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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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30 New Lion Queen Part-1


The sky was filled with dark clouds, pitch black clouds of thunder and lightning…however, the same could not be said for the people on the land.

Within a radius of ten kilometers, there was nothing but piles of burnt bodies surrounding.

Those bodies weren't of civilians, but of soldiers…rebellion soldiers.

The crackling of lighting revels a man standing at the top of the tallest building there, with a sadist expression.

"Here's your wine" the woman, who was wearing elegant Japanese traditional clothing, had her long black hair tied…gave the man, a glass of wine.

As the smoke dissipated, the man's face finally came to show, his features were alluring.

The man had buzz-cut hair style which was golden in color and especially his eyes which were lavender in color. He had a jewel around his neck and has a vermillion mark on his forehead.

He had a black overcoat with white fur on them, giving him even more majestic appearance.

"Raijin-sama, wouldn't you agree you went overboard this time? You could have spared a little"

The black haired women spoke to him, even her speaking manner was elegant,

"Overboard? That's comical I didn't even do anything…and yet, here they were starting a rebellion, it's my job to stop them"

"By eliminating all?"

"Do you think I did wrong? Those who oppose Xavier will meet an end much worse than death"

"Xavier? Or you Raijin-sama?"

"It's same is it not? Xavier is nothing without me and I am Xavier"

The woman laughed.


A heavy roar, the one who spoke it had lost one of his arms, he was bleeding from different places. He man had curly hair and torn clothes.

His expression was twisted, however it calmed down a little when he saw the elegant Japanese woman,

"My wife! My Akeno! Why did you came here? Are you here to beg for my life? Please don't…go, till the end, I, my love…I will be fighting"

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....." Raijin broke into laughter, this annoyed the man, Raijin continues,

"Kotaro Zokami, you who bore the "Heavenly Elephant" sigil once, you who had the power to tame any beast, one of the {Ten Paladins}, how can you be so strong and yet so foolish at the same time?"

Listening to Raijin's words, Kotaro couldn't comprehend what the former meant,

"You seem like you didn't get it did you? Did you even stoop down enough to consider who told me about the "Secret Chinese Rebellion Group", which you led? Your plans? Your army?"

Kotaro still couldn't understand what point Raijin wanted to make, however the next moment what Raijin did Kotaro wanted to…just kill him.

The woman named Akeno who was beside Raijin, wearing her yukata. Raijin tore her yukata down, reveling her vulptorous figure, her fair and soft breast and fine and slim waist, however instead of screaming her face flushed red.

Raijin held on to her hair and positioned her in her fours in front of him, making sure that Kotaro could see Akeno's expressions clearly.

"Never go against me, Kotaro…never, you will learn that in the hard way"

Raijin slipped down his pants and started banging Akeno in front of Kotaro.

He conveyed the message, "I fucked your wife in front of you. What possibly can you do?"

Kotaro screamed to stop…however he came to suddenly realization, how all the rebellion's information was leaked.

"Akeno…you betrayed…me?"

Listening to broken speech, Akeno who was moaning greatly, who was drooling as well, replied…

"B…betrayed? Y...ou? aah…! I was never loyal to you….!!Aaah….to me Raijin-sama is…everything!! I'll become even someone else's wife…aah!!...if I have to!!!"

"See this, you should have just quit it, apologized to me…and perhaps you would still be fucking Akeno…but now…

Akeno tell me…who feels better inside you?"

Listening to Raijin's question, Akeno who was almost at her limit managed to mutter out, "O…f course it's you Raijin-sama…Kotaro can't even began to compare…his good thing was only his size…apart from that, he cums quiet q…uickly"

Rampaging hatred within Kotaro's heart, he dashed towards them…even at his condition, however a great yellow lightning falls down on Kotaro even before he reached them.

His body turned into a pile of ash, and even that moment…Raijin exploded inside Akeno.

