1 Prologue
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Author :Sarufan
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1 Prologue

It'll be easy money they said. Hi have fun they said. Hell, if I knew this would happen I would have rabbit punched them right in their groin even before they knocked on my door. But here I am, in a town far from civilization, stuck inside a darkened room so small I can't even scratch my nose. And while I'm suffering in here, that "thing" is outside trying to find me. I can't get out of here. "It" would catch my scent in a heartbeat. I can't outrun it, not with my broken leg.

Now you must be wondering, how did I get myself into this situation. Well let me start by introducing myself. My name is Edge. What, were you expecting Bob or something? Anyways Edge Clancy is my name. I'm 20 years old and I am a "professional" photographer. I dropped out of college just last year to pursue my dream job. And well it went as you would expect. I was living paycheck to paycheck doing weddings, graduations and whatnot until I was approached by weird guys in suits. They claimed that they were from some editorial office or something even though they looked like they came straight out of men in black movies. That should have been my first clue.
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Anyways they said they were looking for new recruits and wanted me to go to a remote town that is home to a "mysterious" creature and a cult devoted to it and investigate. That was red flag number 2. Now I was reluctant to accept it until they whipped out the checkbook. So, 5000 dollars in advance and a bunch of reassurances later I accepted. By the way this was red flag number 3.

A few days later, I drove my car towards the town of Tophet. (A.N: Tophet means Hell so the protagonist actually missed a red flag.) I came armed with a camera, a torch and my mobile. I also brought along my camping and hiking gear as Tophet is surrounded by wilderness and I had a feeling I would have to go there. And boy was I right.


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