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Looking Under the Hero's skirt, Dragon was teleported to another world
Author :TerrelHayden
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36 Three Way Battle Part-1


This vampire…I definitely have to take him down, for me the best course of action should be [Devour] however, for even doing so, I need to have him exhausted or in a near death situation to do so, however a near death situation is impossible, since this one can regenerate too fast.

"[Lurking Phantoms]" with his spell, the surrounding gets covered with black and red shadows which are emitted from him or rather beneath him. All of his shadows, had eyes and teeth, it would appear that these shadows do all the fighting and as I expected it launched the attack.

The shadows turned itself into swords and different kinds of weapon which randomly attacked me, however they didn't do much of a damage, rather this only made sure of my presumptions, this man isn't taking this fight seriously, he is trying to buy time…for what?

Hades-sama?!?! I must…return!! I must return

I will…I will…I must reach out to you!!! Hades!! I am on my way!!!

That voice…the voice in my head just now, it was filled with malice and hate and yet it was made as if it was calling out to someone was it?

<< Kid! This Tartaros, he's getting desperate, it's almost reached its limit…if you don't try to do anything, he would start chaining up your body >>

Will that be bad? I asked him, after all if push comes to shove, I can destroy whatever those chains might be.

<< Kid, it would have been easy if he was outside of your body or in someone else's skill, however "Tartaros" is your skill now and his strong desire to unite with the gate, is making the skill unstable. There are no other options, you need to [Devour] before he starts to put restrains on you >>

Well that will be bad, so what to now? Should I just [Devour] the gate?

I asked destroying all the shadows using light magic and impaling the vampire using light. Looking at him, I realized, I'm a holy attribute user and Vampires are those who reside in the darkness, their abilities are related to Dark Attribute, which means…I just have to.

I dashed towards him and smashed him using my fist covered in holy light, which did remarkable damage and his so called [Vampirism Regeneration] isn't helping him out so fast.

<< Kid, you gotta hurry, at most now you have five minutes before Tartaros loses his control >>

Shit! Time is against me? Suzan hasn't done unpacking, this one isn't going down…I have to make sure this place doesn't falls apart, there are too many restrictions in the current fight…can this get any worse?


Explosions? Cracks? I was just defending this place and this? Wait…how did I not sensed them or whoever just arrived.

"Heh- American Special Forces are here…looks like, we now both have a common enemy" the vampire said to me.

"Kazuma! Here!!" Suzan screams, as I turn my head before trying to comphered what the vampire told, I got a hold of a white dog mask which Suzan gave me, who herself wore a black mask.

"What are these for?"

"Don't make America your enemy just yet, even if you are strong, very strong an entire nation against you would be difficult for your family and nation, its best you use wear that mask. Hide your presence and face this would help you achieve that, one of my inventions.

I looked at her and simply nodded, after all what she said did make sense, using [Energy Locator] and [Deep Resonance] one can find any man they want to, well I do have skill to suppress my power and hide them, however erasing them completely is always difficult unless you have a spell to do so.

"Pigs! How dare you enter my country? And how dare you invade the military affair section?" a new voice and a haughty one at that, I looked above the crack only to find out that multiple men and a single woman, who probably was the one who spoke it such an aggregative way…or was the word dominative? Literature is difficult.

Whoever made it is an ass.

<< You know, back in my day… literature was so… >>

Hyperion, if it doesn't involves helping me out here then don't how much time do I have left?

<< Respect me kid! Well, two more minutes at max…I could feel your powers- >>

Being sealed? Correct. That's one prescient little skill, I have no other choice, that's why once again…
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[Seventy Two Wings of Light]

"[24th Wing of Storm]" Once again seventy two wings erupted from my back and the 24th wing glowed brightly.

Well as stated earlier, each of my wings has different ability imbued within them, usually anime protagonist (yes, I have watched anime) have a "devil" or "darkness" power. Well, I prefer "Holy Attributes", probably because my favorite color is white, but something about holy is unique that attracts me, well I never really pry much into it.

Well, the ability that I used just now, creates a storm of light waves, and after a second it rains down light spears at an ungodly speed, falling upon them.

While this was occurring, I used [Gaia's Shield] to defend Suzan.

"How bloody long is it going to take?"

"I'm almost done unpacking, just a little more"

"Better hurry, woman!!"

<< Kid!!!! [Devour] the skill right now!!! There is no time… >>

As the smoke released, what I saw was exactly something that I planned, all the soldiers were killed off however the woman still somehow survived and the vampire has been impaled down once again.

I am stronger than these two.

Dashing faster than sound I came in front of the "gate"…just to be sure, I dragnofied my arms.

Pluming the gates with both of my hands, I scream and release the power…"[Devour]!!"

Lord…I shall arrive by your side…once again!!!

Let the "Netherworld" be complete once again….for we have been waiting...….waiting for this day, Lord Hades!


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