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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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16 Shala Vs Kazuma

Shala's wind ability was top notch; she buffed her body with that ability, called [Wind Step]…infusing one body with the element wind itself, but it wasn't just that.

Shala infused [Radiation] with [Wind] as well so, just in case anyone escapes from her gasp, the radiation will definitely kill her enemy…

Today too, she was sure of it…her blade which was infused with [Radiation] and [Metal], and using her special skill [Ultra Speed Vibration], her blade becomes strong enough to cut down anything, however the moment it almost reached Kazuma's neck,


Quiet easily, Kazuma broke the sword, with his fingers, he didn't even tried to run away from Shala's body which was infused with [Radiation] and [Wind], but just kicks right in her bell to throw her back, right in the position where she attacked.

She smashed towards a tree and spits blood, her people scream to whether she is fine or not.

Kazuma could have ended the fight instantly, if he used [Dragon Terror], however…currently his face had a sinister smile, after coming to this world not once he showed much of an emotion face, but now why?

The time of his reign when he was called, "Albion- The White Destroyer", he had a very bad habit…if he felt the target was somewhat worthy, he used to toy with them, as much as he wanted…he likes to torture his prey before eliminating them completely.

After coming to this world he didn't felt that kind of battling sensation, but now…he did so, ironically he felt the urge to toy with the girl and show them their difference in strength.

That was correct, for the first time…Kazuma enjoyed, breaking the "pride" and "ego" of the humans who considered themselves superior.

Shala gets up to her feet and wipes away the blood, she vry wekk now knew that the man cannot be underestimated,

"[Will Ornament: Machetes of War]" Shala's hair start's to glow black and yellow and her arms are covered with metal gauntlets, her shoulder with metallic shoulder plates and legs with metallic greaves.

Two machetes are summoned in each of her hands, they have ancient inscription on their blades which is brown in color and below the hilt it's black.

"I was wrong, you are strong…I shall go all out then"

"Bring it, it doesn't matters to me"

Listening to Kazuma's comment Shala's blood boils, she was using her "Will Ornament", weapons that can only be specific to one person, and each ability differs from one another, or rather person to person.

Shala barely ever used her "Will Ornament", because there was no one strong enough to challenge her, she even surpassed her father in terms of strength, however the feeling that she got in was-

'Why isn't he using "Will Ornament"?' it was natural for her to think is such way, after all to fight against a "Will Ornament" user one must use that as well…however, Kazuma showed no signs of using "Will Ornament"…it only indicated one thing.

He was looking down on her, and she couldn't let that pass…she had to teach the man that just how strong was she.

Mai finally slowly opens her eyes, as she looks towards Akiko and turns to see Fen sitting down,

"Milady are you fine?"

Akiko who had tears from her eyes, lashed out "You idiot! I'm fine! What about you? Have you considered how will I continue, if you aren't there with me? How can you be so reckless?"

Mai extends her palm and puts it on Akiko's cheek, "Milady, I'm sorry, sorry for worrying you"

"Idiot, just don't…you are the person who is most important to me, so please don't"

"Yes, milady…Aki, don't worry"

A bright smile finally appears on Akiko's face, as she lifts Mai up to a sitting position, "So, what is the current situation?"

Akiko gives a brief explanation of what happen, and both of them look in the direction of the battle, which still continued.


Shala dashes towards Kazuma, without any wait, and instead of infusing magic, swings both of her machetes at a high speed at random, which normally should become unpredictable…however, instead of dodging or falling back…Kazuma created a light dagger using his magic and stabbed her directly on her shoulder plate…

That was heavy damage, because it wasn't normal [Light] magic…no, even normal [Light] magic are rare and do considerable damage…however, the magic used by Kazuma is not [Light] rather, [Destroyer's Immortal Light], which even the smallest spec of light has the ability to purify.

That's what it did, the attack only penetrated her shoulder plate and entered her skin, but it started to purify her magic…in other words, she wouldn't be able to use her abilities that effectively, but she didn't that the leisure to think about those…she quickly used here machetes to strike a heavy blow…

However, she got a heavy impact or rather a face punch so strong that made her bleed from her mouth and nose, which even made her face red, where the punch had fallen.


Watching the battle, both Mai and Akiko lost the face colors; reason was not because of the strength, rather the punch a strong and direct punch on a "woman's" face!

"Milady, I hope you are not into S & M, play that much, because this kinda thing will kill you,"

"Yes, Mai keep your trap shut, you are back to normal"


The bystanders who were captured by Kazuma and Mai where at a loss of words, their strongest warrior was pushed around, no matter how many times she was trying…no she wasn't being pushed, she was being toyed around and the opponent enjoyed it.

Shala was in a pretty bad state, her machetes broke, but that doesn't matter as it will still grow once again, same goes for the armor that he broke…however, the blood loss and wounds, she received were fatal…there was only one thing she could do.

"If…I don't use that, I cannot defeat you, there is only one thing- my strongest ability, using that…I'll….I'll defeat you…"

"You, don't say…go ahead"

Shala bits her lips, however she continues…

"[Will Ornament: Total Takeover]" Shala's body was now fully clad in armor, apart from her thighs, belly and hair.

Thirteen long broad swords, or rather giant swords were floating behind her back; all of them were identical except each of them had a different inscription written on them.

"Will Ornament: Total Takeover", was the second stage of Will Ornament, where the user can use the body enchantment or equipment and the unique spells bestowed to them by their unique weapon or skill they gain when using Will Ornament.

"Will Ornament" is connected to spirit of a superior beast, a fallen hero, gods or demons, that's how the connection is made and the power is gained by the user.

This was same for Shala, her "Will Ornament", was blessed by the 13 War Gods of Mayan, that's why when she uses "Total Takeover" she uses all the force and spells, bestowed on her by those gods.

She jumps in the sky, as high as she could and stays there,

"The thirteen who blessed me, with the superior strength…I call thee, erase which…I consider the "dangerous" existence in front of me!!!"

The sky entirely turned black, and there were lighting all around, the thirteen giant swords the surrounded her, now were covered in black orbs, with magic array on them and they were rotating, with due second the magic array was getting bigger and finally a yellow magic array with thirteen people worshipping the sun appears in front of Shala.

"[Total Annihilation: Wrath of the 13 Gods]"

However, Kazuma kept quiet he almost expected her ability won't be easy to deal with,

"Perhaps, I should get a little serious"

"[72 Wings of Light]"

As the name stated, 36 pairs of wings, made of pure light extend from Kazuma's back and he was in midair as well,

He continues, "[17th Wing of Extermination]" and extends a palm forward to use his spell.

Shala's magic array was finally complete and she uses the full force of her powers against Kazuma, for some reason, she didn't want to lose to him…

A total of yellow and black ray, a massive ray extends towards Kazuma with haste, it had immense pressure to the point that the nearby trees where being destroyed, however…it collides Kazuma's attack which was pure white light…

Shala was giving it her all, and it was even that moment she realized that, the [Light] magic she saw wasn't normal because her magic, "Wrath of the 13 Gods" was being destroyed…even before she knew what to do, the [Light] ray destroyed her magic and assaulted her directly.

The black sky which was formed due to her ability was now pure white…

Her armor was destroyed, she was out of magic and abilities…she was deeply wounded and bleeding, there was no hope…she chose the wrong opponent, he was strong to begin with.

As she was falling down, with her half open eyes, she was she didn't fall down…rather her pace became slow, all she could see was platinum white hair, and seventy two white wings of light…within a bright sky,



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