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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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23 Accomplished Job

The strength of Kazuma and his spear split the turtle into two, without wasting a second thought he chanted "You who died, shall now refill my hunger….[Devour]!"

The similar white magic array with the dragon appears which starts to devour the abilities the turtle possessed.



"Abilities" found in the body of "The Heavenly Turtle"

[True Titan -Gaia's Protection]- 9th Tier Titan Class spell, for a period of time grants the power of ultimate protection and defense shield which is unbreakable no matter the power. For a limited time.

[God of Prison and Torture -Tartaros]- 10th Tier Overlord Class spell, binds the enemy with netherworld's chains and implants hellish pain with the victim's body. }

Kazuma became shocked when he heard something, "found in the body", earlier when he devoured the hound, he gained all of its abilities however this time, he was only gifted with two.

Not because he unhappy with it, rather when he asked "Nature", about it the answer shocked him.

{The body of the Heavenly Turtle, was already at the status of deceased, however with the help of [God of Prison and Torture -Tartaros] the turtle's soul was forcefully bonded with the body once again, with it's skills, [True Titan -Gaia's Protection], it would seem someone was controlling the beast}

At that moment Kazuma kooks around with his keen senses and finds a certain odd looking person entering a white portal, right at the end of the forest.

He leaves one of his orbs behind and using light speed, he too enters the portal.

The place where Kazuma entered was an empty area, white in color.

"Artificial Dimension", Kazuma mutters while his eyes wandered about to finally pin point the person whom he had been following.

His eyes finally got towards the figure, wearing a dark overcoat, large fedora and a golden crow mask.

"You were the one who was controlling the turtle, ain't that right?" Kazuma states looking intensely and releasing an murderous intent.

"You lowly human….because of you! Because of your interference I couldn't get my hands on the trigger all because of you…. I will eliminate you, for the sake of my master", after saying so the man lifted his arms in the air.

Kazuma very well knew that reasoning and answers were out of question from this guy.

At that moment a horde of crows swarmed towards Kazuma, he on the other hand extended however he realized that his magic was blocked nor he can transform.

However he could still use his spear, extending it he easily took care of the crows.

"You might have experienced it, now let me enlighten you why you are so weak",

"Artificial Dimension? In here there must be the strongest amount of restrictions on magic and spells except you can use it…..am I wrong?"

Listening to Kazuma's reply the man was dumbfounded, he never expected that a mere human could figure this situation so quickly.

"Yet you are calm? Are you not afraid to die?" paying absolutely no heed to his opponent's words instead raises his finger and points towards the man,

"[Exitium Concreuerit Orbis]" one of the black orbs which were rotating behind Kazuma's back, flee at a great speed towards the man, and emitted a deep black aura.


In that instant the crow-masked man's half of the body was destroyed reveling dark color flesh and deep violet blood dripping down, however even though the crow-masked man appeared to be in great pain….he was still alive.

"Oh, you didn't die? Your body must be partly spiritual for you to withstand the attack of destruction"

Spitting violet blood through his crow mask, the man spoke,

"How did you manage to do such attack? It's impossible!!! There is no way for you to use any kind of power in here!!!"

The man was shocked to his core didn't instantly get his reply rather the orb flew at the center of the dimension and rapidly increased it's aura which was black in color.

The crow-masked man understood, this much amount of aura…..this guy!! He was planning to destroy the entire dimension.

Somehow managing to stand up, the man mumbles something…suddenly multiple nuns appeared, each weilding different kind of weapon.

Following the nuns, different kinds of beasts entered as well, and horde of crows once again swarmed.

"Foolish you are, my "Will Ornament", is a tuned based one, I can modify and set it's ability as I see fit, so each of my orbs have different abilities, depending upon situation my orbs can overcome anything"

No sooner Kazuma completed his sentence, the dimension started to distort….it was being destroyed due to the orb.

The crow-masked man screamed at the top of his lungs,

"Why? You do know that destroying this dimension will make us trapped in the space-time continuum and we'll be trapped for eternity"

Kazuma laughs and simply replies, "Well, you and your troupes will be trapped not me, [Deglutitio Concreuerit Orbis]"

A white and black portal swallows up Kazuma, he was about to depart from this dimension…..the crow-masked man knew, with ever ounce of his voice, which was filled with rage and disappointment for not being able to accomplish the task, he roars,

"Remember that, when my master arrives he will get what he wants, and will exterminate you all without wasting any time"

Those where his last words after which dimension falls and shattets.


"[Exitus Concreuerit Orbis]"

The orb which Kazuma left behind was emitting the same white and black light after which it opens a portal through where Kazuma exits and disables his "Will Ornament".

He gained a tuneable form of "Will Ornament", which meant not just his spear but his eight orbs have eight different abilities.

Abilities of "Spear of Albion"

1. Exitium Concreuerit Orbis

(orb of destruction) mass amounts of destruction is caused whenever this orb touches any substance.

2. Deglutitio Concreuerit Orbis

(orb of swallowing) consumes any amount of magic or person and stores it in another dimension.

