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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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22 Fall Of The Heavenly Turtle

It was almost four in the morning, the turtle still hasn't taken any rest rather, all the attacks launched through the arsenal have the results ended in failure.

Now, however the turtle has been using summoning magic to call upon lizardmen and hellhounds, multiple of them… even mid class druids and dark elves, the species that shouldn't exist in "Earth".

This were getting problematic since druids and dark elves were pretty good in the use of magic, especially elemental based ones. And killing them was becoming difficult due to their increase in armor and defense.

Even Shala who was leading the attack found it difficult to believe that creatures lower than… no par lower than her cultivation level, were prevailing under her attack barrage. Even though they were being taken down, thei defences were impeccable.

"Facing another Titan class ability?" Kazuma asks lifting his eyebrows,

<It is an impossible phenomenon, however one has occurred anyway…among the twelve Titans, The Titan of Protection, Gaia's skill was lost>

"Lost? Skills have the ability to leave the user?"

<Indeed, so… Overlord and Titan skills are basically Powers of unnatural superhuman beings called Gods and demons, however if the user happens to meet an unfortunate accident, with the possibility of death or not having strength to use the ability. The ability will depart from the user and return to nil state and wander freely in the realm until it finds a worthy user or->

"Forcefully stolen by someone?" Kazuma complete the Hyperion, looking straight at him.

<Correct! If a certain ability has a strong "strangling" or "binding" ability->

"The ability can be used by someone else, forcefully pinning it down and make use of it…. A brilliant idea to use it on a beast to make sure the plan doesn't fail, however a question?"

<Which is?>

"What kind of ability has strength to chain down a Titan class ability?"

Hyperion kept quiet however finally spoke,

<The reason would be [God of Prison and Torture -Tartaros] an only way or rather the sole ability that has power to at least bind a higher level ability for a long period of time.>

"So this is a warning for me? To make sure I am safe?"

<More or less, well it was my duty to tell you, well then the pain should start to fade away….Kazuma Yamato, I will witness what future you hold>


The attacks kept on incoming, the warriors were facing problems due to the enemies's increase in quality and quantity.

Elves and Druids were getting out of the hands, since earlier they were just blatantly attacking head on. However now…..the Elves were using strategies distant attacks, sneak attacks and explosives spells.

"What now?" Mai looks at Shala and Akiko, the former weilding sword and the latter had partial transformation.

Mai walks towards them throwing of heads of three elves.

"The druids summoned ogres and goblins as well, within a matter of time exhaustion will hit us" Shala states wiping out the blood stains from her sword.

"Then there is only one way, let's go all out show them what we are made of" Akiko stands up and throws away her upper garments, the only thing remains was her tight bra which made her voluptuous body look even more erotic.

Mai and Shala smiles and the latter asks,

"Mai, do you have "Will Ornament"?"

Mai only smiles and nods,

"Well then, as the wild cat said, let's roll

[Will Ornament: Machetes of War]"

"[Will Ornament: Threads of Assassins]" Mai activated her will ornament , her delicate brown hair starts to glow in deep brown and chocolate color and her arms were covered with threads.

Both of them without any shred of hesitation dashed towards the enemies.

Akiko took out the piece of flesh, which belonged to Kazuma, the glow from before has faded and it only shines as red and white.

Without any second thought, Akiko gulped down the flesh savouring the taste as a wild beast, she felt the surge of energy tipping down her body, her face flushed red, however it was a proof that now her carnivore instincts were kicking in.

Her face slowly turned to that of a lion whose fur was purple and her mane deep violet, her primal size became four times the actual lion and her aura became even more deadly.

She was on her four, her eyes which were glowing white gave Akiko a new appearance, one of a full fledge lion.

Without shred of anymore hesitation she launched her attacks, biting off evey enemy that was unfortunate enough to fall on her way of assault.

"I was joking, your master really did turn into a lion, quiet a deadly one at that…if I don't use my "Will Ornament", I won't be able to take her on"

Listening to Shala's comment Mai smiles but that still didn't stop her to to crumble the ogres's necks who were entrapped by the Mai's strings.

Akiko was killing for three reasons, one….they were enemies, two….she was enjoying it and three, to vent out all the frustration she accumulated over the years due to her clan always insulting her.

Now, she felt more alive than ever.

With Akiko holding up the front lines, Shala was given a chance to help the forces that came to help them, evacuate.


A familiar sound, however just with that….all eyes and ears searched for the voice, the result being a massive white light, that not just blinded everyone but even eradicated all the dark elves, druids, ogers and goblins in a sheer instant.

When the eyes went up, the handsome lad's face reveled who, being none other than Kazuma himself.

Holding a spear on his right hand and eight black orbs rotating behind his back anf his platinum white hair glowing pure white, gave him an even more striking appearance.

"I apologize. I was late, however you all did good….probably" Kazuma casually spoke, moving his eyes around he continues, "Well, leave the rest to me".

Pointing the spear forward in the direction of the turtle, he just concentrates and from the tip of metallic blade of the spear, an extension of blade arises which is made up of light.

Then something incredible and impossible occurred, a mass amount of light energy…even more when he used against the other enemies.

It was impossible, the white ray of light destroyed everything on it's way and hits the turtle directly, even though the [Shield of Gaia] activated and appeared as if it was blocking the spear quite easily, it was not since the defense and offense generated the shield and spear paradox.

The shield and spear paradox or also known as "Irresistible Force Paradox", this classic paradox formulated as "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?" The immovable object and the unstoppable force are both implicity assumed to be indestructible, or else the question would have a trivial resolution.

Furthermore, it is assumed that they are two entities.

The paradox arises because it rests on two incompatible premises: that there can exist simultaneously such things as unstoppable force and immovable objects. The "paradox" is flawed because if there exists an unstoppable force, it follows that there cannot be any such thing as an immovable object and vice versa.

This became simple, one will occur either the shield will break of Kazuma's spear.

The simple contradiction would decide the winner, and the result was under the expectations of Kazuma, the force of light and power of destruction was so much that the Heavenly Turtle was pushed back, the shield didn't break however, it kept getting pushed back to a certain place where Kazuma saw fit.

The ability bestowed upon Kazuma [True Titan -Hyperion's Tempest], gave him absolute control over "light", "observation" and "weather".

"Weather", doesn't means just weathers but rather every natural calamity, tsunamis, hailstorm, snowstorm, heavy blizzard, magma eruption and even earthquakes….pretty much an ability which allows him to destroy the balance of the world. In short, the ability to destroy the world.

Kazuma puts the turtle in the position where the land is weak, stomping on the ground Kazuma creates shockwaves to control the land and a heavy earthquake occurs.

The land puts up most the size of the magic array due to which the turtle maintained his shield, but now with the crumbling land caused the magic array which maintained the "Gaia's Shield" broke.

Without wasting anymore time, he dashed below the turtle, since the magic array is no longer present.

Converting his arms and legs to dragonnified, which is also termed partial transformation.

Due to possessing the strength of the dragon, he lifted up a heavenly turtle whose size was about the size of a city.

He lifted that turtle, a city sized turtle whith unimaginable weight….the spectators were nothing but speechless, he was already strong but to be able to lift the turtle.

No words.

With a hydraulic force he throws the turtle mid air, and with the help of his spear and it's immense energy cuts down the beast in half.


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