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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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14 A Dragon“s Reques

<<…You cannot be, White Destroyer, Albion by any chance?>> The forest dragon was shocked to its core,

"I am," Kazuma fixes his composure and answers, bringing his face back to being expressionless,

"However, how do you know of my mother and my name, even if you are of Pandora, I have never heard of you, who are you?"

The forest dragon kept quiet, after listening to what Kazuma had to say, she keeps on thinking about something and finally says,

<<In this world, what are you called?>>

"In, this world? Kazuma Yamato…however, you still didn't answer my question", Kazuma seemed to look even more impatient,

<<There, there young one…I have a proposal for you>>

"A proposal?" Kazuma was somewhat mystified by the dragon's words, she continues,

<<How about this, I have a request…if you help me complete it, I shall answer your questions and handover the minerals, do you like that?>>

One thing Kazuma knew, that being dragon meant strength and deceptive as well, if you are not a strong dragon, you deceptive skills must be great in order to survive, how?

You need to fool your enemy into their own doom, in order to survive.

That's why some dragons possessed, [Spatial Eyes], which enable them to see, just how strong their enemies where, so that they could be entrapped with strategies.

These were well known to Kazuma, weather the Forest Dragon Thimaya, if she happens to be fooling him and lead him astray…he can instantly find out.

"So, before doing anything, mind telling me about your "request"?"

Kazuma continued being expressionless,

<< I, am the guardian of this forest, my duty is to protect all living things that grow here without disturbing the nature's cycle. But- what I need to take care of, even if my life depends on it, is the core…and it's in danger>>

"Danger, as in someone wants the core?"

<<Not exactly the core, but what's inside the core>>

"I presume, you won't tell me what's inside it,"

<<That is very true, any human or rather any life form beast should never know about its existence of what lies inside the core>>

"So exactly what should, I do?"

<<The Heavenly Spirit Turtle, has awoken once again, that beast was the reason the forest of Amazon was destroyed when the Era of Magi came to pass, it feeds on "forest life" to increase its strength, just like me…it's Immortal class as well. Time and again he has attacked, and I have defended against it, however...this time, it is pretty difficult>>

"The reason being?"

The forest dragon lifts it's head up and slowly unravels the tail region…what Kazuma saw, after a long time…he felt nostalgia.

Dragon eggs, they were covered with magic branches and the forest dragon was hatching them.

<<As you can see, these will hatch in four days, and I really cannot fight since all of my magic power is concentrated towards the hatching of the eggs, that's why I need your assistance to defeat the turtle, after all if it's you "Albion", you can do it>>

Kazuma at first thought she was being manipulative, but now she has no reason to lie,

"As, long as I get what I want, I shall do your bidding, but I feel like you want to say something more don't you?"

The forest dragon narrowed her eyes, she exactly knew how shrewd he was, after all she was one of those dragons who knew the truth about the White Destroyer.

<<I have connections with the people living here, for them I'm the god they worship, make no mistake, they are advanced and strong in magic as well, but they won't be so welcoming to the outsiders, that's why…>>

The forest dragon extends her paw and a crest appears on her palm which starts to float, it was Forest Dragon's crest.

Thimaya continues,

<<If you show this to those people, they will trust you…and then please save them>>

Kazuma took the crest, but had a question which he absolutely needed to ask,

"You are a dragon right? Why do you not despise humans?"

Thimaya, looks up…towards the black roof, rather the darkness,

<<When I first came to this world, I could have been killed because I was physically weak, however the Amazonians, saved me…they weren't afraid of me, and they treated me as any other would to their family…they weren't the people like back in Pandora…they were good humans. That's why I became their god, in order to protect them, whatever it take…all the humans residing here, plants and animals are my responsibility, no matter what…I shall stop them from getting in harm's way.

That's all the reason, I need. >>

Kazuma didn't question any further, however he found one similarity, what Mai spoke to him that time about protecting and what Thimaya spoke…both had the same feeling and inner strength.

"Alright, I accept the task,"

<<Do you want me to give you a hint? >>

"A hint? As in what?" Kazuma was bewildered when suddenly Thimaya gave a suggestion for hint.

<<I can see that you have mastered every single element or rather elemental based magic however, I would suggest keeping one elemental magic and destroying others to cultivate it>>

Kazuma narrowed his eyes and looked at her, "What do you mean?"

<<In this planet, there was once a great fighter, he went by the name Bruce Lee, he had a famous quote, "I don't fear the 10,000 punches you practiced one time…rather I fear the one punch, that you practiced 10,000 times.

