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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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29 Answers Part-2

After climaxing for quite a while, Shala and Kazuma came out of the room…such a thing, did not happen, because right after the kiss, Shala who was strongest of the tribe, reached climax due to a kiss.

She may be quite strong in the "physical" section, however due to less interactions with the opposite sex, her "mental" ability regarding those where quiet low, just like Kazuma was…well in his case he was just not interested.

Now, the case was different since he got a taste of it.

"Allow me, to thank the three of you once again, for helping us, the entire village out, please do not hesitate to contact us, whenever you need" T'cheor spoke, in high regards, for the three.

"About Miss Akiko Shishikami and her maid, teleportation circle has been made, which will teleport both of you near the ship, your mother has given us the permission"

Instead of worrying or being afraid, Akiko actually was grateful for this, she had new plan for her position. She turns and looks towards Kazuma,

"We'll meet again, right?"

"We will"

Mai smiled as well, there wasn't any more need of words between those three people.

Mai and Akiko stepped inside the teleportation circle and bid their farewell to everyone.

On the other hand, Kazuma looked back to his trail, "I must go and get my materials from Thimaya…I will be leaving, thank you for letting me stay" Kazuma spoke with a polite tone, even though his face was expressionless, his words were kind enough.

Kazuma looks at Shala and nods slightly, their conversation was enough.

As the wind flew by, Kazuma left for Thimaya's lair.


At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, a large ship was situated…it had been docked there.

The ship was larger, than the normal ones. Pitch black in color and emblem of the lion on the flags and the body of the ship.

At the center of the deck, the teleportation spell takes place which bring forth Akiko and Mai.

Akiko looks forward, so does Mai…the moment both of them looked, they immediately bowed.

There was a throne placed on the deck, a lion shaped one. The one who was sitting was a woman, whose appearance was similar to Akiko however, her hair was gold and went till her waist. Even though she was wearing long queen-like clothes, it looked easily that the woman has athletic figure and without a doubt a stunning beauty.

She is the current head of the "Shishikami" clan, "The Lion Queen, Moka Shishikami". Akiko's mother.

Beside her in a chair, another girl was sitting. She had red hair which was tied as twin-tails and she was wearing a battle attire, her appearance was quiet close to Akiko and Moka. She was Akiko's half younger sister, Ruma Shishikami.

However, her gaze landed towards Akiko whom she looked down upon greatly, her older sister. Whom she had defeated multiple times, yet the former was just persistent.

The deck was surrounded by "Shishikami" elders and Ruma Shishikami's father, who was a member of the "Shishikami" side branch.

All of them were looking down on the failure of the "Shishikami" clan, Akiko…however, what she did next shocked all of them…including her mother.

"Mai, take them out"

Akiko passes on the command, Mai nods as she takes out from the pocket dimension multiple stacks which were filled with gems and jewels.

"Throw it in the middle Mai, this is a gift from me to all the elders"

The moment the stacks threw in front of them, the jewels and gems scattered around, all of the elders were shocked by this, they started their insults,

"How dare you talk to us like that?"

"Do you have no shame, weak one?"

"You are a bastard daughter, not deserving to live"

Akiko kept quiet and then finally spoke, "Shut the hell up, you all are just elders, not the leader, how about keeping your mouth shut for a change"

After looking around, watching their shocked expression, Akiko smiled and continued,

"I, Akiko Shishikami, have brought souvenirs for all of the elders, you see all of you had taken such "good" care of me that I just had to pay back. However this is not the reason why, I'm giving this…mother…no, Clan Leader, I want a duel to reclaim my position as the family heir, once again"


Kazuma took all the materials he needed to construct his weapon, and then looked at the dragon in front of him,

"You said, you will answer my question as well"

<It depends, what you ask>

"Ok, let me rephrase that, if you don't answer me…there will be consequences, and I hope you, as a "mother" can deal with it"

Kazuma's look was intense, Thimaya was at a very bad position…she would lie if needed, however Kazuma's way of speaking and words…she wasn't sure what future holds.

