Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
2 Chapter 2 : Die slowly
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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman
Author :ZerahNeko
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2 Chapter 2 : Die slowly

"I also feed you the poisons but I don't know why you don't show any reaction at all. I can't wait anymore, so here you are. Here is your last place. You will be throw alive in the forest. But your hands and legs will be cut off. You will see your flesh been eating by animals." Each of the sentences was cruel. People would never think a woman like her would be saying something like this. The man was also smiling when hearing the woman talked like that as she talked about something normal.

"Do it now." The man ordered the group of men behind them. They quickly approached Yu Qi. One of them was holding a cutting machine. The fear shown in Yu Qi's eyes. They were about to begin the process, suddenly the woman voice interrupted.

"Cut her hands and legs, one by one and make sure she looks at the process. Don't let her faint." Not only Yu Qi terrified with that but the group of men also felt that too.

Yu Qi saw how her hands and legs had been cut off. The pains made her nearly faint but the men did not let it happen. The couple also brought a doctor to stop the bleeding. They did not want her to die because of the bleeding.

"Yu Qi, goodbye. Hope you enjoy the journey to visit King Yama." After that, the couple asked the group of men to throw her in the forest.

Yu Qi had been thrown in the forest barely live. The dark forest sounded so sinister. After the moments, she felt the ache around her body. The ants had been biting her flesh. She could not do anything. She felt that the aches were getting more and more unendurable.

Then she heard something like a hiss. She immediately knew that it was a snake. The snake approached her and stopped at her face. The head of the snake looked at her eyes. This situation was like a predator was eyeing its prey.

Yu Qi had been motionless. She had also been emotionless. She knew her life was about to over soon. She would never survive. ' That bitch and bastard couple, and people that I thought was a family ruined my life and my grandpa. If you come to King Yama soon, I will play with you all. That's is my vow.'

She closed her eyes...

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