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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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34 New Trouble Part-2

"Suzan Milford" Kazuma muttered those name as he finally recalled where he heard those!

In his dream, these audio of two women arguing where being played, he knew he recognized the name somewhere, however…was this fate? That suddenly he met her here…or someone planned it.

An hour passed and finally, Suzan woke up…her body was no longer in pain due to being constantly being healed by Kazuma.

However, her movements were still sloppy…she turned her head towards the handsome lad who was looking at her,

"Did you…save me?" she spoke in a monotone, as she looked at the lad…even though she just woke up, the platinum white hair of his attracted her, quiet a lot.

"Do you remember anything? Your name? How did you end up here? Anything?"

Kazuma asked in an expressionless manner, crouching down and looking at Suzan.

On the other hand, the latter currently was having a difficult time controlling her blush, because the moment she woke up from her long slumber, she finds herself being awaited by a hot guy, which girls drool upon. However, those matter aside, Suzan tried racking her brain to the fullest, trying to remember what happen during her last experiment, what occurred she just couldn't remember no matter how much she tried.

Looking at the lad, she stated what she recalls, her total past was as if blown away from her mind…she didn't have any pinch of recollection of it. However, whatever happen during the collage, her achievements, her being a Guardian class, "S-grade" magician and a talented scientist who was about to bring revolution, however she doesn't remembers any of her projects or projects she took part it.

It was all a haze to her mind and remembering it was very difficult, because she found whenever she thought hard enough, her head drowned in immense pain.

That's all she has in her memory, till the date she joined as the Head Scientist of Area 51.

"I really want to say it's a severe case of amnesia-"

"However, even I know it's not. Amnesia, causes a mass portion of memories, under lockdown. It's not accessible that easily, due to which the simpler term to abbreviate it is "memory loss"…but that is clearly not the case with me, it's as if…purposefully the important portion of my "memories" after arriving at Area 51, is removed"

Suzan, states by completing Kazuma, as she looks at him with meaningful glance.

"Why do you intend to do now?" he asks

"This might be troublesome, however, I don't think I can return anywhere. Once, I am affiliated with Area 51, all my records have already been deleted, I'm like a ghost that doesn't exist on the surface."

Kazuma looked around for a while, he asks something…perhaps, he could do that,

"You said, you don't remember any of your projects…however, do you remember what you did with the equipment here?"

"If…I was in that capsule this would mean one thing, all of my equipments aren't destroyed, they must be in my pocket dimension, however, I need some time to activate it."

"What is the best spell you are proud of?"

Suzan smiles as she states, "Yes, I have a destructive class spell called [Catch Up], which enables any machinery to rebuild itself to match the latest update, and an overlord class spell [God of Machines and workers- Hephaestus]. Computers, software, machines are my best friends, they are my love…in one way"

Kazuma takes a seat, as he looks around, the whole place was in shambles. There is no chance that anything survived, it was evident that some of the equipment where definitely not present.

Suddenly his mind wanders off to a movie which he saw once when he arrived here, he was quite infuriated by those specific movies.

"Tell me, if I provide you with an unbelievable amount of power source, something so powerful that surpass the comprehension of substance present in the universe, which will change you're thinking of the universe…can you make, an "evolving" Artificial Intelligence out of it?"

Those specific words were like a devil's whisper to Suzan. She loved to play with techs and energy sources, which is why she didn't think twice and nodded.

"Here's the thing, I am a very selfish man, so whatever you will be building from now on or doing from now on, would be for my sake, you would like and work for my sake. If, you don't want that, I can allow you to rot here, if you wish to that is"

"Fufuf….hahahahaha…tell me, if I work for you, what will I receive?"

"Well…freedom to work on your own and not being stopped from it, however you are not allowed to expose any of those work"

"Are you telling me to basically form a master-servant pact with you? Then do whatever you say?"

"Basically…yes, you can take it that way, so do we have a deal?"

"I, Suzan Milford, top of my class, twelve Phds, highly active who require micro sleep with an IQ of 187, you want me to be your servant and make machines for you?"


"I'm in anyway, since I have nowhere to go"

Kazuma was about to say something, however he shuddered…he could feel, his overlord class spell [God of Prison and Torture- Tartaros], is highly reacting to that door.

{{Kid, can you hear me?}}

A familiar voice, Kazuma knew who he was…Hyperion, his Titan class spirit.

"What is it?"

{{That door you see?}}


{{Use [Devour] on it and consume it}}

"What the hell is that? And why does my skill keeps reacting to it?"

{{That door…is the gate way to [Netherworld], which means the door is [Hade's Gates], Tartaros belonged to [Netherworld], he is being attracted to it, in before anything happens, [Devour] it}}

"Alright…alright" Kazuma said softly, however he still expected that he needed answers, that's why he did.


The roof of the laboratory was destroyed to shreds as a figure drops down.
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Wearing a deep red overcoat, a fedora and dark goggles, almost give him an appearance of the high class man from the nineties, as he points his black gun at Suzan and white one at Kazuma.

Looking at them with a creepy smile he says, "I never expected guests here? Perhaps this would be much more entertaining than, I expected"

Kazuma takes the step further, he could sense this man's aura…he was nowhere near as strong as Tenma, whom he met…however he is clearly ten times more stronger than Shala.

Even Kazuma smiled, the thought of getting a good action made his blood pump, his look diverged towards Suzan as he says with determined eyes,

"Better start unpacking you pocket dimension, this is going to be a little long battle"

Central U.S.A, The Special Operations Head Quarters.

The woman, who appears to be in her twenties, with deep blonde hair and a fair skin had her eyes glued to the multiple monitors, which surrounded her.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, which she replied with a cold toned "come in".

"Captain Rosewood, there is an information regarding our closed working space, the "Area 51""

The cadet who entered spoke in a fearful manner, the former still maintained her cold temperament as she stated,

"Slap that on the right monitor"

The cadet nodded and sent the files as he was told to.

"Get out now, do you expect me to kiss you or something?"

"Y-yes mam!"

Scaring away the cadet, the captain keeps her eyes on the monitor.

It first visualizes the view from the eyes of the patrolling drones, which are made from an extremely rare metal and its composition had supply of suppressive magic in it so that it can go anywhere undetected.

However, the view was destroyed.

Then, the eyes of the next drone patrolled the place, at first it would seem that the first drone faced some malfunctions that's why such a thing occurred however, when the captain took a closer look…

"The metal is burned, it would seem someone had a heavy source of light magic which burned down the drone, and apparently entered the place without raising any alarm…whoever, he or she was…is very skilled"

Continuing to watch through the drone's eye, the next thing that she saw was a floating island which was turned into a ship, trespassing the same area however, breaking the barrier.

"The Agreas? What are they doing here? Even if they are some big shots…trespassing in my country is unacceptable!"

Pulling down a lever, which brought a mic in front of her, her cold voice roared throughout the entire building,

"Soldier! It is I, Mary Rosewood, The third captain in command. Prepare the arsenal, ready the magic squad and send in the blackflies, we would storm our own place and destroy those intruders!!"


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