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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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28 Answers Part-1

"After this what do you plan to do? Kazuma?" Akiko asks, as Kazuma helps her put on her bra.

"Let's see, my intuition states I should visit America"

Mai poured tea for both of them…while they finally got dressed.

"America, hmm…why would that be? Is there something important?"

"Don't know, however I think…that place does have answers for me, so I will go."

At that moment Akiko had an idea, she looks at him and asks,

"Kazuma, I actually am a second year student of Xavier Magi High…a high school for gifted magicians and knights, where the balance between knowledge and battle is taken under care, that's why it's the best place. Usually those who are not from the ten heavenly clan need to give an entrance examination which will be held March this year, two months from now…I believe you can easily climb up to our class"

"Our class?"

"Yes, though the school appears to be quiet non bias, it still discriminates weak from strong…the start from "E-class", then "D-class", "C-class", "B-class", "A-class", "S-class" and "SS-class"…by the way, I'm an "S-class""

"What's this "SS-class"?"

""SS-class" is the class where the highest order of students are permitted which is under the Peace Union Council itself, they are exceptional because they are given task to fight unnatural begins and given tasks by government itself."

"Peace Union Council…the one which is under, the ten Paladins?"

"That's very correct, so you do know this stuff, the leader of the "Ten Paladins", is also a member of the "Twelve Stars of the World" and probably the strongest warrior around the globe"

"Strongest warrior? What's his name?"

Akiko was taken aback, she didn't knew that Kazuma would be unaware of the strongest warrior around the world, she sighs as she replies,

"He is called "The Dragon God of Lightning", Raijin Yujiro overblown nickname? Yes? However, he never lost a single fight"

"Raijin? His name literally means "God of Thunder"…Interesting, can you tell me about this guy's achievements?"

Akiko was somewhat dumbfounded, she never expected there was someone who didn't knew achievements of the first generation of warriors,

"Listen Kazuma, very carefully what you are about to hear is history of our continent and its formation, which is only known to those who attended "S-class" and "SS-class""

"I'm listening"

"So, as you know when "The Great Era of Magi" when landed on us we were given unbelievable power, at that time the world was at an uproar and destruction everywhere that's why, the government and "Eight Houses", which are now "The Ten Heavenly Clan", decided to create an elite group of ten to lead the war.

The first generation of warriors who also became the "Ten Paladins",

The cause for our continent was led by, Raijin Ryukami, who was the third in heir of the "Ryukami" family, however being a "bastard" son, he wasn't well liked by others, that's why changing his last name to "Yujiro", and he gathered nine more suitable people who led to the victory of our continent.

Those people where the strongest throughout the world, he even chose some people outside the continent who were willing to fight for "peace"

Thus the "Ten Paladins" came under rule and it still exits."

"Wait, do you know all about these paladins? If you do…tell me about them"

"Why not! The leader of the "Ten Paladins" and the strongest

"The Dragon God of Lightning", Raijin Yujiro (from Japan), he even leads the Imperial Xavier Army as their 3rd "Sergeant Major of The Army" after the brutal death of the first two and stills maintains his rank to this date. It is also stated that he is a war and battle maniac and all the conspiracies, cold wars and civil wars against us have been destroyed by his forces. Under his command rarely any soldier dies. A master tactician and pride of "Xavier".

"The Heavenly Fist of the church", Sebastian Strada (from Vatican City), he is an elderly man of age over eighty, yet he still possess the strength which can take down armies with ease. He even uses one of the legendary sword, [Durandal] it is said his compability with the Legendary Holy Sword, [Durandal] is so high that it can put "Roland", the true user of [Durandal] to shame. He actually resides in Vatican City, however whenever needed he would come for the aid. It is also said out of all the paladins he is the kindest.

"King of Flames", Hinomaru Akiyama (from Japan), who is also "Commander Sergeant Major" or the Imperial Army, he is also the person most loyal to Raijin Yujiro-sama, apparently he was saved by Raijin at the age of eight, and as an orphan who had nowhere to go he always stayed by Raijin's side and rose up by ranks making him third strongest.

"Empress of the Wild", Shinrin Imari (from Japan), who is also "Sergeant Major" of the Imperial Army, she is even considered the strongest "woman" round the globe. Rumors are she is in love with Raijin and that's why she agreed to join the "Paladins", however that's just a media fuss to get her reaction. However, her strength is the real deal, it is said she can bring down countries with her power alone.

"Prince of Enchantment", Tadano Kaguya (from Japan), who is also the principal creator of magical weapons for the Imperial Army, the way he crafts and enchants the weapons and armors are known second to none. He is a high class "Enchanter", his way of enchanting his so unnatural that it can even change the condition of the atmosphere and the land. He is also the very reason why no one dares invades our continent or our country is precise because of him.

"Lady Swordsmith", Ichika Mikazuki (from Japan), she is considered one of the top most warriors around the world, she is even one of the strongest swordsman ever born. It is said that she possess the power of [Gilgamesh] that's why she can use every and all types of weapons to their fullest, she is what people call "Jack of all trades".

