Lovely Awakenings
12 Gabriel
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Lovely Awakenings
Author :peonyeva
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12 Gabriel



Tessa sits on a throne of ash and snow as I make my way to her.

"Is this really necessary?" I ask.

"Yes Gabriel, it is," she licks her lips as she walks down her throne and wraps her arms around my neck.

"It's time," Lena says from behind me as the gates open and Tessa walks back to her throne.

"After you my King," she says with a wicked smile as I take the seat to her right.

"I still don't see why we can't live the way we have?"

"Really? After you constantly told me that sooner or later, I'd have to take my rightful place as the one true Queen. After all, Violet is dead," she says as the great hall fills with all who give their fidelity to Tessa and me.

"All hail the Queen of Queens and Alpha of Alphas," Lena says as all around us hounds incline their head Fay nod in acknowledgement and the rest fall to their knees.

"Rise," we say and they do.

"Let this be the start of new beginnings," Tessa says as all get to their feet and part way for Tessa and me. We walk out the great hall followed by the pack and the rest of our court. "Go on, be free," I say and they take off running into the horizon as the Fay fly off. Then it's just us.

"We should check on the children," Tessa says as I take her hand into mine.

"That we should."


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