Medical Sovereign
Chapter 509 Shocking Suspicions
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Medical Sovereign
Author :Chun Hei Se Ji Dian
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Chapter 509 Shocking Suspicions

As long as Yan Hao could avoid fulfilling the betting agreement and make a comeback after feigning madness for some time, he could still inherit the ancestral possessions of Yangui Hall despite his somewhat bad reputation.

Ding Ning walked up to Yan Hao, who was still feigning madness, patted his shoulders, and heaved a melancholy sigh. “Alas! Brother Yan Hao, you came to pick holes in me, but you were like an old friend when I saw you, and I even wished to chat with you throughout the night and cheer with you while drinking, but I didn’t expect you…alas! You became a lunatic so soon. How could I bear such a mental blow! What a pity! What a pity! Talented people won’t come to good ends!”

Yan Hao felt that a stream of air rushed up into his brain. Instantly, he felt the pain in his brain, and then he had a mental disorder and lost his mind completely. He drooled disgustingly with his mouth wide open and grinned.

Everyone looked at one another, having a sense of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, and they cursed Ding Ning inwardly. “Ding Ning, you are too shameless! He was like an old friend when you saw him? To chat with him throughout the night? To cheer with him while drinking? Don’t fool us with these words!”

Huzi almost chuckled and whispered, “Our brother-in-law is shameless enough.”

“I like this!” Li Zhe gave a dirty smile.

“Our brother-in-law is bad enough and shameless enough. I like him so much!”

Wen Rourou’s eyes were full of sparks of romance.

“Easy girl, aren’t you afraid of being torn apart by Sister Nuo?”

Mosquito rolled her eyes and snapped coyly.

Wen Rourou stuck out her tongue. “I am just saying that the relationship between me and our brother-in-law is pure…”

“The impure relationship between a man and a woman!”

Wei Biaobiao smiled and ridiculed her.

Wen Rourou leered at him and said coyly with a charming expression, “Brother Biao, you are such a bad guy!”

Wei Biaobiao was so shocked that he got goosebumps from head to toe. Hurriedly, he hid behind Huzi and said with a bitter expression, “I do think another demon girl will appear.”

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“Haha, Rourou has been called Little Demon Girl, and she is the successor of Sister Nuo.”

Mosquito smiled and covering her mouth while speaking.

“Then I will have to stay away in the future. A demon girl is a fearsome creature, whom I have no luck to enjoy, and only a fierce man like Brother Ding can conquer the creature.”

Wei Biaobiao joked with a smile, but Wen Rourou rolled her eyes at him.

Ignoring those so-called witnesses sent by Zhao Zifeng, Ding Ning turned around and walked toward Xiao Yan, who looked uneasy.

The father and his son of the Yan Family felt too ashamed to stay. They supported Yan Hao and left hurriedly after bidding goodbye to Yan Hui and his junior sister, but it was hard to tell what feelings they would have when they found that Yan Hao had become a real lunatic.

“Senior Brother Yan, the Yan Family seems very dissatisfied because we did not help them.”

Looking at the depressed backs of the father and his son of the Yan Family, Junior Sister Qingyun spoke up.

“Even ants have unhappy feelings. But what can they do no matter how dissatisfied they are?”

Yan Hui spoke in a carefree manner, without covering the superiority in his bones.

Junior Sister Qingyun’s eyes glittered. She had long been used to this style of his, so she smiled lightly and did not mind it, then turned attentively to Ding Ning, and said casually, “Senior Brother, do you think he can cure the spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage?”

“Spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage? This should be the term of Western medicine, right? I’ve never heard of it.”

Yan Hui frowned, but relaxed his brows very soon, and said proudly, “I don’t know if he can cure it, but if I treat such an illness, I can cure it in half a month at most.”

“Senior Brother Yan, you are so excellent!”

Junior Sister Qingyun blinked and showed her admiration at the proper moment.

But she sneered in her mind. “A real boaster! You can cure her in half a month? Haha!

“That is a disease caused by arteriovenous malformations. Even if a medical master of the sect comes to treat it, I am afraid that it will take him a lot of effort and he won’t cure it without spending two or three months on it.”

“Haha, I’m flattered, Junior Sister!”

