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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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27 NSFW The Toast To A New Relation


"You killed Freed? Well, I know he was annoying but he was capable at his task…well to some extent he was a good [Asmodeus], well he misused his powers but he was good"

Another man who spoke this had blood red hair till his shoulders and eyes similar to his hair, blood red…his appearance was majestic and his aura was different from others.

Beelzebub looks at the man and speaks, "You and I both know the use and worth of these powers…that's why, Lucifer, as long as you, I and the rest carry the "titles" we need to perform the same, whether you like it or not"

The former smiles and speaks gently, "Might as well be that Beelzebub, however we are short on "Demon Kings" in order to perform the ritual, we need all seven of us"

"Don't worry, I have sent one of the [Asmodeus] skill in the human realm, let's see who got it…."

"…I'm waiting"

"It's strange"


Beelzebub created multiple green magic array which formed itself to a screen he then synchronized his palm with another green magic array.

This was one of his "own" skill which helped his search for any other skill as long as he knows about the skill and it's properties, he can "search" of the skill, even "destroy" the skill and if went against it, can "disable" the skill.

"The skill has chosen someone, however I cannot locate the person who possesses the skill…that's highly unlikely, unless"

"…The man's an Immortal Class?" Lucifer spoke, looking at the blank screen.

"You said it, this makes things troublesome…we can't let minions attack that person, I'll go in myself"

"Can you take on that person? I know you are too an Immortal Class, however…you do know how rare, "Immortal Classes" are? They are rare because only few handful of them can cultivate to that level"

"Lucifer, only you and I are of those level…if he joins us, our needs will be done off quickly, however if he resists, I won't have another choice but to kill him."

"But can you?"

"I can, don't underestimate me"

Lucifer raises his hands and speaks in a carefree manner,

"Hey, I don't underestimate you, it's likely that without restrictions you can rival "that" person"

"But! Rivaling isn't enough, I need power to defeat that man, and if it comes down to it I'll do anything, that's why I'm going through this ritual"

Lucifer sighs, "Up to you mate, do as you feel like it but make sure not to die"

"I won't, don't worry about it…even so, I still need to pin point where the skill user is, this will take time"

"Well, take your time" saying so Lucifer walks out of the castle, however halts at the door…

"Lucifer…you maybe our leader in all this, however my eyes are still on you," Beelzebub speaks, as he disappears from the castle.

Lucifer smiles and slowly walks out, and snaps his finger setting the entire castle on fire.

"You have your reasons…I have mine"

Akiko wanted to get out, however that very moment Mai, too woke up…

"Ara, milady did you have a good sleep?"

"…Mai? You too?"

"I made the pact as well remember? So one thing led to other and we did it too! V!" Mai made a 'V' sign using her fingers and smiles,

"So…Mai, my intuition says…"

"It's correct"


"Your intuition, milady"

"…wait! I haven't told you what is it?"

"Don't you worry, I already know what you are thinking…"

"You do?"

"I do…"

"What am I thinking then?"

"If you want to be the legal wife milady, you have to be strong, because this one will attract more beauties…and let me tell you, you need to surpass me as well"


"Well, I planned to enjoy him for a bit…as it turns out, he's the best, so there you have it Akiko Shishikami, I'm too your opponent at this, and not just me…soon, Shala and many more will be your opponent so there you have it…a challenge if you may"

Akiko shows a fearless smile as she nods that she accepted the challenge.

"By the way…how did you like my gift?"

"Your gift?"

"Yesterday was your birthday milady…as much as I wanted I couldn't prepare cake or anything for you that's why I gave you a naked Kazuma"

Akiko's face grew red as she listened to her maid speaking…however she smiles and speaks,

"I am happy with the gift, thank you Mai"

"You are so very welcome"

This commotion finally woke up Kazuma who actually didn't had any interest to do so.

"What's the matter? What's going on?" Kazuma wakes up as he looks at the girls sleeping beside them,

"Kazuma-sama, an idea!" Mai spoke with a smile…

"Which is?"

"Let's all of us have sex"



The kisses continued as Mai spoke,

"You've gotten better at this"

"That would be a correct thing to say," Kazuma said as his hands went to the small of her back so that he could pull her into him. Akiko was surprised by his fluid movements, and before she could reply, he pulled her lips to his and they kissed.

Kazuma was very much aware of her naked breasts rubbing on his chest and the smell of her sweet perfume as he kissed her.

Mai rubbed her hand on the pant and she felt him turning hard.

"Seems like the other Kazuma is really happy to meet us," Mai teased as she unzipped his pant. She reached in to grab his cock, but as she did, she let out a surprised gasp, she had sex a few hours ago with him which lasted quite a while however he was still hard as a horse.

