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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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17 The Village Called “Ataneedusu“

Shala's defeat wasn't something the spectators expecting, they were filled with confidence that their strongest warrior shall win hands down…that's what led them to their downfall, that's what leads every human to downfall.

"Underestimating", your opponent due to your vision being clouded with "pride" and "ego", if Shala understood that the moment, Kazuma didn't used his "Will Ornament" or rather any weapon to fight against her, she should have known that her opponent is sure about his own and her strength, that's why she should have backed down.

However, she didn't think that, instead she thought he was acting tough.

It's due to pride that a man assessing strength, for others fails…Shala learnt that today.

Kazuma was holding on to Shala's hand as he let her down, if she was left like this she will undoubtedly die…and frankly Kazuma didn't care who lives or not, but since Thimaya, a fellow dragon asked for help…he could only sigh,

Kazuma's seventy two wings where still on his back, he extends his palm above Shala's body,

"[4th Wing of Purification Cure]", multiple white lights, needle shaped appear above Shala's body and pincer her body, her people where scared they thought Kazuma will be finishing off Shala, however on the contrary he was helping her.

The needles that pincer Shala's body were now turning into strips and covering her body with light markings, which were glowing.

Kazuma's [72 Wings of Light]'s each wing has a different ability, for example 4th wing gave him the ability to heal others.

Kazuma lifts Shala's body, like princess carrying and takes her towards the people he captured,

"I didn't kill her, now all I want you all is to take me to your village "Ataneedusu", I didn't want to fight to begin with, however this girl won't listen…and now she suffered the consequences…it's up to you guys, make your choice while I'm still pacifist" Kazuma stares at the, his face was expressionless but his words were pressurizing enough.

All they could do was agree to him and lead him to the village, all of them preperaed a stretcher where they laid down Shala, who was currently under the healing procedure, slowly her wounds were disappearing.

The men led the way, Kazuma, Mai and Akiko followed them behind.

Mai spoke with utmost gratitude, "Kazuma-sama, allow me to thank you for saving my life," she spoke with pure sincerity.

Kazuma only nods to her thanks, and doesn't say much, he was feeling weird…

{Your Inter-dimensional weapon holster is ready; you can now keep your weapons in it}

Kazuma takes out [Gram] which was shriveled up to a small knife and puts it into the Inter-dimensional weapon holster…

Few minutes later, they finally arrived, the village called "Ataneedusu".

However, it didn't seem like a village, at all rather a town with people…there were buildings, vehicles which ran on magic, even lights and other stuff found in a town, the only difference being that most of them ran on magic,

However, not on people's magic, but as in general magic provided by the core of The Great Forest of Amazon.

Unlike most of the cities which were polluted due to the industries, pollution here was next to none, people kept this place clean, any unwanted material will be immediately destroyed, so that it doesn't causes any further problems.

They had schools and colleges, and if you are thinking what's for entertainment, don't worry they have got internet and Netflix as well…so no big deal in that.

The people learnt to farm, and go ahead with times due to knowledge provided by Thimaya,

The metals, needed for the construction, they got it from the mines, naturally created by the forest, there was even no shortage of water, and soon they picked up politics, other development and established themselves as one of the kind.

The group of guards prepared their guns and aimed towards the people, however they were shocked to find their best warrior Shala on stretcher and weak, most of all injured.

The guards ran out and encircled the "trespassers", telling them…one wrong move and they'll die,

While Kazuma calmly states, "I'm here to meet, you tribe leader"

"Shut the fuck up kid"

"You have a death wish or something"

The guards started to blabber curse words towards Kazuma, which was starting to make him feel irritated, he really wasn't in any mood to listen to the bullshit of people who aren't even willing to listen

His eyes were twitching, Akiko and Mai could feel he was getting pissed…and secretly prayed for the survival of the guards.

"You shithead, how dare you attack our princess" the guard says in the most unruly tone possible, he even went as far as to spit on his face.

That was his greatest mistake.

The "Ataneedusu" tribe always considered itself high and mighty, due to the protection they were provided by The Immortal Forest Dragon, Thimaya.

However, that wasn't the reason one should throw around their weight, the tribe leader always warned them, but the former would never listen.

The people became even cockier, due to arrival of the strongest warrior Shala, which made them think that they were unbeatable.


Without hesitating for a single moment, Kazuma punched the guard in his face, breaking his teeth, and bleeding from his nose and mouth…and almost all of his facial parts, however he didn't stop there, he face punched every single guard who tried the approach him, and also the guards who were hitting on Akiko and Mai.

From the dimensional pocket, Mai hands Kazuma over a wet and clean towel to wipe his face.

"What's the reason for the commotion?" the outside charade was stopped, even the new sets of guards who came to attack Kazuma stood in their position,

The man wore black suit and just like other had tattoo face, however more detailed,

"My name is T'cheor Ri Allamu, I'm the current tribe leader of the village, "Ataneedusu"," how may I be of your assistance?" the man with the sharp features look directly at Kazuma, he even tightens his fist, when he saw his daughter's condition, but instead of acting as the soldiers, he invited Kazuma, Mai and Akiko to his own accommodations, in order to talk.

Looking outside, T'cheor asks Kazuma,

"What brings you here young man?" a simple and direct question, with no ulterior motives.

Kazuma once again takes out the dragon crest, and explains what was the task given to him, hoping that this time…the man would behave in a civilized manner, to his surprise he actually did,

"I sincerely apologize for the actions of my daughter, and thank you for defeating her, Shala never learnt what defeat was, now hopefully her horizon will become broad and she will choose new path to walk, instead of the pride one, you have my gratitude"

"I don't need that, instead…the problem in the hand"

"Yes, The Heavenly Spirit Turtle…right?"


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