Yan Hui enjoyed the admiring eyes of Junior Sister Qingyun very much. He was sitting there smugly, but he had a reserved expression.

Junior Sister Qingyun turned around to look at Ding Ning, her eyes glinting with curiosity. “Can this young man really cure that girl’s disease?”

Not only her, but also all the people present were staring at Ding Ning’s every move. At the moment, he was the only protagonist for the crowd.

“Click, click, click!”

The camera lights kept flashing, and the reporters took photos of that tall and straight figure from different angles. Now, Ding Ning looked so tall and great like a god coming down from heaven. This was the unique right of the winner.

Xiao Yan looked at Ding Ning with a warm smile slowly walking over, as if she had seen a peerless hero in a golden armor with multicolored clouds beneath his feet coming to marry her.

Her heart suddenly began to beat involuntarily and wildly, her cheeks turned red, and she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head so that she screamed, fainted, and fell on the ground.

“Lord, she has an attack from the disease!”

Ding Ning’s expression changed dramatically. As he moved in a flash, he appeared beside Xiao Yan and held her slender waist with his hands, letting her lean against his arms.

He took out silver needles without hesitation and aimed quickly at Xiao Yan’s head: First needle, second needle, third needle…

“What’s wrong…”

Mr. Jiang and his companions came over, ready to ask, but suddenly stopped because they had been fully attracted by Ding Ning’s miraculous needle technique.

Looking attentive, Ding Ning moved his hands at the speed of lightning, leaving faint traces in the air. In a few moments, Xiao Yan’s head was covered densely with 49 silver needles.

“What is this acupuncture therapy? Why does it look so much like the Seven Needles of Yangui?” a TCM practitioner exclaimed in disbelief.

“Shh, keep your voice down, and don’t disturb Great Doctor Ding’s needling manipulation. But it really does look like the Seven Needles of Yangui, right?” another TCM practitioner stared absorbed at the artistic beauty of Ding’s therapy and said with confusion.

“It shouldn’t be the Seven Needles of Yangui because that only requires seven needles and doesn’t have so many needles. Their needling manipulations are possibly similar, right?” Mr. Jiang said with some uncertainty.

“Alas, previously, I thought that the needle technique of Yan Xun was quite amazing, but now when I see Great Doctor Ding’s fluent needling manipulation, I know that no matter how excellent you are, there is always someone who is more excellent!” Mr. Meng praised Ding Ning in a whisper.

“It’s ridiculous that Yan Hao wanted to challenge Great Doctor Ding. He was unaware of his limitations! I’m afraid that even if Yan Xun had done it himself, he could not have been the match of Great Doctor Ding.”

As his eyes glinted in surprise, Executive Jiang shook his head helplessly with a wry smile.

“No wonder Mr. Hu values this young man so much…”

A TCM practitioner was talking, but he suddenly remembered that Mr. Jiang and Mr. Hu were unfriendly toward each other. Hurriedly, he shut his mouth and glanced at him with guilt. Seeing that he looked normal, he patted his chest with lingering fear, but did not dare to say anything anymore.




With the seven consecutive soft sounds, the 49 silver needles, with seven in each group, began to tremble one after another, making a series of slight buzzes.

A reporter wanted to jostle in for a close-up shot, but was stopped by these prestigious old traditional Chinese physicians, and Executive Jiang scolded him. “Now it is the critical time to save the patient. Don’t disturb him.”

Unconvinced, the reporter still wanted to argue, but after Mr. Jiang questioned him with “Will you take responsibility for what happens?”, he did not dare to go nearer.

At the moment, Ding Ning was so absorbed that he had no time to take care of other things. What he was using was indeed the Seven Needles of Yangui he had just plagiarized, but after his improvement, it should be called the Yangui Array of 49 Needles.

Although Yan Hao harbored evil intentions, no one could deny that his Seven Needles of Yangui that could attract the power of heaven and earth had given Ding Ning great enlightenment. Just now, he had been simulating the feasibility of the Yangui Array of 49 Needles in his mind.

The theory was feasible, but he had not practiced it yet. It happened that Xiao Yan’s illness attack had given him an opportunity to practice, and he used the newly invented Yangui Array of 49 Needles unhesitatingly.

