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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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19 The Heavenly Turtle Attacks

At the main hall, where Kazuma, Akiko, Mai, Shala and multiple soldiers were seated, it was almost past midnight, every eye were on T'cheor as he switched on the plasma screen, the visual was finally clear.

The size of the turtle was that of a small city, the shell that covered it's back, appeared as a dense forest, the head of the turtle was shaped as a Chinese dragon, well heavenly turtle's head do appear like that…however it's pace was unusually fast, with each step there were crack forming in the lands, in its way it even destroyed two small villages.

"We are unaware of this being's abilities, however according to Kazuma Yamato-san; it can fight toe to toe with our goddess Thimaya, which makes this beast an immortal class"

All the members present there were gasped their breaths, if a beast just as strong as the immortal dragon prepares to attack, it will be the end for them, no comeback…however all eyes were on the visitor, the platinum white hair.

His eyes were closed as he was waiting…no rather trying to sense something,

"That turtle, is moving slower than it actually should…if it wanted, it could rush at a high pace, and would actually be here within an hour, but it's moving really slow…can you show me it excat location" Kazuma speaks in a clear manner, even though his face was emotionless.

T'cheor looks at his staffs, which were on the computer, the female operator replies,

"Will do"

She uses the native sky satellite, to exactly pinpoint where the heavenly turtle is, and shows it on the screen next to the main one.

"45, 77, 89…exactly it's, and judging from its walking speed…the calculation says-"

"It is 4km per hour" Kazuma completed the staff member who was about to speak,

"It's exactly correct, as stated by the gentleman,"

This moment Shala spoke in between, as a warrior and fighter…she wasn't actually the person who "studies" so she wanted to know why the math? And asks this directly to Kazuma,

"Use brains idiot, it's a monster not a human that you barge with pure strength…if you do so, the only thing you will receive is a funeral…"

Shala was unable to speak but she was even embarrassed when she saw her father and his co-workers, they were smirking and giggling,

"What do you suggest?" T'cheor looks directly at Kazuma,

"Let's do an experiment, I have a doubt" Kazuma speaks in a serious tone and looks at the staff member, and continues…" The turtle's location, now?"

"45, 77, 93…sir"

"Is it accurate?"


"Fair enough, that'll do…[72 Wings of Light]" in that moment Kazuma's back is covered with 36 pairs of wings once again,

"[70th Wing of "Judgment's Sky"]"

A flow of energy passes out through Kazuma's body, and then it reaches towards the sky, and with it…the dark night sky glitters a little.

The entire hall was quiet…

"I see that beast, [17th Wing of Extermination]"

Everyone knew what he chanted, but no effect seem to take place,

"Lord T'cheor…take a look at this" the staff member called on the leader,

"What is it?"

What he or rather everyone saw on the plasma, and when they did they were absolutely shocked.

The portion of the sky was covered with a large light magic array pure white in color, with a dragon in between, surrounding multiple small arrays, which were revolving around the giant magic circle.

"-thou shall feel the full might of extermination" were the inscriptions on the magic array,

"That's the magic he used against me and defeated me, however this one looks different?" Shala speaks out her inner thoughts as she looks at the magic array,

"Sir, you wouldn't believe this but this attack that is forming, has the ability to wipe out the entire Great Forest of Amazon, the holy and light energy in it is over 700%, he basically surpasses the magnitude of a colossal planet colliding…he somehow manage to manifest that enormous energy, in the form of "light", this is not possible unless…"

The staff member had her mouth agape she was shocked to the core, however T'cheor completed her,"…unless this kid, is actually Immortal class being"

Time, felt like it was stopped when T'cheor spoke, they really wanted to go against it, however their shocked faces continued to witness what was about to happen.


The sound, the energy…the bright white light and the pressure could be felt even from the screen, an unreal range of explosion…which was capable of dematerializing the links between satellites present in the space and the monitoring satellites in the troposphere.

Not only the aftershocks and the tremors where so strong, it could be felt in the room…and not just room, even Thimaya felt that shock.

<<Good thing, I didn't attack that one…if anything, my life would have been taken away>>

The screen's where still pitch white, Kazuma stated to wait for a few minutes…he didn't let it appear but, only few hours ago he merged his elements to control over a single one.

However, not only that his [Destroyer's Immortal Light] last three wings, 70, 71 and 72 require massive reserve of mana and stamina, if you are trouble understand the best way to put it is….if he ever has sex, he would the least last 48 hours straight, without stopping and have any climax.

He still needed more time and more practice to control his strength to the upmost levels.

"What do you think Mai?" Akiko whispers to her,

"About what milady, how many children you want…I suggest seven"


"You want more? I believe if you take a certain injection your chances of having twins' increases by 23%"


"Even more? Milady do you want to create an army or something? Not that I mind…..ouch, ouch I'm sorry….I'm sorry, don't pull me cheeks they are sensitive…ouch"

"What's your mind filled with Mai?"