"Here's the first question…how did you get here?"

<Well, we were residence of "Pandora", known as the hidden dragons>

"Those who didn't come out of the light? Those who lurked in the underworld?"

<Very much so, however when the Great War against "Albion" began, it's only the four of us that were living, me, Cariappa, Manekshaw and Mountbatten. However, somewhere in between, we were visited by a certain "woman" who had power so strong that she teleported the four of us in this place. I just know where they are, however I am not allowed to leave this place>

"Tell me…about this woman, about this place…did you came here before "The Great Era of Magi"?"

<"Great Era of Magi"? Do you mean "The Dawn" era?>

""The Dawn"?"

<The day when "Earth" lost all of its Gods and Demons, I see, instead of that they termed it "Great Era of Magi">

"What happen to the Gods and Demons?"

<I…do not know, I don't even think people exist to proclaim what happen to all of them>

"The mythologies and the stories of the Gods, aren't myth are they?"

<I'm afraid not…when I and my companions where teleported in this place, a war was under process, I saw good and bad gods, fighting…what they were fighting against? Why were they fighting? What happen? The demons? Their roles? This world? I'm afraid my knowledge is limited>

Kazuma kept quiet, he knew perusing any further…however,

"Are you the only ones who came to this world?"

<I said right? It was me and three others>

"Do not fool me, you shutter each time you speak that, what's the truth! Who else came with you?"

<You wouldn't like the dragon who came with us…rather came before us>

"Just speak, his name…"

<"Black Madness"…Van>

A single name, a single name which caused unbelievable amount of power course through Kazuma's body, the entire place started to shake as another memory flashed through Kazuma's mind…

A white dragon, which could easily be considered little against a huge black dragon, in front of him…who had twelve wings, he looked at the kid with spite however, the little white dragon too emitted aura of hostility,

<It's because of you…she is gone! It's because of you…my mother died!!! It's because you were never here…that she died!! If you were here, there could have been balance among us and humans>

The black dragon sighs as he replies,

<You were a kid…so what? You were weak that's why you couldn't protect you dear ones, and let me tell you a male leaves when he is done with the female, in case of dragons>

<You…you…then why don't you attack the humans!!!! And the devils!!! Gods as well!!!>

<You are a fool, why would I attack humans or any other race who have done no harm to me>

<Then…then…what about mom?>

<She shouldn't have left the cave, she did she died…that's all there is to it>


The little white dragon roared as it dashed towards the black one, however, the black dragon countered his attack by using its large claw cutting through his right arm…to the white dragon's chest…he started to bleed.

<You are weak, a single claw attack…made you bleed? You are a disgrace>

<I swear on my mother's name….I will be the one who slays you....remember that!!!!!!!!!!!>


The flow of memories ends there, however regaining his composure Kazuma chimes down his aura and gets back in control,

"I'm sorry for that, I still hate that name…and the "dragon" who bears it…let's get back to asking questions, when did he arrived?"

<Van? Two years earlier from us, that's what I heard the woman say to me…who brought me here>

"The so called woman? Do you know anything about her?"

<I do not, except she is a very powerful being…very powerful>

"Hmm…I agree upon that as well, alright next question, there was a dead man lying around with the tag of "Area-51" what does that mean? What happen in the forbidden place?"

<That's also something I don't know, only that some of the soldiers ran in here…I had no choice but to kill them>

"Ho…so you don't this only makes thing interesting…"

<Is there anything else you want to ask?>

"One final thing…and you absolutely need to tell me, what the thing inside the core is"

<Why do you want to know?>

Kazuma then explained what occurred, during his battle against the Heavenly Turtle, whom he met.

<I see, well if you know that much…then I suppose, I can tell you…inside the core the thing which is present is called "Trigger" more precisely {Atlas Trigger} due to which, the forest is kept intact…my duty is, no matter what to defend that trigger>

"That woman, gave you the order?"


"What kind of power does this "Trigger" have?"

<….The power to destroy the entire universe…>


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