Magic Farmer Dara - 2nd Edition
130 System, Dara, Thoughts
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Magic Farmer Dara - 2nd Edition
Author :ursus010
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130 System, Dara, Thoughts

Dara, completed the quest and received new treatises on treatment.

"Well, that Dara, well done! You have achieved a lot! There is money! But it seems to you it was boring to be a speculator and not a farmer!" the system began to mock.

"Why"? surprised Dara, sitting glazed on the veranda and drinking a milk oolong. Grandfather Maruf and Fang, too, had long slept inside the house.

Only Dara, accustomed to studying at night from her student years, could not fall asleep.

It was cool, dark outside. There was no light, because the electricity was turned off at night to save. Dara then realized that the countryside is not a city. With this you need to do something!

"Why? Well, you do anything, but not agriculture! Why do you need a farm? You sell dry fruits and nuts well. You can earn more on speculation than from a farm!" the system scoffed at him.

Ohhhh! Dara grabbed his head.

Really, why, farm? If you can a couple of times, make a fortune of 1-2 million US dollars.

But on the other hand, speculation does not bring "karmic points," but rather can lead to sin. This is not entirely pure money. It is necessary to help people and not to deceive them. Although this is not a direct deception, but also a deception.

"Yes, you are right. I made a mistake and chose the wrong path!" he mumbled, thinking for the first time about what he was doing.

"After all, I really long ago departed from the affairs of the farm!" easy money turned his head.

Now, it seems Dara, realized why the system gave him a quest. So that he could see, from his greed in pursuit of the "long dollar."

"Well, my friend, it's time to work on the farm! And for this you need to finish with old, urban habits!" the system instructively inspired Dara.

"I understand! So I'm going to sleep! We need to change our lifestyle! Go to bed early, get up early!" muttered gloomily under Dara's nose.

"The only way you can change and become a farmer and not a swindler and speculator. Speculation cannot work forever. You need to be able to create your own product, make contacts to achieve more in this world!" noticed the system.

"And the greater is not money, this is not power, this is good relationship with people, this is good karma, this is money earned by work, mind, creativity. This is the development of oneself, the development of the country, help to relatives, neighbors. Strong, competent, rich people, the foundation of a strong country "!

continued to hammer the system.

Night. The crickets hid. Stars shone brightly in the sky. Comets and satellites streaked. A cold wind blew through the wooden frames.

Dara, I thought, you need to put glass packages or it is better to order expensive wooden frames with triple glazing.

He was chilly, throwing a blanket over himself, Dara once again looked at the courtyard consecrated by the moon. Reluctantly he turned and went into the back of the house. Shuffling slippers on a warm, thick Persian rug.

In the back of the room was a large yurt for 7 people. Throwing back the canopy, he went inside. Leaving slippers outside. Warm felt carpet. On the sides of the yurt, there were several cotton blankets, on top of which two people were sleeping. It was the grandfather of Maruf and Fang. They covered themselves with woolen, camel blankets.

Dara, went to the wall of the yurt, took some warm cotton blankets from a carved chest. I laid them in the depths. Without taking off his clothes, he covered himself with a plaid of llama wool.

Falling asleep, he thought that it was nevertheless necessary to insulate the house. Put new frames, glass packages, put heating. It is possible to buy a generator so that there is electricity at night. Or maybe ask Fang? After all, the Chinese on Aliexpress have a lot of interesting energy-saving gadgets ...


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