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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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24 Finishing Up

Why were the people shocked?

It was not because what T'cheor spoke….rather it was Kazuma's stats that caused such disruption in people's mind.

He being a "human", a "boy", at the age of seventeen was an "Immortal Class" on top of that "Grade S", his…Kazuma's strength was at the highest of the highest.

This came as a shock, because there were only twelve immortal class "humans" present on Earth, and the strongest one was "Grade B".

Even though they were just rumors, but the twelve immortals were termed, rather their group was termed, "Twelve Stars of the World".

Where they are?

Who they are?

Can they be called?

Who knows? Simply the answer was no one! No one knew.

It's like an urban legend however, people believed the twelve immortals exists and they hide in the shadows and blend with the crowd so that no one can find out about their true strength.

That's why the scientist couldn't help but ask Kazuma directly if he was a member of "Twelve Stars of the World".

To which he simply declines as he didn't know what or who they are.

T'cheor on the other hand wasn't shocked at the least, since he thought that Kazuma might be in the upper grade in the "Immortal Class", since he was able to defeat Heavenly Turtle with ease.

After all T'cheor once met a man from the "Twelve Stars of the World", who was also an immortal class man.

His power and aura was different from other warriors, calm and destructive and his power absolute.

This was a nostalgic feeling for T'cheor because Kazuma's aura felt the same as that man, he couldn't help but wonder if he was releated to that man.

However, suppressing his thoughts to make sure he doesn't offends Kazuma…he continues to stick to his plan, which was actually making his daughter "servant" of Kazuma.

"Servant" is the term which isn't actually for slave or workers rather it's a pact which binds two people.

This pact will help to locate the position of "Servants" to their "Masters".

The benefit for those who were "Servants" will be rapid increase in strength, if a strong master is present then the servant would continue to grow strong.

Looking at T'cheor Kazuma made a confused expression, he explained what the Master-servant pact was,

"What's in it for you?"

After keeping quiet for a while T'cheor speaks without holding back,

"I've exiled my daughter due to her mistakes, however she still remains my daughter…if you take her under you, and it will benefit me, which is making my daughter strong and smart enough so that she could be the heir to this throne once again"

"And what makes you think what's in it for me?"

"Well, time and again, strong people have always required strong followers and if you are going to become much stronger then I would suggest that you gather more allies that you can trust. Allies that will aid you in your time of need. Strong ones at that….Shala might be weaker that you are, but she is immensely strong and you know that as well"

Kazuma ponders for a while, when he came to this place he didn't have any motive, well he could started destruction however, he was forbidden to do so…however the time he spent without doing destruction, with Akiko and Mai, he actually did enjoy it to some extent.

"Well, I am still searching my purpose for being here, so might as well take a follower…or a couple of more"

T'cheor smiles as he finally made an understanding with the lad.

After which Kazuma returned to his accommodations it was time to deliver the message to Thimaya and get what he wants which includes his items and some information.

At first he needed to make weapons because he wanted to test them out and use their strength to the fullest but now, as long as he crafts a weapon himself he would let his spear devour the weapon to make it stronger, he realized it when he first found out about his strength regarding "Will Ornament".

The sword he had with him, [Gram] it was strong, very strong…so he let his spear [Devour] the weapon, which resulted his sword becoming and having the power of [Dragon Slayer].

Just like him his spear was able to use the ability [Devour], having the capability to consume the strength of any weapon it destroys.

When he was done packing his things he hears a knock on his door,

"Come in"

The door opens and the one who enters is Akiko, followed by Mai.

"So after this what?" Akiko asks, her voice was a little heavy but still she continued,

"After this? Who knows where my next destination is? I'll go where my wings take me"

Akiko kept quiet.

"I heard you were planning to make, Shala…your well servant?"

"Hmm, that's correct well it will help me get in with the forces, well according to T'cheor I will need more people…trusting people on my side if I desire to win, will not like I have any purpose…I just need to find one"

Akiko kept quiet still, as she recalls the past few days, they were really adventurous and she did feel safe and secure, no one insulted her…no one kept on nagging her and no one compared her to her older sister, this few days where the best days of her life.

Somewhere in her heart she didn't wanted the day to end, she didn't wanted the time that they spent together end, that's why she too decided something.

"Kazuma Yamato, I would like you to take me and my maid Mai as your servant"

Kazuma was at a shock state when he heard what Akiko spoke, Mai spilled all of her water which she was drinking all over Akiko and Kazuma.

"Mai what is wrong with you?"

"Wrong with me? What's wrong with you? A servant? Master-servant pact? You are a member of the "Shishikami" clan and you will be a servant?"

"What's wrong with that? Kazuma is stronger than my entire clan combined…serving Kazuma, who at the least treated me well, so I will be with this one, let's see what fate has to say"

Mai was taken aback, she didn't have any replies, of course one of the ten strongest clans, would have servants rather than following one.

However, Akiko's reasons were total acceptable she had the best time of her life and she even had the taste of killing within her she has already turned herself to a beast who enjoyed doing whatever she wants.

"You too? Is it necessary for you? Or are you sure this is the path you choose?" Kazuma states as he looks directly at her,

"I choose this path because I think new possibility will open up for me and I want to see just how far I can go in this"

"Well, I don't mind either…what about the maid?"

Mai looks up and speaks with clear heart and warm eyes looking directly at her master, "I'll follow milady till the end of time, so Kazuma-sama knows my answer as well"

"Well, so do you guys know how to form a pact? Because I don't"

Kazuma coolly spoke dropping his final items in his bag and putting it away, and asked Fen to wait outside.

Mai explained clearly what steps where to be taken.

"First what needs to be done is is both of you need to hold each other's hand.

Second, a pact array must be drawn in both of your hands.

Third, pass your energy in the pact array and wait for it to change it to the symbol which will represent the pact.

Finally, both of you will hear the voice of pact in your head explain you what to do next for the completion of pact"

The duo did as they were told and formed a circle array on their and held each other's hands and passed the energy.

A few seconds later both of them could feel the heat generating through their body, as their breathing started to increase.

Within this time the "circle magic array" started to change to a hexagon and different magic letters were formed on it and surrounding the hexagon magic array a white dragon mark. At the center of the array what formed was mark of the red lips.

The pact was now complete and finally they heard the voice of the "pact" in their head for the completion of the pact.

"It's now done, so what did the "voice" tell you?" Mai care freely asks on the other hand Kazuma didn't quite get what the "voice" meant.

Mai made a weird face looking at him, however when she saw her master Akiko she was at a loss of words, her face was red as a tomato and her body was shivering.

"Milady what did the "voice of the pact" say?" watching this that her milady wasn't replying Mai looks at Kazuma and asks the same question,

"What did it say?"

"I really didn't get it, however it said to kiss"

"…..it what?"

"It said both of us have to kiss passionately or something"



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