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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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20 The Heavenly Turtle Attacks- 2

The cathedral was actually strong enough to seal off an immortal beast, an immortal class. No matter what, there were only a handful of "humans" and "beasts" that were immortal class, a feat even the strongest failed to achieve due to lack of "hard work" and "inner talent", T'cheor in his lifetime once met an old man.

Well he appeared to be old man on the surface, but what he truly was no one knew…however his strength was impeccable, he was also the first "immortal human" he ever saw.

T'cheor felt the same cold aura surround Kazuma, aura of an immortal who has never seen defeat, who has exactly planned out all of his plans…his eyes expressionless and undefeated.

T'cheor looks towards Kazuma and asks, "How long will the cathedral holds on the beast?"

"As long as I want"

"…As long as you want? Does this mean that beast is sealed there for eternity?"

"I am a human, I can keep him sealed as long as I live, unless mu mental health is disturbed with, to destroy the cathedral, it is impossible for any beast…much less for a tortoise, with a big shell…if you'll will excuse me"

After saying so, Kazuma left for his accommodations…he didn't want to mention it but he was slightly feeling the headache, usually he would have taken a nap and let his pain go, he thought his was something he got due to his new body.

However, this few days, his headache has increased…even though he has been ignoring it, today the pain increased even further, on his mind he thought the solution for it might be a good sleep.

After he left, the rest too departed for the night, T'cheor gave order to his staff to keep a watch on the beast.

Kazuma was on his bed…however he could feel thousand needles piercing his brain and doesn't seem to come at halt. He could feel his cells being destroyed and recreated, his mind was a mess.

At that moment he knew he just couldn't sleep, he thought of taking advice from the infirmary, which would seem reasonable…however the only thing he could do was get out of bed and crawl on the ground.

His headache had now reached a critical limit, because he could see himself spitting blood, his lower body strength has completely disappeared and the only thing he could see is anguish.

"Nature...…what is going on?"

His question wasn't paid any heed to, Nature did not reply…it would seem as if, Nature departed from his body, his body seemed be endorsing itself in more and more pain.

"What will both of you do now?" Shala asks, looking straight towards Mai and Akiko…giving them meaningful glances,

"Shala-sama, I'm not a lesbian, so I don't think I will be spending the night with milady, however she does have plans to sleep and comfort her future boyfriend with her body, especially with her big boobs of those"

Mai states as she points her finger towards the bust breasts of Akiko, the latter hides them using her arms, blushing really hard.

Shala was quiet curious now, and she really wanted to play trick on these girls that's why, she had a perfect prank on her mind,

"Um, I really want to know this, but you keep on saying future boyfriend, does this mean that Kazuma Yamato isn't dating anyone among you?"

"As much as it is regrettable, he isn't" Mai replies back,

Shala on the other hand makes a sinister smile using her arms she genuinely made and erotic posture, her breasts and dark complexion made it look even sexier, exposing most of her cleavage in front of Akiko, as she states…

"Arara…does this mean he is single? Well…then as a "huntress", I must go after my "prey", right? I'll feast on Kazuma today then-"after speaking in such a manner, she dashes towards where Kazuma is.

"Milady, I think that woman just went to have coitus with your future boyfriend"

"He's not my boyfriend, and what the hell just "coitus" means?"

"Ah, never mind she has that gal looks and a busty figure, she is just going to seduce Kazuma and have sex that's all…by the way "coitus" means having sex…? Milady…where are you?" Mai didn't get to complete her sentence, as she looked around, the only thing she found Akiko running in the same direction as Shala, as fast as she can.

"A lioness never lets her mate taken by another female, well…looks like that phrase is quiet true...…now then where is my camera, this time for sure I'll record it in the fullest"

Kazuma's accommodations was located at the end of the city, while Shala might have the advantage since she knew the city well, she was jumping her way through the rooftops, while Akiko was using streets followed by Mai,

"Milady, you won't be able to catch up to her…and she you know, will bang your future boyfriend"

"Stop telling me to do things and stating facts that I already know,"

"Then what will you do?"

"Looks like there is no way but to go all out, I'll go full lioness on her ass"


"[Partial Transformation]" Akiko's short purple hair, now reached her waist, her hair's color became dense and thick, two fluffy ears sprouted from the sides of her hair.

Her canines grew longer and incisors sharper, her arms become stronger and rigid, and purple hair grows out of it, and her palms becomes deadly claws.

Finally a tail appears from her back, giving her the appearance of a lion, even her eye turned sharper, and five senses all active.

"Milady achieved [Partial Transformation]?!" Mai was shocked at Akiko's sudden development, earlier she couldn't use this ability due to her not being strong enough…however since her cultivation increased in the cave, her gasp on the abilities must have been completed.


Even before the eyes had the time to blink Akiko was on the roof, and using her all the limbs dashing towards Shala,

"Good lord, she became a lioness just for the sake for a boy whom she didn't spend even a week, and she is going for the kill…a true beast through and through, never wants to share the partner"

"[Beast Boost: Dash]" Akiko's body glowed as her movement speed boosted, without any stop her leaps became farther and in an instant she caught up with Shala.

Shala on the other hand felt killer instinct directed towards her, she turns to check…however she doesn't finds anything, yet she could feel the bloodlust.


The roof beneath Shala broke, and an arm held on to her leg and threw her back, after doing so the body emerges from the crack, it was Akiko in her beast mode.

"You shouldn't lay hands on other people you know"

"My, my, did I make the wild cat angry?" Shala mocks Akiko; however she was quiet surprise to see her powers, as she continues,

"[Partial Transformation]? You look like a lion…Ah! So you must be from the "Shishikami" clan right? I can see the wildness in your eyes…however; I will be taking Kazuma for me"

"Yea- keep dreaming" Akiko dashes, her speed was unbelievable, she was throwing multiple punches, without stopping, however for Shala who was par more cultivation above Akiko, dodged them quiet easily.

"Are you sure…you can beat me?"

"Can I?" a faint smile appears on Akiko's face as she fearlessly answered Shala's question, because of one person…Mai.

Due to her assassins skill, she hid and tied Shala's legs, who was caught off guard, without wasting any time she threw her arms around Shala's waist, and with full force gave her a strong suplex, however…if it were a normal warrior or even Mai, they would have received heavy damage, but this was different…Shala was different.

Instead of letting the pain get to her, she countered Akiko's attack with a throw smashing her right through Kazuma's staying place.

"What's the matter? Why aren't you attacking anymore? Afraid you'll die?" Shala mocks, however she doesn't receives any answer.

"Is she dead?"

Shala ran inside the room, followed by Mai…

What she saw shocked her through the core, Kazuma's was spitting blood and his hair was glowing white…

"What's going on?" Akiko asks in worried manner holding on to Kazuma,

"He's manifesting...his will ornament"


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