"No one fucks with me…no one"


"Fufufufufufuf….hahahahahahahahaahaha…it's too amusing, too amusing indeed…Nee-san, what did you say? You want to challenge me once again? Did you forget…you are just a [Diamond Class], however…I'm [Guardian Class- Grade C]…I got recently promoted, you wouldn't stand a chance, I'll kick you out…my servants throw her away, she is not needed, r%pe her if needed" Ruma acted high, she very well knew how scared little cat her older sister was.

To her, her older sister was a weak personification of lion, she was not needed…however, to her surprise,


With sheer instant, Akino's claws helped her to cut down throats of all the ten men who were planning to assault her.

Ruma Shishikami was shocked. The elders were too at a loss of words.

Akiko licked her finger, which were stained with blood,

"I met this boy, while I was in "The Great Forest of Amazon", he was really hot you know? Not just hot but strong, he destroyed all people who were there with me, instantly. I travelled with him, he explained me the true meaning of human's greed. Why did I waste my time to please you all…when you all certainly didn't deserve it? At that time, we even meddled with affairs of the village, "Ataneedusu". Fought with "Heavenly Turtle" and his companions, I tasted battle. I realized, what I have been missing, I was too scared to accept the fact, however the more I killed there, the more I became sure…what kind of monster I am. He made me realized the beast within me, that's why…I'll take my position back, no matter what."

Listening to this Ruma got up from her seat, "You are telling me, you became that man's slut?"

"Well, he's my master…and we did have sex once? No twice…probably thrice, but that's isn't important"

"Hahahaha…you are really a slut, gave yourself up to a random boy? And even proclaimed him master…you really are a gone case. He may even fuck other woman you know? You gave yourself to that man?"

"Insults from a virgin like you, would never understand. Of course I know, I won't be the girl he would love, however I would still follow him. In order to do so, I need to become the heir"

"Nee-san, give up. You are just too low, you can't defeat me. I am too strong for you"

"Are you afraid your drug's power would run out?"

Listening to what just Akiko spoke, Ruma's eyes turned dark,

"You always had the favor of the elders because you were born within the clan's bloodline, however I was not. That's why I was mistreated. However, how was it my fault? A fit of irony for people who are bunch of hypocrites like our clan elders. They call themselves lions, but they are just cats. When they saw, your powers weren't rapidly increasing, they gave you the special drug, which momentarily increases you cultivation level, right? Take them. Drink an entire bottle, I don't care, I can still beat you with ease"

Akiko's words were so provoking, that Ruma was starting to shiver with anger. She now really wanted to kill her older sister.

Even the elder were angry, however they weren't able to say anything.

"Ara, Mai look my so-called strong sister is shivering"

"Indeed so, milady, perhaps she is feeling cold?"

"Or feeling how worthless she is which one?"

"You!!!! You are a slut…you bitch!!" Ruma interjected once again in between Mai and Akiko's conversation,

"Oh yeah? Every virgin says that to a non-virgin, don't worry…ask an elder, he might love to do it with you"

"That's it!! That's it, I accept your challenge!!! I will destroy you!!!!!"

Ruma's voice roared.

"Well then, the battle for the next heir will commence, and I, Moka Shishikami will be the judge, no one should interfere, if you do so. You will be paying, my claws respects" Moka Shishikami's voice was calm and cold, yet strong enough to quiet down everyone.

The ship's side extended making it an even larger place to fight.

"You will perish nee-san, give up" Ruma still mocked her, however this time she got no reply.

Moka Shishikami raised her arms, and declared the start of the fight,


Ruma's palms turned into claws and she dashed at high speed hoping to defeat her older sister in an instant, no…not hoping planning to kill her instantly.

However, the moment she got close to her, a super strong punch hits her face, making her bleed from the nose and fall down…she didn't know what was going on.

Akiko's purple hair extended to her waist, her tail and returned too, her arms buffed up and grew purple hair and her canines were sharp.

She walks towards Ruma and lifts her up through her hair, and slams down once again, harder…she bleeds even harder, screams. However, she, Ruma got up. Looked at her older sister's eyes…which were filled with bloodlust.

"Little sister, today I will teach you, why you should respect your "Onee-sama""


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