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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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35 New Trouble Part-3

He was strong, I could sense it…I, Kazuma Yamato looked at the "man" in front of me, or not…no, he wasn't a man. He might appear like one, he isn't one, I can tell. That's because I am too similar to him.

Suzan was on guard and nodded as she got the instructions from me, she better hurry up and start to unpack.

Looking directly at the man in front of me, I knew I didn't had any emotions showing up on my face, why would it? When it came to battle, I was never really excited after I came to this world. The battle recently were all boring, except meeting Tenma-san.

This is complicated, either I am meeting people weaker than me, way weaker than me on the other hand I met a man, who has outranked my by hundred folds. This place, this planet "Earth", is way too complicated…do I find it interesting?

"You smell funny, you have put up a good façade pretending to be human" I told him, after all someone of my caliber could easily tell, his power is on a different level, however…not a threat that I can't defeat.

"Ho- you could tell, usually people tremble at my presence" the man in front of me spoke, he assured himself to be quiet confident.

However, even I knew what he clearly was trying to do, I sensed it a while ago.

"Don't fret it, you and I both know you don't stand the chance to defeat me, that's why you used [Telepathy] to contact whoever, brought you here…right? That "whoever" is trying to exterminate this place, isn't strong enough to mask his or her spells"

I could practically fell the pressure on the man in front of me, after all he appeared to be shocked at what I did.


Again, the "Tartaros" spell is practically begging me, it's as if that gate is extremely needed, well looking at the current status I can clearly guess that these guys are here for the "gate" as well.

Well, if that's the case then.

Lifting my arm up, [Seventy Two Wings of Light] extend from my back.

"[17th Wing of Extermination]"

I muttered as the immense light magic destroyed the roof of the laboratory and whatever which was hovering above me.

I hated things that hovered above me, no scratch that…I hated things that are above me in any way.

The man in front of me appears surprised, however not too shocked…he looks at me with great intensity as due to the wind his fedora flies away.

In this commotion, Suzan was shocked as well…however, just like I told her, she didn't stop working, beside me, Fen was growling as well.

"Well, you certainly are a different one, for you to destroy an Agreas Ship that easily, imbued with strong defenses? I must defeat you or at the least…hold you back" the man in front of me spoke as he rapidly fired bullets from his guns towards me, it was a fruitless effort though.

Using [Light Transformation] I, changed the very components of my "human" body, which enabled the bullets to pass through me without doing any damage. However, the moment the passed through me, coming under their contact was the wall they hit.


The wall was destroyed, so was the nearby area.

It made sense what he was using.
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"Blood essence bullets? With explosives enchantment added. Very interesting, however if you are using Blood Essence Bullets, this should mean one thing, you are what people call, "Vampires""

With my cool deduction, the man laughed manically as he looked directly to my eyes removing his glasses, reveling his blood red eyes.

"I prefer the term, "Dracula", an "Elder Vampire" which ever term you prefer-"

I didn't let him finish, he was wasting my time, that's why without holding back I punched him in the gut…his eyes, bulged and I could hear his ribs cracking pushing him back and smashing towards the wall.

It was a gruesome scene as his body was slammed into the wall, however expecting the wall to break, it didn't instead…the damage had his intestine fell off and blood spilled everywhere.

However, what occurred next, made me realized when he said that he was a "Dracula", he wasn't joking.

His intestine, went back inside, the broken ribs that I could see from outside, started to repair itself as it too, went back inside, hiding under his skin. All of his spilled blood, returned to him…his wounds were self-regenerating, as he stood back up.

"Damn it, how strong are you? You just killed me, you know? If it weren't for my [Vampirism Regeneration], I would have died, you are dangerous"

He looks at me with those creepy red eyes and a creepy smile, clearly there was more to this guy, than he let on. It would seem the best course of action would be to [Devour] him, that's the only way…however, this vampire…


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