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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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15 Shala Ri Allamu

Sigurd's weapon, [Gram] the Holy Sword called the dragon slayer, was bestowed upon him, by the King of Asgard, Odin himself.

Odin saw the exceptional potential in Sigurd, that's why he was given the sword and a purpose with it, killing The Dragon King, The imprisoned Fafnir…to Odin's surprise, he actually manage to subdue it…but he wasn't strong enough to fight against, Thimaya.

Thimaya watches as the sword dances in Kazuma's arms, and then finally rests down. She keeps quiet, it was her good fortune that she didn't turn him her opponent, at the current state…she might as well be dead.

{Note, two hours would be required to complete the inter-dimensional weapon holster, till then it is advised to keep the weapon with you}

Nature's advice rang in Kzuma's mind, he sighs as he retraces his aura from the sword which shrivels up the sword to a small knife, he puts it through his side belt and departs.


(A new character's point of view)

The place was totally dark, and only the plasma T.V., on the side wall was turned on, news was going on about the election for the "Head" of the Government, in Xavier.

From the back, the door opens and a hoarse voice is heard,

"You are watching, elections? That's ironic; I thought you were never interested in those kinds of things,"

The man's beautiful voice rung, he was sitting in the front, his entire body shrouded in darkness.

"Ho, time and again, I wish to see, how foolish humans are in selecting their leader, ironically…they never learn and always lead their paths to doom…they never learn and are easy to manipulate"

"That's why you quit being human?"

The next thing was silence, long silence, the man continues…

"You know what to do, right?"

"This task is too easy doc; all I need to do is bring that damn door right?"

"Well, to put it simply destroy it,"

"Ah, destroy it in the eyes of others; this is how you people work after all,"

The man behind him, the doctor made a face of disgust, even though the face was hidden behind a mask,

"You make it sound like we are the bad guys, it should be told we are blessings on humans…do you understand?"

The man who was shrouded in darkness finally stands up, his crimson coat revels, his pale handsome face, and eyes hidden behind the black glasses, his black hair floating magnificently.

"So all set to go?" a woman's voice was heard, the doctor was startled when he did so,

As he states, "Lady, why are you here?"

She looks straight towards the other man, and removes her top…

"Vampire, come and drink my blood…I got a bad feeling, a feeling that this time…you would lose"


Kazuma walks back to where Fen and girls were waiting,

"Ah, Kazuma-sama, you have returned? What happen?" Mai was the one who questions it…Akiko on the other hand has kept quiet, she wanted to hear what Kazuma has currently been through,

"Well, it went good…that dragon gave me a task, if I complete it, I will receive the minerals…though it's a pain," Kazuma stated, even though he was expressionless,

"Eh? I thought…you would try to kill the dragon and get what you want?" Mai adds,

"Well, I would have done it that way; however that dragon had eggs with her…so I felt I shouldn't, well….as long as I get my materials"

Mai and Akiko didn't felt the shock anymore, after what they had witnessed getting shocked is a small thing.

"Well, I think both of you should return, you have gained what you want right? I'll deal with the rest myself," after saying so, Kazuma prepares to depart…but this time was stopped by Akiko.

"Wait, wait, I said wait…"

"What now?"

"Well since I have decided to stick with "your" adventure, well I wish to see it till the end, what more can you do!" Akiko stated clearly, to which Kazuma shrugged his shoulders, and replies "Suit yourself" and starts to walk away.

Akiko puts a small smile, but her face turns red when Mai whispers in her ears saying, "That's one way to confess your love,"

"Mai, I'll kill you"

Exiting from the opposite side of the cave, the trio including Fen continued their journey, pressing forward.

It was almost evening, an hour had passed the nearby area was getting dense; Fen on the other hand makes a slow bark…

"How many do you think, Mai?" Kazuma speaks up, while Akiko becomes mystified listen his words,

"Um…I would say, around twenty, so kill is it?"

"As much as I want to, that dragon said not to, well the least we can do is tie them up and ask for the location"

"I presume, you would take ten and I would take ten?"

"See for yourself"

"Eh? What? What? Ehhhhh?" Akiko was the only one who didn't get what was going on, even Fen wanted to pity on her sensing skills, she too poor at it that's why, if she is sneak attacked on, she will be unable to defend herself.

