5 Chapter 4: Down the rabbit hole...... and trapped partway.
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Author :Sarufan
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5 Chapter 4: Down the rabbit hole...... and trapped partway.

@@A/N: Guys, I'm just going to fast forward a little cause nothing noteworthy happens.

I spent the rest of the morning going around the town. I visited the school the town council and even the gunshop. I bought a climbing axe from as well as animal baits(both of which apparently is sold there). The rest of the day was me visiting stalls and tasting their delicacies. It was obvious that I was the first "new guy" in town as everyone I met looked as if I was a ghost. Not gonna lie, it felt good.

Before I knew it it was evening and I met up with Earl. It was only then, I wondered why we couldn't go there during the morning. I asked Earl about it only for him to say "Where's the fun in going to a haunted place during the day when you can go there at night. It adds to the authenticity don't you think." I furrowed my brow as his statement made no sense whatsoever.

Nevertheless, we drove to our destination. During the entire trip, my uneasiness continued to increase yet I continuously dismissed it. We eventually reached a cabin and stopped near it. The moment my eyes fell on the cabin, alarms started to blare in my head yet my body got out of the car and continued towards it. I was panicking inside as I realized that I didn't have control over my own body. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't stop or even look away from the cabin.

It was then I noticed movement. from the corner of my eyes and I got out of my trance. Several robed people came out of the woods and surrounded me. My eyes widened as a familiar woman came out of the crowd. "Madis..." A heavy object hit me over the head before I could finish my sentence and the last this I saw before losing consciousness is Madison's signature smile.



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