Unique skill set, the other extra spells…they all are good, and everyone should posses.

However, it is different when one uses elemental magic, usually one is very happy if he or she masters multiple elements, however that's what makes the element weaker>>

"What?" Kazuma was actually shocked to hear this, at that moment he heard Nature's voice in his head,

{In terms of "Elemental Magic", the most important thing is the amount of magic used in one single element…if processed properly, a single element can easily become lethal against all other elements, it's actually a good idea}

In terms of "Elemental Magic", the common ones are [Fire], [Wind], [Water] and [Earth]. The uncommon ones are, [Thunder], [Radiation], [Metal] and finally under the rare ones are [Light] and [Darkness].

Mastering all the common ones is already a major feat to master, all the uncommon ones now that even a greater feat.

However, only one in a million in human race can master [Light] or [Darkness].

When Kazuma was transported to this world, his affinity was equal in all aspects of elemental magic, in other words he was able to use all elemental magic, including the rare ones.

However, the current situation is actually given him a chance to think…why did the legendary masters, when came to elemental magic chose only one.

Because when a single elemental magic is practiced, countless ways of using it opens its way.

{Do you want to merge all the "Elemental Magic", to upgrade a single one?"

Nature's voice rung on Kazuma's head.

Here came the tricky question, which element should Kazuma choose to upgrade or rather keep all to use.

"Well, will any of the different abilities will be affected by it?" Kazuma queries, the question directed towards Nature.

{No, only the host's "Elemental Magic" will be affected, so have you decided which element to upgrade?}

After thinking for some time, Kazuma finally replies, "Merge all elements to [Light],"

{Affirmative, merging the elemental magic- to single elemental magic, [Light]}

At this moment, Kazuma's body starts to glow vigorously spreading white light at such intensity that Thimaya created a barrier to make sure she is not affected by it,

<<How terrifying! This kid, merging takes at the least a week to perform, this kid…did it now, no, no,no…as expected of the White Destroyer, Albion>>

Thimaya thinks in her mind as she witness the phenomenon occurring in front of her,

{All the elemental magic has been destroyed and added to [Light] magic.

[Light] magic is now upgraded to, [Destroyer's Immortal Light]

Additional abilities,

[Light Transformation]

[72 Wings of Light]

[True Creation of Light]

[Instant Teleport]

[Absolute Eraser].

Due to host being total "White" and "Holy" user, the 2- [Demonic Twin Axes], from the equipment are removed.

The host will be given further notice when new equipment would be compatible for you}

The dark cave became dazzling with light s Kazuma finally landed on the ground.

<<So you have chosen [Light] huh?>> Thimaya asks,

"Indeed, that's the best one…so now, I will be leaving"

<<Counting on you>>

Kazuma was about to leave when he saw, a skeleton who was wearing a priest's attire, and some small sword was pierced through his ribcage.

"Who's that?"

Thimya looks towards the skeleton Kazuma pointed,

<<His name well, was Sigurd. A strong Holy Priest and wielder of one of the strongest Holy Swords, The Dragon Slayer [Gram], who also took part in the "Ragnarok", he even fought against Odin…who taught him.

He came to slay me and also take what's inside the core…well, he failed although he did considerable damage, his body couldn't take the attacks I landed, well I didn't hold back either so…in the end the result was decided, I won>>

"That sword, [Gram]…I want that, that will of use to me" Kazuma expressionlessly stated,

Listening to this Thimaya laughs loudly,

<<Fafafafafafafafafafafafa…..That sword is a dragon slayer you know, even if I touch a little of it, it burnt my skin, and it chooses its owner by itself, it will never pick you>>

"Nature, what's my compbility with the sword, [Gram]?"

{Yes, it can be wielded by you; do you want me to turn on the [Weapon Holster] so that you can keep the sword?}

"Do so….[Gram]! I am your new owner, come to me!!!" Kazuam yells after extending his arm towards the sword, looking at his action Thimaya still laughs, after all why would a dragon slayer, come to a former dragon…or so she thought, because the next instance her mouth was shut.

The small sword, ejected itself from the skeleton, and then rushed towards Kazuma's arm, he holds it and passes his magic…the small sword erupts and emits golden light, and extends itself to a broad sword with double edges with dragon design on each, side.

Kazuma Yamato achieved two feats today, compressed and increased his elemental magic and conquers over [Gram].


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