Mai and Kazuma disappeared from their location, and few seconds later reappeared…the moment they did so, from the nearby forest men started to fall down, tied with magic…they had dark skin and tattoo over their face.

"So, you all are the natives of the place….Mai, there are cuts over your body" Kazuma speaks, as he turns his head,

It was indeed as he said, Mai had cut on her cheek, waist and leg…she was also feeling weak, at that moment she falls down…

"MAI!!!" Akiko rushes towards her, the wounds on her body were slightly green,

"[Radiation] Magic, looks like someone attacked her…probably faster than her,"

"Wh-what's gonna happen to her?"

"She'll die if the radiation is too much, however…" Kazuma waves his hand around her, which was glowing light…and the green substance from Mai's body start to disappear,

"Well, that should do…."


"Give her some rest; I'll deal with these people…"

Akiko was too focused on Mai, she didn't even listen to what Kazuma spoke…


The land cracked, and finally the person made the appearance who attacked Mai, who was actually faster than her…

"You are dead, you trespassers"

"Yes! The chief's daughter is here…the only thing awaits is death"

"Yes! The strongest warrior of our tribe is here"

"Hail her!!"

The people whom Kazuma and Mai had captured start to make such comments, from the smoke finally the figure appears, with short black hair and dark skin with pretty green eyes, and well blessed body, the girl appears.

Unlike other members she didn't had any tattoo, she extends her sword towards Kazuma and states in a cold tone,

"Who are you people? And what brings you to this place…speak or you shall be slain"

Expressionlessly Kazuma replies, while showing her the dragon crest given to him by Thimaya, "The Forest Dragon, Thimaya gave this to me, I was told to help you guys…in return she would help me, that's all",

The girl narrows her eyes as she looks directly at Kazuma, "How can I believe you? It is entirely possible that you stole that from Goddess Thimaya, since she is taking care of her eggs she didn't notice…"

"So…I don't care whether you believe me or not, if you not letting me go…this in simple term means you are my enemy," Kazuma's expression didn't change in the bit, but the girl for some reason felt pressured by his words,

"Very well then, I shall trust you…if you are able to best me, allow me to introduce myself Shala Ri Allamu, heir to the throne of the village, "Ataneedusu", and you are-"

"Kazuma Yamato"

"Heh- a commoner, I shall erase your trespassing and lies here and now,"

Kazuma remained quiet, the woman Shala was fast, faster than Mai, being the native of the deadly forest survival instincts are everything, however those weren't all, at an young age she mastered the uncommon element, [Radiation]…which further extended her power.

The only tribe that survived the Great Magi Era, present in America was the village of "Ataneedusu". Their survival instinct always saved them, and during that era's madness as well…

However, the found themselves a God, the Immortal Dragon, Thimaya…when she reverted back the forest to its original form, the people of "Ataneedusu", started to worship her as the ultimate goddesses, and thus she too gave them a certain blessing,

"Protection of the Immortal Dragon", as long as the spell was activated no, magic or beast could dare invade the village, and thus the sole surviving tribe also started to grow…quiet fast, yet it tried to remained disconnected from the entire world, because in the believe is solitary and the forest, whatever they wanted, they found in the forest…that's why they will not hesitate to retaliate whoever invades their home.

Due to living in a forest based area, the main elements the people mastered where, [Earth], [Wind] and [Water].

However, the chief of the village must always master one of the two elements to get elected, [Metal] or [Radiation], in order to show dominance…all these years, the only element the chief's could master was the [Metal].

However, the current chief's daughter, turned out to be a prodigy… Shala Ri Allamu, at a tender age she mastered, [Radiation] and [Metal], including [Earth], [Wind] and [Water]…her talent for magic and physical strength were extraordinary, even Thimaya said to her, she is blessed by the "Thirteen war gods of the Mayan", meaning her true strength…will show the true strength of the Gods she is blessed with.

She was a Crusader class, Grade B…unlike Mai who was just Guardian class, Grade S due to difference in abilities…she lost instantly.

(For reference of the class and grade, Re-read chapter 3- Planning)

She was fast and swift, faster than the wind…her blade reached Kazuma's neck as she exclaims,

"This is the end, trespasser"


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