In her life, she has seen many cocks of every size but the one in front of her was the biggest. It was huge, long, and thick. She started to gently tug the foreskin back and forth, confirming the hardness.

Akiko broke the kiss and looked below to see what made her maid gasp.

Akiko exactly knew what Mai thought before letting out a sigh and then she closed her lips with his.

Mai leaned down and rubbed her lips onto the head of his cock. Her tongue swept out and she slowly began to lick his shaft from top to bottom.

Kazuma felt a shudder run through his body at her actions. She opened her mouth and enveloped the top of his cock while her tongue twirled around it. She then started moving it in and out of her mouth.

Mai then slowly bob her head into his lap while stroking the shaft as she worked it into her mouth.

Kazuma grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down. She was startled as he pushed his cock to the back of her throat.

"Oh god!" Mai's face turned pale as she found difficult to breathe with the pressure. She gagged but thankfully he left her at the final moment.

"We are going to give you the best time you ever had," Akiko said as she brought a wine glass from an adjacent table.

It was provided by T'cheor as a gift to Kazuma, in this age due to the strength of the magic users minor or not you are free to drink wine.

She took a sip and leaned into Mai. The latter opened her mouth and she devoured the sip from Akiko's mouth. Their glossy lips then joined together and they were lost in the taste of each other.

Kazuma drank from another glass while observing them. He looked on Akiko went down on Mai, kissing her from chin to belly button before feasting her eyes on the pink foldings. Akiko cupped Mai's ass cheeks as he slid her tongue between Mai's pussy lips.

Mai ran her hands through Akiko's hair. Her eyes were closed as Mai sucked on her yearning clit and traced slow teasing circle around it.

Kazuma arrived in front of her and took her heavy breasts in his hands. Her breasts swayed enticingly as he fondled them. He then lowered his head to suck on her breasts.

"You two!" Mai moaned in ecstasy. She felt her pussy turning wet with all the care she was getting from them. Her ass cheeks were reddened while her breasts were covered with bite marks.

"Enough fooling around," Kazuma shoved her on the sofa while helping Akiko get on her feet. He has made loved with Mai just an hour ago so he was tired but he couldn't say no to the beautiful feast in front of him.

That taste of "sex" he found quiet interesting, a fine thing if he says so.

Mai opened her knees apart in the invitation. Her moist opening was glossing with the musky scent of her desires.

Kazuma rubbed the top of his cock on her clit before sliding inch by inch in her. She wriggled in pleasure as he thrust inside. Her passage was wet and tight, and he proceeded slowly.

Akiko lied down on Mai in sixty nine position and started rubbing her clit as Kazuma rammed fully.

Mai moaned in delight. She leaned her lips to Akiko's vaginal foldings while Kazuma continued to pound her in slow, long strokes. Akiko licked the shaft of Kazuma's cock as he thrust in and out of Mai.

Slowly, Mai felt streams of current coursing throughout her body as she reached close to climax. Her body trembled and jerked while her toes curled up.

"Fuck!" Mai cupped her breasts tightly as the euphoric sensation of orgasm took over her. Kazuma felt her vaginal muscles tightening. He removed his cock from her and shoved it in the waiting mouth of Akiko.

"Mm..." Akiko sucked and licked him for a minute or two. He was already wet and sloppy from Mai's juices, and on his instruction, she changed her position. She lay on top of Mai, face to face. Their breasts rubbed against each other while sweat dripped out from their pores.

Mai was still savoring her fading orgasm. She gasped in delight as she felt Akiko's lips close to hers for a tight wet kiss. She could taste her own juices mixed with precum of Kazuma.

Below, Kazuma positioned his cock against Akiko's entrance. He pressed his cock slowly into her tight pussy.

Akiko squealed in pleasure and pain as he barged further and further. His long powerful strokes turned her inside out in euphoria.

"Faster!" Mai shouted on Akiko's behest.

Kazuma didn't disappoint her. He gripped Akiko's waist tightly while increasing his pace. He rammed in and out with strong force. As he stroked in, his balls slapped against Mai's pussy below.

Akiko panted and felt her climax approaching. She sensed Kazuma was on verge of release and they synchronized their bodies.

She arched her back and howled in pleasure just as Kazuma released waves after waves of fresh sperm inside her.


"We should do this often," Akiko said while giving a light kiss to Kazuma.

"Milady, you are quiet hooked up on this" Mai spoke lightly after getting up.

"I am…here a toast to my new boyfriend and girlfriend" Akiko brought her glass closer, Kazuma who no understood the meaning of a relation lifted his glass and spoke, "To my girlfriends"

"To my permanent boyfriend and new girlfriend" Mai raised her glass as well for the toast.

"How about finding some time now for the second round?" Kazuma asked.

"Of course! Just now wasn't enough! Time for us to enjoy some more!"

Soon, there were moans of pleasure in the room again...


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