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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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26 NSFW Suppressed Spider

"You didn't get it do you? Fen?" Mai looked directly at the snow white dog which cutely sat beside her.

It's already been two hours and Kazuma and Akiko weren't still out of the room.

"Listen Fen, your master is a knucklehead so I had to pour knowledge about sex over his mind, all the knowledge what compliments he should make, what proper words you must say…believe it or not I am quite well versed in the knowledge of sex after all I had many boyfriends I've had many boyfriends in the past…well none of them satisfied me to the least…

Oh! Actually, the reason why I did all this? Today is milady's birthday so…you know, I prepared Kazuma-sama as her birthday present, what do you think?"

Fen replied with two barks.

After waiting for another half an hour Mai finally unlocks the door and goes inside, watching Kazuma wearing his undies and Akiko sleeping on the bed.

"I shouldn't ask this Kazuma-sama, but how many times did you do?"

Kazuma looked at her and coolly replies, "Dunno, enjoyed the first time…so I thought how long can I go on, but it would seem this one lasted only for two hours…"

"And you still have validity?"

"I can still do it…after a long time, nothing apart from battle has ever made me enjoyed for so long, and well something added to the list now, sex!"

That moment Kazuma heard nature's voice in his mind,

{Your sex appeal has increased, new ability gained.

[Art of Seduction- Lustful Lord Asmodeus]- 10th Tier.

With this ability you will now freely and casually talk to women and maken them fall for you with the correct usage and "power" of words. Your vanity and strength will continue to increase due to this ability the more you have "sex" with your "servants"…in other words, the more "female" "servants" the better, your only path now leads to harem}

Nature's voice cuts off leaving Kazuma standing on the spot, now what does she mean by that? Kazuma wanted a reply however he won't get one…this Nature acts on her own and does what she pleases, this made Kazuma very annoyed.

"Kazuma-sama, milady is sleeping, we should seal our part of the pact as well…or else I won't get to do it" Mai extends her hands towards Kazuma and the latter didn't have any complaints about it, the same procedure as before was followed and the same mark of lips was made at the center of the magic array.

"I don't believe this, to think the way to make pact is "kiss"" Mai mutters in a low voice, as she looks directly at Kazuma.

'Well damn, he's hot…'

Mai started kissing Kazuma on her own. Her kiss was crude but he didn't mind. They kissed deeply as if they were the most passionate lovers out there. He chimed down the maid attire's chain, unhooked her bra and removed her panty as they continued to kiss.

She was on top of him as they kissed on the sofa. Her hand moved inside his underwear and started stroking his cock.

"I need you down," Kazuma said. She obeyed his words and knelt on the floor. She removed his underwear and caught sight of his erect dick.

"Amazing!" Mai said in a shocked voice, "No, wonder milady was tired". Kazuma slapped his dick on her face which she enjoyed.

He stood up from the sofa and caught Mai by her hairs. She opened his mouth as he slammed his dick right to the end of her throat.

He pushed to and fro inside her throat while clutching her hairs tightly. Mai was feeling both pleasure and pain. For the first time she felt, pain and pleasure can coexist, well she knew about it since her master loved "bondage", however she never tired the "pain" herself.

He sat back again on the sofa and pulled Mai towards him in such a way that her breasts were on his cock. She understood his meaning and took Kazuma's dick in her hand.

Mai slapped her breasts with his hard dick. She spat on her cleavage and rubbed the spit with Kazuma's dick.

His dick was between her breasts like a sandwich. She rubbed his dick in her breasts as she moved them to and fro.

She then licked his dick's top with her tongue while still surrounding the dick with her breasts.

Kazuma caught her chin by his hands and pushed her on the sofa. He gripped her hips and lined his cock up with the dripping entrance to her pussy.

"Ahh!" Mai released a loud moan as he barged inside her.

"Nothing like the doggy position for a bitch like you," Kazuma pushed his cock further while his right hand smacked on her ass tightly.

Mai sighed mentally, 'He really must have enjoyed those bondage videos I showed…definition of powers is also oppressing others'

She was releasing moans unknown if it was from pain or pleasure. Her ass was full of red prints as Kazuma continued to smack her as his dick slammed inside her hard.

"Smack me more!" Mai begged. Kazuma agreed to her request while his dick reached her the end of her pussy. Her pussy juice was flowing like they never have. As she thought, 'Should have met this guy way earlier'

"Don's stop!" She was screaming but there was pleasure in her voice. Soon she reached her orgasm but Kazuma didn't stop.

"I am sensitive...aah..." Mai moaned more and more as she suffered the onslaught of Kazuma's dick even after orgasm.

"AAAHHHH!" She loudly screamed in more pleasure.

"Get on your knees!" Kazuma commanded as he took out his dick from her pussy.

Mai stepped down from the sofa and knelt. She stroked his cock hard through her hands as she knew he was about to cum.

Soon, her face and breasts were full of sperms.

Kazuma and Mai were lying on a sofa exhausted. Mai was feeling numb in her legs due to her pleasure.

"Ah! I failed!" Kazuma suddenly said.


"I didn't cum inside you! We have to start once again!"

"N-no! I'm feeling very sensitive---"

Once again the room was filled with noises of pain and pleasure while Fen was oblivious and Akiko fast asleep.




The large door to a castle was destroyed, the one who did it had a mad expression on his face, the man looked as if he was at his late twenties, he had sleek black hair and a handsome look and face which was hard to find…however his face was filled with anger.

"Beelzebub!! Come the fuck out!! I have a score to settle with you"

Listening to the man's screams, from the top floor of the castle…the man was bewitchingly beautiful and attractive who also appeared to be of twenties, he had light blue eyes and sleeked back green hair and a mysterious aura which made him even more attractive.

"What's the matter Asmodeus? You seem a little…tired? Restless? Angry? Pick your choice."

"Don't you dare talk like nothing happen?!"

"Nothing happen" Beelzebub replies with a calm expression and continues to read the book in his hand.

Asmodeus throws tantrum and holds him by the collar, "Don't fuck with me! My skill! My Skill [Art of Seduction- Lustful Lord Asmodeus]?! It's gone, my way to which I can fuck any girl I want that skill is gone! And the last person who told me that skill was useless was you! Don't you dare! Return me my skill"

Asmodeus roared without holding back, however at that very moment he found his face smashed up in the wall…instantly bleeding, even before he had a chance he died.

Asmodeus died with a single punch.

"Your services are no longer required, Freed Hemsworth, we will find someone else to become the new [Asmodeus]" Beelzebub mutters as he holds on to a pink orb which was ejected from "Asmodeus"'s body.

"And the reply for your skill, I threw it away in the "mortal" realm, that skill is nothing but hindrance to the likes of you, you don't even know how to draw power using that ability…I'll find someone who does, and make him the new [Asmodeus], who won't be useless like you"


It was a beautiful sleep, for Akiko it had been a while she slept so sound fully, when she looked at the time it was three in the morning, it was too early for her to wake up however due to the events of yesterday, she was too tired to even think what to be done.

When she looked beside her…she was shocked!

Mai was sleeping beside her, naked just like her however she was clinging to Kazuma with the same expression as she had, satisfied…

"Mai…don't tell me…you too? Is this the time, I realize that I just had my first time with someone who is going to be having a harem?"


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