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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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18 A Mother“s Feelings

T'cheor looks straight at Kazuma and asks one final question, "What's your plan on defeating it?"

"Leave that stuff to me; you don't need to worry,"

"Well, since you said so…tonight's a feast; because tomorrow won't be the day we presume it to be"

Kazuma nodded and left with his companions.

An hour later, finally T'cheor is visited by her own daughter; she was covered with external medication…however her expression was dull and lost…

"So, Shala…you lost huh? To an outsider at that…from the information from the people who were with you, they even told me, you used your strongest ability, but the latter defeated you with elemental magic"

Shala who was looking down her face showed the expression of combined defeat and agony, she replies,

"I have no excuses; I lost because I was weak"

"That's a given that you were weak, but I will ignore that…instead, do you know the other reason why you lost?"

"Other reason due to which, I lost?"

"Indeed, Shala…undoubtedly you are a prodigy, you quickly climbed up the stairs of success without falling down, became the strongest…however, with great power you gained…you gained great deal of arrogance with it.

Your arrogance shrouded your ability to think and judge other people for what they actually turn out to be, you judged them from appearance and deemed that you are going to win, that didn't work this time did it?"


"If, Goddess Thimaya, hadn't specifically told him to save "us", you do know that he would have killed you without any hesitant, you still don't get that do you, why would Goddess issue such thing when she knew our tribe so well, it was all because of you! It was because you refused to acknowledge anyone who could be more powerful than you…"

T'cheor was furious, this matter had gone long; he thought that his daughter along the way would understand however, all of that failed to inside of her daughter's thick skull…he was actually grateful for the incident today, finally he could give his daughter what he always wanted to…a punishment she would remember.

"Remember, Shala every bill is due, it will come right back at you,"


"Shala, you are stripped of all of your rights of the village, you are no longer the heir to this throne…you are no longer one of us"

Listening to that, her face lost all colors…she didn't say anything back, but quietly returned back to her own accommodations,

"Chose you own path now, my dear Shala"

T'cheor didn't wanted it to show to his daughter, but he was relieved and thankful to an outsider who finally beat some senses to her, now she will chose a different path in life.

Shala used to live, differently with her mother; due to work her father could only visit them.

Shala's mother used to tell her how she and her father fell in love, how amazing her father was…how strong and kind he was, however it didn't much influence her…she was always fascinated by the stories of power and strength….that was one of the reason she turned out the way she is.

"Ara….Shala your back home, do you want something? Should I make something for you to eat?" Shala's mother, who was resting on the bed reading a book, looked at her tired face daughter, her appearance was much like Shala, however her hair was tied to a braid; however instead of pride her faced showed gentleness and kindness.

This made Shala even guiltier.

Why it did so?

Shala's mother never wanted Shala to peruse power with utmost blindness, she wanted her daughter to be a good person from heart, however her very own daughter thought that her mom put up such show because she wasn't strong, because she was very weak.

Shala's mother explained her, she consoled her that she should be kind to the weak, who can't lift their sword, howver the latter would show a face of disgust and reply with "They don't need to live if they are weak,"

She cursed her own mother for being weak, for being fragile that's why she expects herself to be chained down just like her.

However, that wasn't her intention in the least; Shala's mother just wanted her daughter to be a good person, a person who cares for others who protects the people…

She was always worried about her arrogance and unlike other mothers, she couldn't even get angry on her own child.

All of this made Shala permanently think that she was surrounded by weaklings and started to live alone.

She was still annoyed how frequently her mother visited her, she even wanted to cook for her and asked if she needed help with anything, however her daughters rude behavior drove her out, every time she came.

As Shala looks at her mother, tears fall down her cheeks, she actually had been behaving in such a way, that karma got her…that' what her father meant by "Remember, Shala every bill is due, it will come right back at you,"….

The torment, the malice and hatred she showed to her mother for being weak, was slapped right back to her, by Kazuma.

Karma for being so bad to her own mother did get her.

She couldn't hold back her tears as she sheds them on her mother's lap without speaking any word, just drops of tears and warmth of mother's love.