The word “Yangui” of the Seven Needles of Yangui had a source: This needle technique could attract the power of heaven and earth with seven silver needles; if a person had opened his third eye, he could find that the attracted power of heaven and earth would form a shape of a swallow and enter the body of the patient along the seven silver needles to clear up the source of infection.

The effect of the Yangui Array of 49 Needles improved by him was more than seven times stronger. When the seven swallows formed by the vitality of heaven and earth approached the silver needles, they would merge into a huge swallow and flow into Xiao Yan’s brain to quickly clean up the congestion of blood in her brain and repair her arteriovenous vessels that had burst.

If all the people here were ordinary people, it would not be a big deal. Unfortunately, not only were Yan Hui and his junior sister of the Holy Medical Family here, but also Jiang Wuhui and Green Bamboo were.

As Ancient Warriors, they were most sensitive to the spiritual aura. They felt that the thin spiritual aura within a few miles was converging at the rescue site. Immediately, they were shocked.

“Is this the Spirit Gathering Array?”

Jiang Wuhui had no knowledge of medicine. Seeing the gathering of the spiritual aura, he subconsciously thought that this was the Spirit Gathering Array, and his eyes brightened immediately.

“Who on earth is that kid? Is he a disciple of the Holy Medical Family who has been concealed? I’ve heard that several kinds of the best acupuncture therapies of the Holy Medical Family can attract the power of heaven and earth to resurrect the dead and make flesh regrow on bones.”

Green Bamboo murmured, looking solemn.

Jiang Wuhui whispered with a melancholy expression, “Impossible, right? I’ve never heard that there is such a talented disciple in the Holy Medical Family! Besides, there is an Ice Spirit Body holder beside him.”

“Lord, if this man is indeed a disciple of the Holy Medical Family, does it mean that not only a medical genius but also a peerless Spirit Body holder is in this generation of the Holy Medical Family?”

Speaking of the Ice Spirit Body, Green Bamboo immediately realized it, and her expression changed dramatically.

“This is not good. If there are two such geniuses in the Holy Medical Family, our Holy-sword Villa will be surpassed by them.”

Jiang Wuhui knitted his eyebrows tightly. “The relationships within the Four Holy Gates are very complicated; not as harmonious as they look.”

Although the Holy-sword Villa and the Holy Medical Family, which were like sworn brothers, kept the closest relationship in the Four Holy Gates, their competition and dirty actions in private had never stopped.

“They are not necessarily members of the Holy Medical Family. Maybe they are disciples trained by some secluded sect. Don’t act in haste! Let’s find out their details first.”

Green Bamboo comforted him with sadness in her eyebrows. She vowed to take the Ice Spirit Body holder to their sect. If Ding Ning and the Ice Spirit Body holder were disciples of the Holy Medical Family, her plan would be in vain. No matter how bold she was, she did not dare to take members of the Holy Medical Family.

“Impossible. There are some ancient hidden sects in the world, but the only sect that can impart such a medical skill is the Holy Medical Family. This boy is probably the disciple the Holy Medical Family had been concealing. I swear I will report this to our sect,” Jiang Wuhui said worriedly.

“Not necessarily, right?”

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Green Bamboo shook her head and said with an implied overtone, “Don’t forget that not only the Holy Medical Family in the Four Holy Gates specializes in medicine.”

“Do you mean… the Holy-saber Ancient Tribe?”

Jiang Wuhui trembled all over, opened his eyes wide in extreme shock, and then shaking his head repetitively, said, “Impossible. Few disciples of the Holy-saber Ancient Tribe travel in the secular world, and how could…”

“Few traveling in the secular world does mean that there are no such travelers. But all these are just our guesses. Let’s find out their details first, lest we bring calamity to our sect,” Green Bamboo said solemnly.

“Now I even hope that he is a member of the Holy Medical Family. If he comes from that place, I’m afraid another bloody catastrophe will appear.”

Jiang Wuhui spoke with a wry smile, and a deep sense of fear appeared on his face as if he remembered some past experiences.

As slyness flashed past in her eyes, Green Bamboo pursed her lips and said, “I don’t think so. In history, those who came from that place have never actively provoked anyone. Every time, it was your Holy-sword Villa and Holy Medical Family that went hunting them, which caused bloody catastrophes time after time.”


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