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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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21 Kazuma“s “Will Ornament“

Akiko's expression was the one with tension, looking at Kazuma's expression she didn't know what to do…with each time him spitting blood she was loosing her sense of reason.

T'cheor was urgently called in the control room, he was actually surprised looking at the time however, as a leader it was his utmost duty.

While entering the room he has a calm expression, however his eyes wanders towards the mainframe launching computer.

It would appear as if they were preparing to launch the deadly weapons from the arsenal.

"What's going on? Why are you preparing the secret arsenal weapons?" T'cheor speaks with intensity, the protocol for using the secret arsenal requires special permission and codes….which only can be provided by T'cheor himself.

Was that the reason he was called here at this time? No.

No, matter what….the reason for using this…he awaited an answer, to which he receives…

"My lord, the light cathedral which Kazuma-sama, prepared is slowly disappearing and reason unknown, however the heavenly turtle took this chance and destroyed the weak cathedral and is on the move once again"

The operator is sweating, he very well knew what was at stake as he gave his lord a meaningful glance.

T'cheor picked up his intercom and immediately dialed Kazuma's room's.

At an instant he didn't the reply, however a brief moment later he was shocked to find out that the one who picked up the intercom was actually his own daughter,

"Shala, why are you picking up the phone? "

"I apologize father however, I with Akiko and Mai came here to visit Kazuma… but-"

"But- what? "

"I would concur that, he is on the verge of manifesting "Will Ornament", his mental condition has worsen, I was about to inform you"

After listening to his daughter, T'cheor finally understood what was the matter, activation of "Will Ornament" requires heavy concentration of strength and stamina, there is also a possible chance that one might not even wake up for months due to it's after effects however that was the price to be paid in exchange of th extraordinary power.

This went without saying that not everyone can manifest "Will Ornament".

However, this was a bad timing after all the heavenly turtle relaunched its movement towardsthe village.

Shala didn't knew what to do, it was the first time she has faced a problem such as this, which made her even more realize what kind of person she is, till today she use to think power is everything… now, she wasn't sure.

At that moment she hears, Akiko was still holding on to Kazuma…who grunts and finally manages to utter…

"J-J-just hold the beast off for ten minutes, I'll fix what I have done"

Shala looks at Kazuma with complete disbelief and replies him,

"Have you lost it? In your current condition what good can you do?"

Shala states her point loud and clear, even after spitting another handful of blood Kazuma continues,

"It doesn't matter unlike you all, I have total control over my body, it will take ten minutes to settel down. Don't worry, it's my body and I can well handle it… all I need is just buy me ten minutes"

Even though his condition looked really unstable his eyes and words were intense, and were brimming with it.

Shala and Akiko both wanted to refuse however looking at him made it hard,

"God…..I hate you" Shala screamed as she gave all the information and plan to her father suggested by Kazuma.

Her father had no choice but to trust Kazuma and believe.

He prepared a group of warriors who will follow any chain of command and arsenal.

"I'm going to aid my people in this conflict, however I ser that both of you are excellent fighters, how about coming with me? The more the better"

Shala states, looking directly at Akiko and Mai…

While this was going on Kazuma tore a flesh from his arm, which now glowed different shades of red and white, he gave it to Akiko.

With a confused expression, she asks,

"What the….Why did you?"

"You are a lioness are you not?"

"Then what does it has to do with your flesh?"

Staring at Akiko's eyes, even though he was in pain he says,

"When you devour my flesh in admist of the battlefield, you will truly invoke [Full Transformation], and when you do, your strength will increase by leaps and bounds, understand that and go into the fray with others"

Akiko exactly knew what Kazuma meant, if a member of the "Shishikami" clan consumes a strong beast or human's flesh, they would have the agility to invoke [Full Transformation] for a period of time…

"Do… it, just stall that turtle for ten minutes"

After taking the flesh in hand Akiko didn't say anything more, rather just looked at Mai and Shala, both of them nodded as they left the room and went to participate in the conflict.


Kazuma was wandering in the darkness, it was his consciousness which finally lead him to a huge arena.

The arena was surrounded by twelve huge thrones, however apart from one, all of the rest were broken.

The only throne who still stood at it place, was enormous having a gigantic armored man sitting on it, through his armor openings, the emission of light was ongoing.

The helmet, looks down towards Kazuma and speaks in a dignified manner,

<My name is Hyperion, The Titan of "Light", "Weather" and "Observation"…I have been awaiting your arrival Kazuma Yamato>

"Titan? As in the first beings on "Earth"?"

<That is very correct, we were the pinnacle of begins that were undefeatable, however as time passed we became nothing more than skills and powers>

The category of skill fell under the following classes,

Elememtal Class

Physical Enchantment Class

Destructive Class

Overlord Class

And finally Titan Class.

When someone harbours a "Will Ornament", he or she gains a specific "overlord" class spell which can be further strengthen.

However, while harbouring "Will Ornament", it is said that only twelve humans have the ability to gain the strength of the twelve Titans, who were present before the time.

Kazuma finally became one of those twelve who now has the strength of one of the twelve Titans, "Hyperion".

He understood what it meant, his "Will Ornament" now will finally be formed.

Hyperion waves his hand in air and through that a spear comes down.

It was an ornate spear with a dark blue rod, and was more extensive than regular spears. It fetured golden and white metal decorations, in the shape of dragons, that spiral round in a double helix pattern. The decorations finished at the top of the rod of the spear which featured a white circle, which is completely empty, and has a cross that fills the circle, but not completely. There is a small silver stump which features four protrusions, two on the left and two on the right.

The tip of the spear is silver, and similar to the rod of the spear is longer than other types of spear.

The spear emitted enormous amount of energy, which was unreal even Hyperion was taken aback when he watched the lad held on to the spear, like not a big deal.

"This is my "Will Ornament"?" Kazuma asks, with an expressionless face… to which he gets, the reply,

<It is, and it's name is "The Spear of Albion" and about it's powers and abilities i don't think I need to explain it to you, you are smart enough to get it on your own>

Kazuma smiles, not because of the weapon rather it's name is what amused him the most.

With surging power and "Will Ornament", he got his first Titan class spell… called [True Titan-Hyperion's Tempest].

"With this, I believe I am done here?"

<Actually no, your situation outside is a little complicated>

"As in?"

<You are up against another Titan Class>


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