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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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32 New Lion Queen Part-3

The strength of roar that made everyone freeze intact in their places.

A large lion? Large would be a small word for that "being", whose roar was so strong, that it cause cripples in that water, forming waves.

With the majestic golden appearance, from the head of the ship he leaped down to the deck. The lion's height could roughly be above 10 feet.

What attracted the people most about the lion was, it's metallic skin and the glow of gold which is unlike any other!

This glow, the majestic aura. This was the "Great Lion King, Regulus Nema".

Usually the Great Lion King, doesn't make his appearance until one of the heir to the throne takes place.

It was same during Moka Shishikami, that he made his appearance and bestowed upon her the skill- [Blood Lion King- Mufasa].

Through the course of time, Regulus Nema, never once gave any heir two special skills, [Will Ornament: Great Regulus Nema Armor] and

[King of Heroes- Hercules].

He never found anyone more worthy enough, the last was Moka, whom he wanted to give those. However, her reply was "No". She said that she trusted her daughter Akiko, and that she would…without a doubt that she would be a true heir.

Regulus watched Akiko from the shadows, he knew what the girl went through and also he saw that there would be slim chance that she would increase her power with so much people plotting against her.

However, today he saw a different girl, a different Akiko Shishikami. A true hunter, a lioness now fully matured to be a fine woman.

Regulus Nema's gaze met Akiko's, who just saved her own sister, who was against her. Who has always tormented her! Then why did she did so?

<< I am called Regulus Nema, little girl, you do know me don't you? >>

The oppressive force, and simple words which contained the power of destruction itself, as the majestic eyes looks at the girl.

Akiko bows with deep respect, which even included the oppressing force the lion was emitting.

"Lord Regulus Nema, The Great Lion King! Of course, I do know of you"

<< From time and again, there were Lion Kings, however do you know why…only I was called, Great? >>

"…Because you were strongest?"

<< It's because, I was worthy. It's because I had the iron will to survive. It's because, I am unique and it's because, no matter how much I failed…I moved up. That is the sole reason why, I became "Great Lion King". When I saw you from the shadows, I always thought perhaps you will never be able to succeed and your surrounding place and people will always bring you down. However, you mother assured me that you will return strong and that you will earn the true place from the heir. And today, you not only defeated your sister Ruma Shishikami who used drugs to enhance her strength, but you also saved her after defeating. You still have sense of responsibility and family, what a true heir needs to have. All this elders, were nothing more that disappointment to me, useless leaders. However, you after a long time I have seen a worthy chap. >>

The elders had their head tilted down, they didn't have the courage to decline or retort. Ruma had a disgusted expression, however she knew that she lost. She knew that all the steps she took to win, all the determination and battle and problems and schemes…all failed.

"Your words flatter me Great King, I am just a person of instinct, I do what I think is correct and I very well believe that you know what it means" Akiko replies, her eyes were filled with determination.

Her mother smiled, her Akiko whom she believed in now finally will be recognized.

"By the way, this is what our "Master" looks like" Mai took out her cell, where she took her, Akiko and Kazuma's pictures.

Looking at the handsome lad, even Moka blushed and her firm will of love wavered.

However Mai took on that expression quickly and continued, "By the way, the junior Kazuma is handsome as well"

Moka very well knew what she meant.

"You are trying to make me take my daughter's boyfriend away? My own daughter's? Have you gone nuts, Mai?"

"He lasts all morning"

"Well…I love my daughter, but- no, I'm not falling for your traps, Mai"

Moka spoke as she handed over the phone back to her. Mai could only revel a butter smile for losing the chance.

<< Akiko Shishikami, I, Regulus Nema, The Great Lion King…deems you worthy for being the next heir of the "Shishikami Clan", and you shall receive the powers from me!! >>

Regulus Nema's eyes glowed golden, to the point that everyone went blank, Akiko could feel the power being poured inside her, her eyes started to glow golden as well.

Her violet hair now had strands of golden hair in them, and she was bestowed with the abilities that Regulus Nema has not provided to any heir for a very long time.

Her "Will Ornament" and her first "Overlord Skill".

After that she fainted.



A private flight was prepared, as two people walked their way towards it.

The handsome man was Raijin and the elegant Japanese woman who followed him, was Akeno, both were the members of the "Ten Paladins".

Akeno was the first one to speak, "This reminds me, Raijin-sama, the entrance for the Xavier Magi High is the upcoming main event, and as every year, well we are requested to be present."

"Those little shits, they are of no class, well I am not the one to speak any way, that's why I have made an interesting plan"

"May I know what that is?"

"Those three, from the "Twelve Stars of the world", the new ones?"

"Karma Yagami, Jake Snow and Z?"

"Yes, these three, tell them to apply as well for the entrance, say the principle that I have allowed and vouch for these kids"

"Are you sure? Wouldn't that make the entrance boring knowing that "three" "Immortal" class, and one being "Grade-A" will be participating? All will lose?"

"Or will they?" Raijin showed a small smile as he looked at Akeno, who didn't get what he means.

"What do you mean, Raijin-sama?"

"I have a feeling Akeno! I have a feeling, someone is out there now, someone who would entertain me and someone who is immensely strong as well, he will appear in the entrance exam, and I know he will!"

"How do you know it's a "he"?"

"Because, men carve for two things Akeno, fight and sex…it's the absolute law that never changed, absolute law that makes true men king"

Listening to that Akeno showed a small smile, as she very well knew what was coming for her.

It was night time.

The man that Kazuma met, he was quiet friendly and he could tell clearly, he was an honest man, without a doubt.

Around the camp fire both of them were eating fish dishes which the man made.

"I never asked you, my name is Kazuma Yamato, may I have the pleasure to know your name?"

"It is Tenma, kid, feel free to call me by my name"

Kazuma instantly remembered, Tenma Yujirou, from the "Ten Paladins", the one who was missing! He really wanted to speak that out loud, however, he kept quiet.

"So, kid where are you from?"

Kazuma snapped back at his senses as he replied to the man's question,

"I'm from Japan"

"No, let me ask you the question once again…where are you from?"

"I…said, Japan"

"That's nice kid, but you are not from "Earth", I can see that clearly"


Kazuma didn't know what to say.

"I'm from the planet called "Pandora", I used to be a dragon"

"Dragon? That's nice, however where is the other one from?"

"You mean, my dog?"

"No…I mean the other spirit within you, I can sense it you know"

He…Tenma, could sense {Nature}! He could sense a soul?

{Im…impossible, I am a celestial class soul, how can this man possibly sense me?!}

Nature's calm and composed denamor while talking, was now lost she just couldn't understand.

"Tell me, Tenma-san, just who in the world are you?"


Few days had passed.

Akiko walked up to the deck, wearing bra and panties, she was still sleepy.

She found Mai, on the deck too…apparently she was talking to someone, using magic circle, when she looked close, she realized it was a pact call, this would mean simple. Kazuma was the caller.

At that moment, Mai looked at Akiko,

"Milady, we need to turn the ship to America's harbor, its urgent!"


"Kazuma-sama is in a car, with a hot scientist and American and Agreas Special Forces are chasing him"



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