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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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33 New Trouble

(Refer to chapter 12 and chapter 15 to know what is about to go down)

Few Days ago,

Kazuma was still flying through the sky, however his mind was elsewhere.

Tenma Yujirou, he saw through him like an open book. He even sort out the presence of {Nature}, what kind of level must he be, to be this strong.

He then got a reply, which was from {Nature}.

{Very few people are Immortal Class. I can safely say that probably you are the only "S-grade", however!

There are three more classes above it.

Absolute Immortal

Immortal King

Supreme Lord.

That man, Tenma Yujirou, must be "Supreme Lord", and even at the pinnacle of it. However, it should be impossible!}

"Why do you think it should be impossible?"

{Impossible! Because "Immortal Class" is just a representation of your strength, however you are not truly "Immortal", you will die of old age if nothing, at maximum you can live for, two hundred years, but that's it. That's the limit. However, if someone lived for more, or if he managed to enter the "Absolute Immortal" class, this would mean, he could live almost forever. This should state one thing, that man is clearly older than he looks. He probably is much more than two hundred years}

"Is it possible he may have witnessed, the entire history?"

{It is very possible}

"But it shouldn't be right? It's only been some years when the "Great Era of Magi" began, how could he be older than that, or-"

Kazuma realized that {Nature} wasn't answering now. He always found it odd, that whenever it came from the "Great Era of Magi", any information {Nature} would always quiet down, as if she didn't want to speak about it…almost as if she is hiding something.

Something wasn't right with this world.

There were too many loopholes present. A tampered history if one may say so, looked closely. Finally, the existence of "magic" and "other beings", even if it was during the 90's, the humans accepted it too easily…almost as if, they were expecting it…

Was the era…forcefully brought upon?

Did magic existed even before the current "people" knew about it?

Meeting a single person, gave him a huge headache, as he started to think too much about the history of this world. He gave up as he thought he doesn't really care, and won't give a damn any more.


Finally, it was almost high noon, as he finally reached his desired location. Nevada, where the highly classified research took place, Area 51.

The place was deserted, well even though it looked like it, the place was still placed with highly defensive magic barriers, which could burn the normal humans or even silver class cultivators to dust.

However, there might be a chance that there might be some kind of alert magic, that's why he touched Fenrier and converted himself and his dog, to particles of light.

And using perception block and the convergence of light, he hid himself and his dog as they walked further into the place.

There wasn't a single soul present in the place, totally abandoned.

It was almost as if it was odd, there were many skeletal bones around, with uniform still intact.

"What could cause such type of destruction?"

All the machinery was destroyed, the land was dead…

There was nothing that can be done.

While walking towards where he wanted, he made sure that no one could trace his phone.

The moment, he stepped on a certain piece of land, the area, shattered…literally the ground covered with cracks, opened up, as if a trap door was literally made by nature itself.

However, Kazuma and Fen stopped midway as former was floating and the latter, was on the former's back.

Kazuma was about to go back, when he saw, white colored veins-shaped, which appeared to be roots, went even deeper.

Kazuma felt the energy emitting from the roots, they were…pure.

Kazuma couldn't help but, feel the energy up more. As, expected he went even deeper to investigate. The more he went inside, the more roots he found, and the more sure he became.

He felt this energy once before as well.

The finally entered a cave, which was rather in a shape of a pit, and the white roots, glowing everywhere.

He was shocked to see the sight in front of him. A tall crystalline glass, inside it, a girl…probably of ten to twelve age, who had long white hair and she was completely naked. Her hands were in front of her, in manner as if she is giving something and within her action, in front of her was a silver cross, which had an open mouth of the dragon as the top. The right side of the cross was a creature which had a worm-like shape and on the left side of the cross, there was seven heads of different creatures bonded together. All where silver in color.

He knew he felt the surge of energy before.

"A trigger. Thimaya, did say there are three of them here"

However, unlike {Atlas Trigger}, this was much more calm and strong…and the other question which bothered him was, who this girl was.

"Nature? Do know something about this?"

Nature kept quiet. This was getting on Kazuma's nerves lately, and finally toady he snapped.

"I do not know what your motive is, but I do know you want me alive. That's why you keep roaming inside my body in your "soul" state. However, I can kill myself without any shred of hesitation you know? If you don't answer me now!"

Kazuma didn't lie, Nature's actions were getting on his nerves lately and that's why, he spoke to her directly.

After a long pause, Nature's voice finally rung.

{I…can answer, any two of your questions, believe me…I too am not allowed to speak too much}

Kazuma really wanted to ask why he was teleported in this world. What was their motive? Who was the girl who brought him here?

There was also a chance that she might lie, that's why…his questions need to be, for now situation related.

"What trigger is that?"

{ It is, one of the strongest among the other "triggers", the {Sentinel Trigger}, it's power source is probably the strongest }

"Who is that girl?"

{...…The only thing, which I can say about that girl is, she was born since the beginning of time, and she is a "Celestial" a true one at that. Her name, Sentiyana Fellora Di Graira me Daze li Celestiallia }

Listening to the girl's name or grandmother's name? Kazuma felt like laughing, however he then asked.

"What should I do with this then?"

{I suggest, you take this trigger with you, she may be asleep but this trigger source would be very useful to you in the future}

Kazuma nodded, however he realized something, if he just takes the glass pillar, which may cause the problem, that's why he planned something different.

He flew outside and enhanced his vision, he looked around how far the roots have spread, and to his surprise it only covered five hundred meter square of area, which could be dealt with easily.

"[Will Ornament: Spear of Albion]"

His platinum white hair started to glow bright white, his spear was summoned in his hand and eight black orbs started to rotate behind him.

Pointing his spear at the center of the area, Kazuma mutteres,

"[Gravitas Concreuerit Orbis]"

One of the orbs flew at the center of the area and then, at an instant it killed the gravity present only in the area, making it resurface and float. Without wasting any time, he pointed his spear at the floating amass of land and mutters,

"[Deglutitio Concreuerit Orbis]"

Out of the seven, one more orb flew near the floating land and increased its size twice as the land and absorbing inside it.

Kazuma then undid his "Will Ornament", he made sure that the alternate dimension will be strong enough to hold the trigger.

Walking away from that place, Kazuma continued to explore the so called mysterious place, without any more interference or so he thought when finally he caught up to a new problem.

Inside a laboratory, which was destroyed he found two things, the first which was a giant crater inside it, a large capsule, white in color.

The other thing that caught his attention, was a giant black gate, with skeletons as its border and outer design giving it a very grim appearance.


Kazuma's heartbeat, it wasn't because of Nature, rather he could feel it, and it was [God of Prison and Torture- Tartaros].

It was for some reason, reacting to the gate.

However, before checking out the gate, he decided to check the ball shaped capsule first.

The capsule was jammed and the barrier was locked with magic, in order to not harm whoever is inside the capsule.

He used his Light Magic, to form spears and deliberately attack the capsule, at a normal rate…with this he destroyed the barrier and with his physical strength, he forced the door open.

The moment he did so, a flood of silky blue liquid came gushing out of it and the body was revealed.

The body belonged to a woman, she had a tan skin and without a doubt, E cups size breasts, giving her a gal look.

However, she was stark naked and she had an oxygen supply mask attached to her face.

Kazuma pulled her out and first casted the healing magic and then covered her body with blanket.

In this process, he even found her dog-tag, which was probably given to her while she was working her, the dog tag went as follows,

"Head Scientist of the Magic Department-

Area 51, secret junction

Suzan Milford"


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