,

On the other hand, Mai and Akiko really wanted to punch him in the face for what he did to them even if he was sleeping, that was clearly sexual harassment…but he doesn't seem to care even at the slightest.

Akiko drops tears as she states, "I will never get married now, I have been violated,"

"Well, you are not alone milady, I am involved as well,"

"Why did you push to begin with?"

"I thought it would be fun to do so, but never expected to backfire this bad,"

"I…really want to shove all my powers and shoot your head and kill you and him, ironically both of them are impossible"

"That is very correct, now let's not speak any further and leave"

Akiko was still mad…well half of her madness came for why it wasn't her alone and why Mai was included, and well she had mixed feelings about it.

"What's that core?" Mai asks, and receives the rundown explanation of the importance of this place.

"So do you have what you need?" Akiko asks,

"Well, I have one, "The Buddha Wood", I have kept it in my pocket dimension, now I want two things"

"Which is?"

"Not much but, it's called "Blood Stain Metal" and "Scale Veins from a Forest Dragon" Kazuma states expressionlessly,

However, Mai and Akiko felt like spitting blood,

Akiko then continues, "I mean it's a miracle that you found "The Buddha Wood", how do you plan to get the other two…especially the last one, you do know, you will be up against Thimaya, that's the only forest dragon here,"

"That's the only dragon I need, the rest won't do…weaker ones won't do",

Akiko didn't really know who to respond to what he said; after all usually strong men will continue to peruse power.

"Milady, you re sweating…are you fine?"

"Speak for yourself,"

Akiko and Mai started to feel terrible, as if terror was entering inside their body…fear, that's what they were feeling,

"[Dragon's Heart]", Kazuma enchants both Akiko and Mai to withstand, the pressure and fear they were feeling, and Kazuma exactly knew where it was occurring,

"Fen be on guard, and stay with these two here,"

"What about you?" Akiko asks,

"I'll go check, both of you didn't stood up to [Dragon Fear], the morbid aura, you cannot stand against the dragon,"

"Wait, that was done by a dragon…you don't mean-" Mai came into the realization.

The fear inside them was due to the ability called [Dragon Fear], which is well used by the dragon to scare off or kill or lose consciousness of intruders…and there is only one dragon around here.

"It's dangerous," Akiko persisted, yet Kazuma 's reply was, "That's why both of you stay here with Fen, I'll deal with it,"

"Wait, I cannot allow that, I came all the way accompanying you, I wouldn't run away," Akiko was still pressing on, yet she got the same reply,

"I don't want to be held responsible for whatever happens to both of you, that's why I am going alone, no more talks,"

Kazuma left towards the opposite side of the core.

"He's selfish," Akiko stated, but kept quiet,

"Now, now milady…I know your future boyfriend has gone to take the risk, but don't worry he'll survive,"

"Wh-wh-wh-wh-what are you saying, such stuff…boyfriend…"some images flashed through Akiko's mind when she heard the word "boyfriend", a small smile appears on her face,

"Ok, milady where do plan to go to honeymoon, I suggest Switzerland is a wonderful place,"


After walking for ten minutes straight, Kazuma enters to what it looks like an arena, but the difference was the arena's right side, there was magma flowing down, the magma was deep red in color…just as blood.

<<Someone made it here? I commend you>>

Kazuma hears a voice, the voice was of a female one but even in the voice the destruction could be felt.

Kauma slowly walks towards the direction of the voice, and finally watches it.

Brown and red scales, with a piercing yellow eye, the wings and the tail and all of the scales were covered with green veins, while the beast lay down, its huge body of 300 meters still couldn't be hidden.

The ruler of the forest, The Immortal Forest Dragon, Thimaya.

<<What is a human doing here?>>

"Well, I'm searching for…some minerals, I need and it would seem you have some"

<<Minerals? You don't want the trigger?>>

"What trigger? I only want minerals"

<<Wait, wait those green eyes and platinum hair of yours, reminds me of another dragon…those were exactly the same, as hers>>

"Who are we talking about?"

<<Among the dragons well, we used to call her "The Snow one">>

Kauma's eyes were filled with shock, for the first time he didn't know what to say,

<<Well, her name was->>

"Claire, "The Snow one", because of her scales," Kazuma replies or rather completes the dragon,

<<You know her that's impossible! She is from a different place>> the dragon, Thimaya too, couldn't hide her surprise, either.

"She is from Pandora, so am I"

<<Ah, I see, you are an outworlder, no wonder my presence didn't affect you, but how do you know her? I mean Claire>>

Kazuma bit his lips and memories flashed through his head,

<<Even though all of my eggs are gone, and only you remain, I swear on my life…I will protect you no matter what>>

The snow scaled dragon was patting another small, very small white dragon,

<<Whatever it takes, I shall never leave your side, "My white one",>>

<<Oye, snap out of it and tell me how do you know Claire?>>

"Sh-she-she is my mother"

<...…The white destroyer, Albion?>


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