"30% vanilla sex, 30% golden shower, 20% masturbation, 10% bondage, 5% anal and 5% rest of the world"


"Depending on the situation, the bondage may rise to 40%"


"Milady, do you a 100% in bondage?"

"Times like this I wish that extermination ray would hit me or hit you…or both of us"

"Milady, that could be arranged…as the staff one stated 700% of bondage…however, we'll die virgin"

"That's the last thing I want to hear from you before I kick your "naked crotch""

"I'm sorry, what was the question again…also don't kick my "naked crotch", I might like it"

"…What do you think about Kazuma?"

"Well, he hasn't attended me in the bed yet, so I am not sure what might you be talking about…but the last when we saw him naked in the river, I presume-"

"The devious Lion King Regulas Nema, bless my paws with great catastrophe, for I wish to vanquish my enemies-"

"I'm sorry lady, please don't chant those…I was just joking, what about him?"

"His strength, what T'cheor said…him being immortal class, do you think is it true?"

"Well…his single hand achievements till now in few days what we saw, I am pretty sure even "Archon" class will be unable to do, considering your mother, who is even a grade S,"

"We need to work hard, don't we…"



"Well, if you are on top of the man or he is on top of you…then you need to think what would be the best wa---"

A straight jab in Mai's gut, it was as if she was practically asking for it.

Kazuma on the other hand made a face of disgust, Shala who notices it…was a little confused by it, so she decides to ask him directly,

"What's the matter?"

"That turtle, my attack didn't even put a scratch on him"

"What?!" even before she could reply back to him, the staff member points out,

"The screen is getting back to normal, the satellites are functioning normally again, getting a perfect visual in 3…2…1…0"

The white screen was now able to display the situation; the 10 kilometer radius area was turned to nothingness, the entire area was turned to ashes.

However, to everyone's horror…to everyone who paid attention to what Kazuma said, the turtle's body didn't get a scratch on it.

It was still moving at the same pace, as if totally unaffected.

"What is going on? Shouldn't it be dead when faced that attack!?" T'cheor stammers, as he looks back at the lad waiting for a reasonable explanation,

"Well to put it simply, that attack gave me an idea what's going on with the beast, and why it had the gall to attack again…even after losing to, Thimaya again and again"

"The reason being?"

"The heavenly turtle has gained or rather has invoked its "Unique Skill", [The Shield of Gaia].

I thought this legendary skill was destroyed; however it would seem that this beast somehow managed to evoke it, and is fully in clad with it.

The difficult thing about this skill is that [The Shield of Gaia] is impenetratable and no matter what is the magnitude of attack, it will still be unharmed."

"—wouldn't that mean, the heavenly turtle is now undefeatable, and what you did is a complete waste of time" Shala glares at Kazuma, who doesn't replies quickly, but instead asks a question,

"Do you know what the worst thing is when you put everything in your defense? You might get protection from everything, but your offense is zero"

"And the point you are trying to make is?"

"Watch and learn weakling"

"What the-"

Kazuma closes his eyes once again, and 36 pairs of wings of light once again appear from his back.

The 70th "Wing" which is called "Judgment Sky", enables Kazuma to have full control of the sky…giving him the free maneuver to attack as he pleases, however, his next two "Wings' abilities" require him to use the "Judgment Sky" first,

The principles of his abilities which come from [Destroyer's Immortal Light], works on different principles, than other abilities that's why if a body isn't strong enough or mental strength the same ability' mass or multiple uses can eradicate a "human" body instantly.

"[71st Wing of Judgment Cathedral]"

At that instant, the turtle' movement were rendered useless, his surrounding, including himself…he was trapped inside a church twice its size which was glowing brightly.

"What just happen?"

"Well out of no-where, I guess…the turtle is trapped in some kind of church, which was created from the sky"

T'cheor and the staff member were discussing this.

"Was this your doing?"

Shala looks at Kazuma, who slowly opens his eyes…the silient wind ruffles up his platinum hair, as he looks outside. It almost felt like a idol out of a movie scene,

"This is just he beginning, that beast might be immortal…and might have the strongest defense, and however against my "Cathedral" unless he goes all out, that turtle is a prisoner there"


"Your movements have been rendered useless, can't you do anything about it you turtle?"

<<It will take time for me to revoke the shield spell; you know the time and the consumption>>

"Then just walk over this place"

<<I cannot, even if I go to my fullest strength I cannot destroy this>>

"Then hurry up and try to figure out something or "that" man will kill both of us"

<<I really don't know what you expect from me, however to maintain this area which proves as a barricade must require great amount of pressure and strain, whoever is doing this or what amount of people they won't last for more than two hours>>

"I really hope you are right, because I have to get that trigger…even if it means to destroy the whole planet"


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