Her mother too, didn't speak anything, but gently pats her daughter's head…words didn't need to be said, but she was happy…her daughter returned home.


Feast was going on, since the new "outsiders" where here to help them defeat an Immortal Class beast, The Heavenly Spirit Turtle.

However Kazuma wasn't present, Shala looks towards Akiko and asks,

"Where' your boyfriend?"

"B-b-b-b-b-b-b-boyfriend? What are you talking about!! We don't have such relations"

"Ah, you don't….I thought you were together so, you did"

Mai interrupts inbetween their converstion,

"Shala-sama, milady isn't Kazuma-sama's girlfried"

"Yes…you tell her Mai"

"She is actually his sex slave"


Shala nods as she understood, "I see, so he bangs you every day?"

"Indeed, not just bangs…but uses her to fullest"

"I didn't know you were into those kind of things…Are you an M?"

"She is"

"Eh…can I slap you then?"

"I'll burn both of you!!!!!!"

"I see, so your milady likes to get burnt"

"You don't say, Shala-sama, she is a very different kind of M woman"

Both Shala and Mai had smug look on their face, Akiko on the other hand was willing to kill both of them, here and now.

Kazuma didn't came to the feast, he ate a little…he was in his room, provided by T'cheor himself,

As he looks towards the ceiling…for the past seventy years, in his dragon form nor after coming into this world…he couldn't or rather didn't want to recall his mother, Claire, who was also know as "The Snow one"…

Kazuma thinks for a while, as he finally drifts to his slumber, with memories hauting him…

It was all when he was just a fragile little dragon, her mother wasn't a large as other dragons, and compared to others she could be called a cute.

One day, a fraction of knights attacked her, when she was warming up her eggs…in that attack she could only save a single egg…

Dragon's male only exist to mate, they don't care what happens to the mother and the child, as long as their mating is done they disappear without a trace, but this wasn't the case for female dragons, they took great care of their child till they could fly and hunt on their own.

However, this particular dragon, Claire was attached to her child too much…as if it was just the spitting image of his father, just in pure white color, that little white dragon had a rough childhood…

All the time, his mother would be switching place, in order to not to be hunted by humans, devils or other stronger beasts, that didn't bother the little one as her mother assured the she would always protect her son…even if it costs her life.

That came quiet suddenly; the little dragon was just three years old, paladin class warriors where looking for dragon skin to make stronger weapons for war, the little dragon's listens to what his mother says,

<<My dear, don't come out of this place…no matter what don't>>

Little did he knew, that this were going to be his mother's final words…

The little white dragon waited but her mother never returned.

Finally mustering up courage, he went outside…the three factions where at war, he looks around for her mother, but doesn't find her…after the search of two whole days, the little white dragon finds a white dragon near the waterfalls.

However, upon reaching close to it…the little one was horrified, the dragon was indeed her mother, her teeth…claws, wings all of them were taken away and she was pincer with multiple spears and swords.

That moment, the little white dragon listens to footsteps and human's conversation,

"My the white dragon was so useful, right?"

"Indeed, that's what the beast are good for, our lives are more important than theirs, she should be happy"


Human lives? So the other lives don't matter?

Are all humans this selfish?

They took away a three year old's mother?

Are they so different from humans?

The little dragon sneaked around those humans, who were having a conversation…they didn't have armor on them, this was his chance without waiting he killed…the little dragon killed two humans.

It began, those two kill began the journey of "The White Destroyer, Albion"


The place was pitch black, and surrounded by multiple white veins connected to orbs.

A fragment of vein with orbs comes down in the center glows, and from it a voice is heard…

{Empress, did you call for me?}

<<<Indeed, I have…[Nature], speed up the "process">>>

{Empress, speed up the process? Tomorrow he kid will be fighting The Immortal Turtle}

<<<[Nature]! Do not question me, do as I say>>>

{As…you command Empress}

The fragment returns back.

<<<Now, prove me that I did the right thing by making you look under my skirt>>>


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