"Demon Queen", Akeno Tojou (from Japan). Like her nick name states, she is one of ruthlessness, she enjoys "destroying" her enemies "mind" before their "body", however even so with such fearsome title and strength, she is a Paladin that I met in person, she was quiet kind to me and never once she was haughty like rumors said. She is actually quite good and well-mannered Japanese woman you know, an ideal wife. She and my mother are best friends, that's why she comes over time to time, and whenever she is around…and the least no one ever bullied me.

"Beast Tamer", Kotaro Zokami (from Japan). Previously when he was head of one of the Heavenly Clan "Zokami" who represented "The Heavenly Elephant", just like Raijin he quitted his place from the clan head and passed it down to his younger brother. His title is similar to his ability, no matter what beast it was he easily tamed it no matter what class it was.

"King of Mischief", Ichijou Nanase (from Japan). His battle tactics and way of fighting is quiet famous, he usually stoops down and uses the most "unfair" ways in battle to win, like a cheater. He is the kind of person who is "Everything is fair in war", so he can stoop down to any measures which will assure his victory. Out of the ten he is the most unsociable one, you wouldn't even want to meet this one, as not only he is unsociable he is one with bad mouth too. According to him, he will insult anyone, after all that gives him pleasure.

"Rouge Hero", Tenma. He is the last one from the list however, people aren't even sure he exists or not, he was called "Rouge" because he betrayed his own team. Many times Raijin was persuaded that he gave out the "Tenth Paladin", to someone deserving, however he always said that, the spot will always belong to "Tenma", no one knows the relation between Raijin and Tenma nor I think anyone will know, due to no one can casually go and talk to someone at that position.

Phew, that's all"

Akiko sighs, this was the first time she spoke so much without stopping, after all history, social science and language where her favorite subjects that's why whenever and wherever she got the chance she would drown herself with "history".

As she was drinking water, she looked at Kazuma's expression, as though he was thinking something, she asks,

"What's up? Didn't get anything?"

"Nope, it's not that…it would seem, that the people around the world are good at fabricating history"

Akiko stood up at that instant, and with a voice filled with discontent she speaks,

"What do you mean by that?"

"Think about it yourself, when Raijin brought allies from other place, during that time World War three was under process, was it not?"

"It was, so what about it?"

"Then if all the countries where fighting against each other…then how did Raijin brought allies? Especially from "Vatican City"? You all do know that The "Vatican Warriors" fight for the "True Bible God" right? Why would they join different forces from Japan, when they could have joined fully with the Rome and Europe?"

Akiko wanted to say something however…she couldn't reply, basically what just Kazuma spoke was true, how two different places…did so far away became allies…

Kazuma then continues,

"The world is much more messed up than it looks up close, fabrication could only be the way to hide the "true truth" of the world, the truth of this twisted world that lives with a façade"

Akiko kept quiet,

"Well, it doesn't matter…about your school…"

"Xavier Magi High…?"

"The entrance is in March, right?"


"I will be there"

Akiko smiles, "That's nice, but you know there would be many strong opponents"

"Then it's even simpler, the one who would be standing on the top would be me"

After talking for some more time, there was a knock on the door,

"Come in"

The one who enters the room, was an appointed worker for T'cheor and his message was, "T'cheor wants to meet him and talk to him, before Kazuma departs".

"Pack your things up, we would be leaving, and perhaps your clan's ship might be nearby right?" Kazuma spoke, looking towards Akiko, she nods as her reply.

"Welcome, I hear you're leaving? Did you take under consideration what I spoke to you earlier about?" T'cheor speaks with a cheerful manner.

The conversation was going on in the main hall where T'cheor, Kazuma and his daughter Shala were present.

"About making your daughter into my servant?"

"Indeed, have you given any thought to it?"

"Well the first and foremost thing is, is she willing to? If she is then I do not mind either"

T'cheor nods in affirmation, after all this would also take in consideration of her daughter's feelings.

"Then I will leave both of you to it"

T'cheor departs from the hall, leaving both of them for discussion and what they decided to do further.

"So, are you sure you would like the form "the pact" with me?" Kazuma was the one who breaks the silence.

"Anything that makes me stronger…in order to defeat "you", I will do it…even if it means, getting trained or powers with your help"

Shala states without a shred of hesitation, releasing an intense amount of aura.

The sour defeat, without being able to do anything was etched deeply inside Shala's heart, she wanted to surpass him!

She wanted to surpass, the man named Kazuma Yamato.

For that she would do whatever it takes, whatever.

"In March, I will be joining the Xavier Magi High, I will be attending the entrance exam as well…meet me there and show me that you aren't weak"

A proposition by Kazuma, where Shala had no reason to decline. She was no longer heir to anything, and it would be best for her to know about the outside world, meet stronger foes, for that she was prepared.

Her face turned to one of determination, she continues,

"So should I take this as the consideration of our pact?"

"Indeed, I do not mind"

"Good then"

After which both of them did the same, as it occurred with Akiko and Mai…and listening to the "voice of the pact", Shala's face turns red, and it turns even more red, when she saw Kazuma taking off his shirt…

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-why are you taking off?"

"Well? To kiss you of course"

"But- why did you remove your shirt?"

"So that we can have sex"

"Eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!"


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