3. Exitus Concreuerit Orbis

(orb of exit) ability to throw out the magic or person which was stored in another dimension.

4. Duplicatione Concreuerit Orbis

(orb of duplication) creates multiple clones of Kazuma, capable of weilding clone spear.

5. Exarmaueris Concreuerit Orbis

(orb of disarm) disabling the ability to use weapons and magic.

6. Vivamus Fermentum De Orbis

(orb of concealment) erases Kazuma's presence and hides him completely.

7. Auctoritate Concreuerit Orbis

(orb of authority) abileto control lesser beings to his will.

8. Gravitas Concreuerit Orbis

(orb of gravity) ability to control gravity and manipulate at will.

While with Hyperion he managed to make this eight abilities which will benefit him.

After looking around for a few more times, he recalled what the crow-masked man spoke, something about his master.

Kazuma was rather mystified but he didn't think too much of it, and finally rejoined Shala, Akiko and Mai.


Later that day,

T'cheor was happy about their victory,

"Kazuma-sama, thank you for helping us out, if it weren't for you we would have most probably dead by now, allow me to present you something for your help",

Kazuma raises his hand and with an expressionless face declines.

"Sorry, however what I want will be bestowed upon me, by Thimaya"

T'cheor knew persuading any further will result in nothing, however he wanted to do something.

"Kazuma Yamato-sama, I have a request for you" one of the scientist asks as he looks with great intensity.

"What is it?"

The man then brings a machine which was about a meter tall.

"This is called "Status Detector", which enables us to see your status, I would love to have a look at yours"

"This shows my stats?"

"Indeed, let me show you, Shala-sama please"

Shala nods her head and keeps her palm on top of the machine and the the display showed as follows.

[ Name: Shala Ri Allamu

Cultivation Rank: Crusader Class. Grade B

Race: Human (Monk Race)

Master or Servant: nil

True Transformation: nil

Own Skill: [Mincemeat]

Elemental Class Skill/s: [Wind] 3rd Tier

[Earth] 3rd Tier

[Water] 3rd Tier

[Metal] 3rd Tier

[Radiation] 4th Tier

Destructive Class Skill/s: [Myan Sword Rain] 3rd Tier

Physical Enchantment Class Skill/s: [Physique Boost] 1st Tier

[Haste Boost] 4th Tier

Overlord Class Skill/s: [13 Mayan Gods of War] 4th Tier

Titan Class Skill/s: nil

Will Ornament Manifestation: Completed

[Will Ornament: Machetes of War]

Body and stamina: 4th Tier

Mana Reserve: 4th Tier ]

The scientist continues,

"This is how it works, if you want we can do one more as well….Akiko Shishikami-sama, please follow the same procedure as Shala-sama"

Akiko nods and does exactly the same as Shala.

The screen displayed the following,

[ Name: Akiko Shishikami

Cultivation Rank: Herald Class. Grade A

Race: Human (Lion Race)

Master or Servant: nil

True Transformation: Lion King Regulus Nema (Borrowed)

Own Skill: [Thirst]

Elemental Class Skill/s: nil

Destructive Class Skill/s: [Supra King Boost] 3rd Tier

Physical Enchantment Class Skill/s: [Physique Boost] 3rd Tier

[Haste Boost] 4th Tier

Overlord Class Skill/s: nil

Titan Class Skill/s: nil

Will Ornament Manifestation: incomplete

Body and stamina: 5th Tier

Mana Reserve: 2nd Tier ]

"Milady, you went from Grade C to Grade A. How did this happen?" Mai exclaimed, even Akiko didn't knew the answer.

Shala cooly replies,

"Must be because you eat Kazuma Yamato's flesh"

That was the only reasonable explanation.

With keen eyes, the scientist looks at Kazuma, the latter sighs and replies with a "All right".

He does the same as others and his stats were displayed on the screen which went as follows,

[ Name: Kazuma Yamato

Cultivation Rank: Immortal Class. Grade-S

Race: True Human (Dragon Race)

Master or Servant: nil

True Transformation: Absolute Dragon Albion (True)

Own Skill: [Devour]

Elemental Class Skill/s: [Destroyer's Immortal Light]- 10th Tier

Destructive Class Skill/s: [True Dragon Corrosion]- 10th Tier

[Hound of Baskville]- 10th Tier

Physical Enchantment Class Skill/s: nil

Overlord Class Skill/s: [God of Prison and Torture -Tartaros]

Titan Class Skill/s: [True Titan -Hyperion's Tempest]- 9th Tier

[True Titan -Gaia's Protection]- 9th Tier (ability was devoured)

Will Ornament Manifestation: completed

[Will Ornament: Spear of Albion]

Body and stamina: 10th Tier

Mana Reserve: 10th Tier ]

The room became both shocked and silent upon the revelation of Kazuma's stats.

However on the other hand T'cheor thought of something as he looked directly at Kazuma, "Kazuma! How about it? Make my daughter your servant"



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